Dating violencer

Dating Violence Prevention Healthy relationships consist of trust, honesty, respect, equality, and compromise. 1 Unfortunately, teen dating violence—the type of intimate partner violence that occurs between two young people who are, or who were once in, an intimate relationship—is a serious problem in the United States. Dating violence is physical, sexual, emotional, or verbal abuse from a romantic or sexual partner. It happens to women of all races and ethnicities, incomes, and education levels. It also happens across all age groups and in heterosexual and same-sex relationships. The term “dating violence” means violence committed by a person who is or has been in a social relationship of a romantic or intimate nature with the victim and where the existence of such a relationship shall be determined based on a consideration of the following factors: the length of the relationship; the type of relationship; and the ... About Dating Violence; It's About Power and Control This wheel represents a snapshot of what a violent teen dating relationship looks like. While it doesn't cover every survivor's experience, it does portray the most common tactics teen abusers use against their dating partners. Teen dating violence (TDV) is a type of intimate partner violence. It occurs between two people in a close relationship. TDV includes four types of behavior: Physical violence is when a person hurts or tries to hurt a partner by hitting, kicking, or using another type of physical force. Dating Violence is violence committed by a person, who is in or has been in a social relationship of a romantic of intimate nature with the Complainant. The existence of such a relationship shall be determined based on the Complainant’s statement and with consideration of the length of the relationship, the type of relationship, and the ... Dating violence is part of a pattern of behavior called dating abuse. It is defined as the physical, sexual, psychological, or emotional violence within a dating relationship, including stalking. It can occur in person or electronically and might occur between current or former dating partner.

Single mother looking for friends with kids

2020.09.20 21:11 melaningoddess____ Single mother looking for friends with kids

Hello. I’m a 29F with three boys ages 1, 5, and 7. Last few years I spent a lot of time in abusive and controlling relationships and I lost all my companions. Now I spend all my free time with my kids. I think it’s unhealthy, for us to only spend time with each other.
I’d love to meet another mom (or dad!) who’s open to play dates or sleepovers and such. Seeing as I’m a single mom, I can’t really go out. No babysitter or family nearby to watch my boys for me to do so. So anything we’d do would have to include children in someway, so that’s why I specify a friend who’s a parent. Preferably someone with young children. My boys are polite, goofy, sweet and eager to love and be loved. They enjoy making new friends, sharing, and having a good time.
I love a good fruity drink or glass a wine and a good show or sitcom. I’m a Netflix and Amazon Prime head, I know all the good flicks. I love movies, especially a good thriller, mystery or horror. I want to see Antebellum but I’d like to watch that with a friend. I enjoy smoking weed and I’m trying to quit cigs. I’m college educated and a nerd most of the time. I like battle rap, writing poetry, all kinds of music, dancing and I enjoy make up, hair, nails, and fashion. I do a mean mani and pedi and I’m self learning how to do acrylic and poly gel nails. I’m all natural when it comes to my hair and I try different protective styles all the time. I transitioned years ago so I like to see myself as an expert in that category and always give advice to people I know who are struggling with their natural hair. My sense of fashion is pretty spot on, most days when I go outside I get compliments on various things I’m rocking.
Besides all that, I’m an all around down to earth person who gets along with anyone I meet. I’m that girl. I’m kind, anti violence and anti hate. I love positive people who look on the brighter side of things. I’ve suffered with depression and anxiety all my life so I’m coping with that best I can. I think having friends would help.
Just so no one reaches out who lives too far, I reside in Manhattan in NYC. Would have to be accessible by public transit because I don’t have a car. I do drive though and I rent cars pretty regularly so we could go on trips as well. I love to travel and see and experience new things. Peace and blessings to you all, especially during this time. Hope to hear from someone soon. xoxo
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2020.09.20 20:56 Complaint-Kind Am I too insecure, how do I deal with my GF's relationships? [28M, 23F]

I [M 28] and my GF [F 23] have had a rough start. We're together 4ish months now. We were dating for 2-3 weeks when we decided to rent a cabin somewhere out of the way when we spent our first night together. She attempted to have the exclusivity talk with me, I dismissed it (my bad), and she proceed to sleep with her friend [M28] the very night after. No protection.
This person is a large reason why I'm as "sensitive" as I am
She told me about this days later and it nearly drove me away. Like, if she didn't aggressively pursue me, I'd have easily moved on. I thought it was a power-play. She was technically in the right as we hadn't agreed on exclusivity, but for her to sleep with him the very night after our first night together really hit me in a strange spot. She apparently had a history with him. He has been on-again off-again with his wife and she and him had a friends-with-benefits situation for a few months. If you want the "big issue" skip to the last section and skip the middle. There's more smaller details, and some brainstorming, but her relationship with this dude is the main problem.
This large issue at the beginning started our communication, and honestly, our communication is amazing. We can talk about anything, almost literally. She's broken down crying telling me about her past, her family, her depression, her anxiety. If I'm feeling unwell about anything I can talk to her about it and we'll try to figure it out. We're constantly in a "use vs the problem" mentality vs a "me vs you" place.

She has a relatively large number of partners, which doesn't really bother me. But she has described to me that if she went on a date with someone in the past and "turned them on" she felt obligated to pleasure them orally. She described this along the lines of feeling obligated to, and also to protect herself from potential sexual violence. i.e. they would be less likely to pressure her for sex if she did that. She's been told she's wonderful at it, and obviously gets enjoyment out of pleasing people. That's normal. She was in an abusive relationship in her teens for a handful of years. Given the information she shared with me, I kind of understand this habit. It still fucks with me, but I don't hold it against her. When we discussed the topic she behaved as if she had come to an epiphany about this topic. I can't presently recall exactly what it was she "figured out", but we talked about this a fair bit and I helped her realize how her relationships in her younger years conditioned her to feel obligated to please people "just because".

She has a handful of male friends from her volunteer activities and from her past. She's shared some details and none of these relationships bother me. A few of the people from her past she's slept with or fooled around with. I haven't really put any thought in to it. She snapchats or texts them every now and then. None of this bothers me. I don't have a similar dynamic, but I kind-of get it. She's open about it all, and I trust her. She spends no one-on-one time with these guys, and I don't see any strange intent. I'm not a social media person, so I don't "get it", it doesn't bother me that she keeps up with old friends. She goes hiking with a guy she met on tinder with relative frequency, actually. She tells me about him. It doesn't bug me.
She's displayed a handful of "red flags" I may have dismissed or overlooked.
Claimed she doesn't lie, despite me having heard her lie to her parents over the phone about details about her plans. They were white lies, but lies none-the-less.
She calls every second person she knows her "best friend". She has used this to qualify certain relationship dynamics that are a little surprising.
We went out to supper one night and she received a scramble of texts from one of her "best friends". Her "ride or die" as she put it. Her friend was asking her to tell anyone who might call/text/ask that she's out with us. My GF was going to accept without second thought before we talked about it. I've heard nothing else about the incident, and haven't heard anything at all about this "best friend". It was sketchy sounding, very sketch. Apparently this friend has a controlling husband and wanted to buy a gift for someone without him knowing? I can't remember.
Green flags:
She tells me about everything. When she goes out, who she's out with, etc.
She's generally on time, and follows her word. I've never observed her not being true to her word with me.
I know her phone password, and she openly answers all messages with me around, including those from the male I mentioned above and other male friends.
I trust her. Genuinely do.

The biggest issue is that she is a volunteer. The venue she volunteers at is 99% men. The male mentioned above also volunteers there. With decent frequency the crowd of them go to someone's house to party and drink, late in to the night. This "drinking late in the night with a guy you used to hook up with" thing doesn't sit well with me. Truth be told, I don't think I can handle it, no matter how much I trust her. There's a possibility that she'll work there as a career in the future.
I can't ask her to stop, as this volunteer thing has been going on since she was a late teen. She loves it.
I trust her. but I feel like she's putting herself in an extremely precarious situation. She's putting herself in a position to make mistakes. She will be putting herself in this same position for the rest of her life. She grew up with this volunteer agency and she's known many of the people there for a good portion of her life. I'd love to be a strong enough person to be fine with it, but I can't help shake my gut feeling. Since seeing her I've cut off contact with the few female I used to spend time with, with whom I've had a history. I volunteered under the thought that my partner's feelings mean more to me than these friends. In truth, there friends we hardly friends. They were like, friends as a result of me splitting up with them and wanting to stay friends. Youknow'?
We've talked about it, and she understands. Despite that, there's no offer of a compromise or anything akin to that. She does text me frequently enough when she's out, and even sent me a pic of her at home when the night was done. I appreciate her for that, but I feel that it's a bit fucked up that I need that to feel secure in any way. I cannot see this situation resolving itself, and despite her understanding I don't believe the dynamic of her texting me all night and sending a "proof" pic at the end of the night is healthy.

TLDR: Am I overlooking red flags or am I too sensitive?
How can I "get over" my GF dynamic with her friends?
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2020.09.20 18:34 Mongoos150 TRO (temporary restraining order) denied, but hearing date given?

As the title reads, I was denied a TRO due to "insufficient grounds showing harassment / annoyance" - I have been harassed by a person at my job for the past year. Despite signed declarations from witnesses and a text message screenshot in which he threatened me with violence (all submitted on CH-100 form), in addition to my own declaration, the TRO was denied but I have been granted a court date.

  1. I truly do fear for my safety with this person. Am I able to cancel the court date and re-file, with the objective of being grated the TRO? I am planning on going to the police station tomorrow morning and filing an incident report (which I did not do previously). With a police report I feel the TRO request will be more solid. I assume I need to take some sort of action before filing the TRO request again, as I now have a case number from the TRO denial / court date info that was emailed to me.
  2. If I do not re-file and simply keep the original court date, will having an incident report from LAPD be sufficient to the judge? Of course we have no way of knowing, but I was floored that I was not granted the TRO. I had several pieces of documentation on his history of aggressive intimidation.
Thank you for any help you can provide. I am planning on taking care of this myself as I do not have much to spend on this.
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2020.09.20 18:24 TrierSS [M]e (24) and g[f] (26) live in a dangerous dictatorship. She wants to flee the country, while I'm deeply ashamed to move out.

TL;DR: I was illegally detained, beaten, and tortured, now my gf wants us to move out of the country, while I feel like a coward/traitobastard man.
Me and my girlfriend (both non-US, just to be clear) have been dating for almost two years now. I love her, and in almost two years I can scarcely recall more than five "fights" between us. We had our relationship planned out, I went into some debt to get us a place of our own, and things were looking pretty good.
And then the meteor hit.
If you want to put it mildly, my homeland is currently in disarray. People are protesting our current violent regime, while the dictatorship went full "enraged hormonal teenager"-mode and now the police have been beating us like hotcakes for some tine now.
I got caught up in this, too. One day I was taking a nice stroll through my hometown thinking that it's weird how no public transport was going around. No way to call an Uber, and then the Internet went out. Weird, huh?
That was the day our police started literally grabbing random people off the streets to prevent protests.
Two of the "special ops" officers, masks on, jumped me from behind, beating me with batons, and then stomping on me once I was on the ground. After yelling bloody murder that I'm submitting, they stopped, picked me off the ground, and led me into their black tinted van.
I spent fifteen hours on my knees, hands behind my back, forehead pressed into the police station's basement's floor. You move, ask a question, complain — they beat you till you can barely move your legs. No water, no food, no toilet breaks.
After that night in hell, they let me and a couple of other folks out, and I'm currently waiting for my formal notice to appear in court, as I'm supposed to get about 2-3 weeks jail time + fines for "participating in illegal protests".
Since then, my brilliant amazing lovely gf has been, well, understandably upset.
As the news came out that people were not just beaten, but raped and even murdered in those basements, she started crying every single day, afraid of walking out of our home alone.
My gf is actually brilliant, so farily quickly she found a foreign company that wants to hire her and help her move. I'm super impressed by my lady, I love and want to marry her, and have the most comfy, cozy, violence-free life imaginable together.
Right now I feel like such a traitor for moving. How could I? The police are beating us senseless, detaining thousands of peaceful protesters, and I know that being detained is some scary, traumatic shit.
I'm currently volunteering with human rights groups, helping document these crimes, and, folks, the stories I hear are some fucked up shit. I honestly can barely do my actual job because it seems like such a stupid god damn waste of time to try and make money for my bosses while me and my friends are getting beaten by those thugs every day.
So she's all excited to move, planning our lives in another country, and for the first time in weeks she's not crying all the time. Me, on the other hand, I'm almost in tears watching the protests go on, and get stomped on, again and again, while I'm not there to help hold that line.
Good people of reddit, how do I tell her that I'm just not ready? She says she can't stay here, it's too dangerous, and, well, it is! I just want her to be happy, but I feel that if we move, I'll be ashamed for years to come. So how do I navigate this?
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2020.09.20 17:11 TheAndredal Day 112 of "peaceful protests"

Apparantly there has been a mass shooting. I am still finding information. Look below for more info as I update this:
Not a single arrest overnight (19–20 Sept.) in Portland as a large mob of BLM-antifa marched through downtown, smashing up businesses. They then held a street dance party in front of central precinct to celebrate how there were no cops. #PortlandRiots
Thread from Portland:
This flag was burned in honor of RBG #Portlandprotests
Excerpts from thread:
Fight in Portland:
Adam is lucky to have a man like Baloo. #Portlandprotests
Windows smashed at Starbucks #Portlandprotests
Nothing says respect black lives like this. #Portland
Windows were also smashed out at Chipotle with workers inside #PortlandProtests Clipped from @after_theaction
Say black lives matter right now #Portland
There's been more than one fight tonight and a car window broken out. Have to go back for the others but here's one that just happened. #Portlandprotests
Flag burning a little bit ago #Portlandprotests
End of the night drama #Portland
Car circling with an American flag. They stole one flag off his car and he quickly replaced it. Supposedly the car was hit with a rock #Portland
Truck window smashed, end of the night drama #Portlandprotests
Random Black Portland Resident Tells Portland BLM to Pound Sand via @YouTube
White woman harasses Hispanic couple for filming and calls them racist for saying "all lives matter." Sacramento, CA
Seattle thread:

Seattle kids starting their neighborhood harassment campaign. Arex Johnson in town
From thread:
Antifa the movie:
Enjoying your Saturday night = violence San Diego, CA
Even the kids were annoyed. "Fuck your Saturday night" - BLM San Diego, CA
"Picking on the wrong people" man yells at #BLM protesters. He was dining outside, then a group came over to him and started shouting and harassing his table

BLM protesters now harassing local residents and trespassing on property in DC
Minding my own business at the Supreme Court I was falsely accused of saying “China Virus.”
This led to me being spat on by this young woman.
You can’t even stay to yourself and be left alone if you’re wearing Trump hat.
Welcome to the “Tolerant Left.”

BLM rally in DC, crowd starting to walk in between outdoor dining tables and shouting at those eating

BLM march through DC, crowd is starting to approach some men drinking at a bar and pointing umbrellas towards them
"Take your dog in the house if you have a problem with us protesting" yells a protester from the #BLM march at a man drinking outside a bar in DC
Watch @SouthSoundNews's broadcast: live update to fatal deputy involved shooting in Auburn
@kingcosoPIO confirms a 32 year old male was shot and killed by a deputy after the deputy was flagged down for a reported domestic disturbance that possibly involving a weapon. Valley Investigation Team will be handling the Investigation.
Thank u so much to these wonderful kids and their fantastic community! We truly appreciate ur generosity!👏🏼👏🏼💙💙👍🏼👍🏼👮🚔👮‍♂️
Huge Trump march in Beverly Hills, CA
And of course the agitators are around begging for attention, the crowd is too big to have any sort of effect though. Beverly Hills #MAGA
Interesting day at the #BLM rally in DC earlier
Earlier today when I arrived at a #BLM rally in DC, I was approached within minutes and was harassed and shoved for filming while others filmed with no issue, also had umbrellas in my face to block me from filming
BLM harassing old ladies (and anyone they can find) trying to get into the Cardinal Stadium to watch a football game in Louisville, KY today
Stop abusing children. This is disgusting, not iconic. #Seattleprotests
"If you're not with this you're a white supremacist" "We don't even know what a Markasus is, so how could we be it?" "....Marxist." Tampa, FL
watch your baby, she's gonna cross the street. who's watching that child? She shouldn't even be here (reverts to hood mom mode) why? you got some money for her? ok then don't worry about my fucking kid Tampa, FL
No footage of the shooting, just sound:
Gun shots were fired at lehigh valley mall
Amish marching for Trump:
BREAKING: Package addressed to the White House containing ricin intercepted by law enforcement. The package was addressed to President Trump. - CNN
NYC thread:
“Suck my d*ck.”
Philadelphia: Antifa pervert demands fellatio from @realJamesKlug. They then rob him of his property.
Philadelphia: Antifa eats sh*t while trying to drop kick a targeted individual.
Full video coming soon.
More intimidation of businesses by The Original Black Panthers of VA. Upload date Jan. 11, 2020. This is starting to show an ongoing pattern where they go around harassing businesses for perceived slights against the black community. YT Link:
DC: “I bet your d*ck is tiny”
An aggressive BLM activist swarms a white couple eating dinner for simply recording their protest
She accuses him of being racist for recording and proceeds to comment on his penis size
NEW YORK: Protesters shutdown traffic and police then have to clear the herds
You can hear a moronic protester asking police “what are you doing?” frantically like some kind of victim
These people larp as victims after baiting police all the time
BREAKING: DC BLM and Antifa descended upon a gay neighborhood tonight
A BLM activist can be seen getting extremely aggressive with the gay man to the point of threatening him by saying:
“You are mother f*cking lucky” because the gay man’s accomplice escorted him away
DC: Tonight a BLM activist was going ballistic screaming in the face of a white man with her mega phone as protesters chanted “Black people used to live here” at the house
DC: Tonight BLM and Antifa mobilized to remove a Hispanic photographer who they were randomly claiming was “harassing women” at their protest
The photographer was @slestevez
Me and @venturareport were at a BLM march in Washington D.C we were approached within minutes of the march starting. They proceeded to ask us why we were recording & who we were with. After finding out that we were journalists they started shoving and trying to grab us and
Tonight BLM and Antifa went full blown homophobic in DC
Nobody is safe
If you get put on the radar for any reason, the revolution will come after you too
DC: A BLM activist begins to harass a white man for recording the protest as an Antifa militant dressed in black armor proceeds to then film the man in return
DC: Tonight a gay man stood up to Antifa by saying:
“You think I’m afraid of you?”
After they trespassed his front yard and assaulted his friend
BREAKING: DC BLM and Antifa descended upon a gay neighborhood tonight and began to intimidate and harass multiple gay people
Including a man with his puppy accusing him of “physically assaulting” them and for not wearing a mask
BREAKING: A DC BLM activist physically assaults a gay man by hitting him in the face with her megaphone
Antifa militants then trespass the front yard of his friend they are having a get together on and begin to lay hands on him
DC: After being harassed and called a c*nt by BLM protesters
BLM protesters began to pressure @bandpolitical into wearing a face mask in order to be around the protest
She held her ground and stood up against the mob
DC: Reporter @VenturaReport gets swarmed, threatened and 1st Amendment to free press suppressed by BLM activists
You can hear one of the BLM lead activists say “you’re gunna get pummeled”

Social distancing from BLM:
BREAKING: black black Antifa assaulted a female content creator @Lisaelizabeth at a protest against the Proud Boys in Philadelphia
She said she was not affiliated with the Proud Boys and was trying to film interviews for a conservative creator named @realJamesKlug at Clark Park
Antifa at Clark Park today were conducting undercover missions to identify me
unmasked, they walked up to journalists & asked them if they were “Elijah”
I overheard one man accusing someone of being me, calling me an “enemy of Antifa”
They are hunting me around the country
“F*ck you and your dog!”
Philadelphia: Antifa attacks a targeted individual, destroys his vehicle, and puts his dog’s (in the car) life in danger.
Reminds me of a scene from Wizard of Oz.
PHILADELPHIA: black bloc Antifa falls to the ground after failing to drop kick a man they mistook for a Nazi,
but was actually there to support their cause
BREAKING: a protester comes alongside creator @realJamesKlug with a bat and hits the ground next to him with force
The crowd then turns on the man and confuses him for being a Trump supporter, calling him a Nazi
They proceeded to destroy his car with hammers as he escaped
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2020.09.20 17:08 StrangePlaces405 Florida Legislation Review: Hold on to your Butts

Get out and vote as if your rights depend on it! (Cuz they do!)
Primary Preference
Republican Results
Trump - 93.8%, 122 delegates
Democrat Results
Joe Biden - 61.9%, 136 delegates
August Primaries
Results are in but the DoE does not have a tabulated roster of the entire state from what I can tell. Check your local news affiliate for details on your results.
General Election
Date: November 3
Registration Deadline: October 5
Early Voting Period: October 24-31
Military/Overseas Absentee Ballot Return Deadline: September 19
Mail-In Ballot Deadline(domestic voters): September 24 - October 1
19-08: Double Elections Requirement for Amending State Constitution Initiative.
Summary - "Requires all proposed amendments or revisions to the state constitution to be approved by the voters in two elections, instead of one, in order to take effect. The proposal applies the current thresholds for passage to each of the two elections."
Signatures Required: 766,200

Signatures Gathered: 783,580


SC Hearing: Approved 20FEB20
Made Ballot: 31JAN2020
Approved for Circulation: 19APR2019
Keep Our Constitution Clean Political Committee
Tl;Dr - 19-01 has-been declined by the FLSC 4JUN20 for a misleading summary that did not accurately reflect the initiative. The initiative is dead in the water on a narrow ruling so expect a revised proposal in the future.
19-05 appears to be dead. I'll keep an eye on it as it is still active but it hasn't received any new verified signatures in over a year.
19-08 has been approved. VOTE YES FOR 19-08!
Fun Stuff
Want to sign these petitions or any petitions? Go here
Print, sign, then mail the petition to
Alexander Mosca
Program Administrator
Alternate Emergency Coordinating Officer
Florida Department of State, Division of Elections

2A Sanctuary Status

Baker, Bay, Bradford, Calhoun, Citrus, Clay, Collier, Columbia, DeSoto, Dixie, Escambia, Franklin, Gilchrist, Gulf, Hendry, Hernando, Highlands, Holmes, Jackson, Jefferson, Lafayette, Lake, Lee, Levy, Liberty, Madison, Marion, Nassau, Okaloosa, Okeechobee, Polk, Putnam, Santa Rosa, St. John's, Sumter, Suwannee, Taylor, Union, Wakulla, Walton, Washington,
Bronson, Marco Island City, Newberry, Panama City Beach,
Constitutional Traitors
No Action
Alachua, Brevard, Broward, Charlotte, Duval, Flagler, Gadsden, Glades, Hamilton, Hardee, Hillsborough, Indian River, Leon, Manatee, Martin, Miami-Dade, Monroe, Orange, Osceola, Palm Beach, Pasco, Pinellas, St. Lucie, Seminole, Volusia

Legislative Updates since last post

2021 session is underway. No firearms bills have been filed as of yet.

Other 2A News:

Everytown for Gun Safety states Trump's inaction on COVID-19 has worsened gun violence across the state. Article
The tentative schedule for jury trial of the Parkland 18-20 weapons purchase ban is set for Jan. 11. Article
State Attorney Melissa Nelson penned a memo stating prosecutors must offer harsher sentences for felons found illegally carrying a weapon. Article
As if we haven't heard this already. Bloomberg vows to inject $100M into Joe Biden's Florida campaign. Remember when Biden chastised Bloomberg by saying 'you can't buy an election'? He's uncharacteristically mum here.Article
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2020.09.20 16:27 rum_4869 My Theory on Rum Arc

Rum is first mentioned in ch 898. Where Akai shuuichi recieves a msg from Kir.
It was just the three letters 'RUM' in uppercase. Kir messaged akai not jodie. Akai deduced that it is urgent and she had no time to contact Jodie.

Kir's msg.
The upper case letters suggest threatening nature of the situation and directly msging akai suggests that Akai is directly involved.
Akai says that he heard the Rum's name 2 or 3 times when he was in BO. Imo that's lower than expected from no.2 of the org. (suggesting that rum was inactive when akai was in BO)
Moving on, Haibara's memories of rum when she was in BO

Looking at the first image, It's quite contradicting that haibara can't remember an important detail about an important member of BO, while she remembers gin's car. (Another hint suggesting that rum was inactive when haibara was in BO).
The second image, the multiple body descriptions suggest that rum is good at disguise. Another possibility which is mentioned is rum's body doubles, which i think is less likely bc rum messed up in 17 years ago case where koji and amanda were killed, if rum had body doubles then rum could have easily put blame on one of them and sacrificed them to police thereby closing the case.
Finally haibara remembers that one detail.
The source of information is not reliable, therefore it can be wrong or incomplete.
The ch where rum is mentioned first also had a small trick by Agasa. That's when akai comments:
Foreshadowing that rum's descriptions are tricks.
Now take a look at the following, it is a very old case, where there are multiple descriptions of the culprit.
In the end we realize that all the descriptions belong to one person only.
And in the case where detective boys give different description for the culprit also suggest that it is very easy to mistake the descriptions. (ch 939 - ch 941)
Rum having a prosthetic eye seems absurd because prosthetic eye is a delicate thing and requires maintenance, which would make rum dependent on a doctor and it would be dangerous to go out in situations where physical fights are probable, which is a common situation for BO. (Gun fights etc)
If rum has lost one eye, it is wiser to have a stichted eye(like kansuke, or he can have a pirate's eyepatch too ;)

Prosthetic eye is a red herring
There's one possibility that rum suffers from this disease and ppl mistake it for artificial eye.
The 17 year old crime scene.
The main points from the case includes
This is really important bc it sort of explains why FBI and CIA are concerned with BO. Amanda was a millionaire and her death would have been investigated by FBI and CIA and they have somehow linked it to BO.
This contradicts the MO of the Black Org., there crimes are clean.
This has no basis but I think Amanda was related to Karasuma (wife maybe)
Why I think Wakasa Rumi is not Rum.
This is based on Wakasa's memories.

Wakasa's Memories
Wakasa's memories suggest that she knew koji before he was killed. She also had the hunch that he will be killed.
Her right eye hurts when she remembers the incident. This is common with post traumatic stress and she might have lost her eye while fighting rum (Explained later in this post)
She has a fake eye bc it will be better than a patch for an elementary school teacher. Since children might get scared of scars on eyes and she would look dangerous.
. This also suggests that Wakasa Rumi is not Asaka,
because asaka should be present while kouji was killed but wakasa's memories have blood around kouji's mouth.

Blood pool around Kouji's mouth
This suggest that she came there when kouji had been dead for some time.
Also wakasa's hatred for charms.
She also threw ayumi's charm away. This strongly suggest that she hates lucky charms because kouji said he won't die bc he had his charm and went into danger recklessly.
Why I think Wakita Kanenori is not RUM
This is based on the message 'Time is Money.'
I think it is unwise to reveal his disguise to bourbon. He only wants information on kudo shinichi from him, which he can get on mail or if he wants physical copies he can ask for it without revealing his cover.
First possibility
Rum is telling bourbon that wakita is a Person of Interest. (someone investigating them or a threat to them) But if it was this case, then rum should have stated the it clearly instead of making it a code. There's a possibility that rum considered that wakita might be keeping a watch on bourbon and is tapping his phone etc.
2nd possibility,
Rum is threatening bourbon. Wakita is another BO member who is independent of bourbon but under the direct command of rum. Rum is threatening bourbon that he's has wakita to keep a watch on him.
I belive its the 2nd possibility which is true. (Explained later.)
Or he's telling bourbon to collaborate with wakita to get info on kudo shinichi. One more possibility that is less likely. Rum is testing bourbon like Mary tested Conan. (sister from another domain) It's less likely bc there's no reason for rum to test him. Bourbon has already proved himself and earned a codename.
Wakita's Identity
Wakita's curiosity for solving mysteries and his posture in the following image led me to believe that he is Tsutomu Akai.
Wakita's pose
This pose looks very disciplined just like FBI officials but we know he is not from FBI bc akai says
Akai saying his father was not from FBI
I think He is from SIS ( MI6) or other intelligence agency from UK. Althought the pose looks like more of a military person.
Tsutomu and Wakita similarity for solving mysteries
I believe Wakita is Tsutomu and also be a BO agent under rum.
Why I think Kuroda Hyoue is RUM
By process of elimination we can say kuroda is RUM but I have a good reason to believe he is definitely RUM.
Kuroda's memory of koji

No blood pool
In the above image we can see that kouji has no blood pool around his mouth we suggests that kuroda was present there when kouji had just died.
We all know Rumi took the shogi piece from Kouji's dead body, which had a blood pool and it was not possible if police had already been there.
therefore kuroda's memory of kouji makes no sense if he didn't kill him.
Therefore Kuroda killed kouji.
The Theory
Kuroda is RUM.
He was disguised as Asaka, he wanted to eliminate kouji bc amanda and kouji had info on BO and possibly on karasuma.
He put the aptx in the food that amanda and kouji were eating, (It was easy for him because he was asaka)
Kouji relalised it, Kuroda had to resort to violence and in the struggle kouji stabbed kuroda's eye.
In this confusion, amanda fled back to her room, maybe to call for help.
Kuroda chased her with his eye still hurting, he killed amanda. (How she was killed is unkown.)
Meanwhile wakasa rumi approached the scene bc kouji hadn't returned or called her to tell her everything is ok.
She finds him dead, takes a good look of the crime scene.
filled with anger she attacked him almost killing him, kuroda gave her a serious eye injury.
in all this chaos a lot of noise was made and the neighbors heard it.
Someone arrived at the scene, she takes bishop piece from kouji (as a memento) and fled.
Kuroda is unconscious, he is found as a victim. Note that he is from police. When He explains that he was on a stake out.
7 years later
kuroda has the eye disease (mentioned above) that makes everyone believe that he has a fake eye.
Wakasa Rumi sets BO's lab on fire. This was done to attract everyone's attraction to it, which gave her time to take the data from BO's computers. She learned about karasuma from kouji's dying message. (I think the dying message works 2 ways, it means karasuma and also asaka rum, With kouji trying to tell rumi that asaka is rum)

A dialogue that suggest rumi set fire
Wakasa Rumi wants to destroy BO. She is searching for rum too.
Kuroda was caught in this fire which spread across their hq and burned his face, He went to coma. He was kept in police hospital.

He was in coma for 10 years.
The reason his hair changed color is easy, because he dyed his hair. (I think, he dyed his hair to look young.(The strong man description from haibara.))
so, why doesn't he eliminate wakasa?because his memories are gone. He doesn't remember wakasa's face. remember he was injured in his eye too, his vision might be blurry at that time due to shock from injury.
Kuroda starts again with searching for the person who attacked him when he killed kouji (Both of them don't know each other)
He looks at the list of aptx which has kudo shinichi's name. Observing that kudo shinichi being alive was redacted, he became suspicious of him and asked bourbon for info while threatening him by saying wakita's name as a code. (He has suspicion on bourbon too.)
(Meanwhile wakita who is tsutomu thinks that bourbon is loyal to BO and says that line about traitor.)
He thinks that akai shuuichi is alive and bourbon is betraying him by helping akai.
Kuroda hears from Takagi and Sato that koumei recieved something from Date's locker and koumei deduced that his brother(scotch) joined PSB . Kuroda has inlet from BO that scotch was NOC and he was killed by akai, so he figured that someone from there sent the package to Date, that someone is a traitor(Bourbon), so he asked him to inform him about the sender. He said he will when he gets to know about it(He says he isn't sure), to which kuroda says time is money out of habit. koumei thinks that he should keep it a secret bc bourbon might be a NOC. He also solved Time is money = wakita kanenori, that's why he says that in above image.
In short: Kuroda is asaka and rum. Wakita is tsutomu and BO agent under rum. wakasa set the fire that killed haibara's parents.
edit 1: Forgot to mention Wakasa uploaded the case on internet. she wants lure out rum and wants ppls attention to the case. She also looked into mouri kogoro and deduced that conan is behind sleeping kogoro, thats why she is interested in conan, thinks that he can help her figure out the identity of rum.
edit2: Tsutomu is from MI6 confirmed, (somehow forgot this). I kept saying that rum was inactive for a long time, my intention was to relate it to kuroda's 10 year long coma. (He was inactive bc he was in coma)
P.S.: I might have missed some things. will appreciate constructive criticism.
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2020.09.20 14:25 JacobInAustin Singh v. Pythagoras Innovation Academies, 2020 MISC 1

Chesapeake State Court of Appeals

Singh v. Pythagoras Innovation Academies

Decided on May 18th, 2020

Judge Lemaire delivered the opinion of the Court.
¶ 1. Mr. Parkash Singh argues on appeal that the Circuit Court of the City of Baltimore erred in finding that appellee Pythagoras Innovation Academies did not violate the First Amendment or the Protecting Religious Expression Act by expelling Mr. Singh as a student due to his possession of an unsheathed kirpan. We disagree and affirm the Court’s decision.
I. Background
¶ 2. The record shows that Appellant was enrolled at Pythagoras Innovation Academies, a public charter school located in Baltimore’s Charles Village neighborhood, from 2017 until his expulsion in 2020.
¶ 3. Mr. Singh, a student in his last year of high school, is a devout, practicing member of the Sikh faith, a religion founded by Guru Nanak that originates from the Indian subcontinent in the 15th century. To many in the Sikh faith, the wearing of the kirpan, a ceremonial sword of various shapes and sizes, is a religious command. See Eleanor M. Nesbit, Sikhism: A Very Short Introduction (2016), Mr. Singh subscribes to this religious command and has, since the age of seven, worn the kirpan in his daily life. His kirpan is a small dagger with a four-inch blade, sheathed in a metalic cover that is attached at all times to his belt.
¶ 4. The issue of Mr. Singh’s kirpan is one which has confronted the school on several occasions. Upon enrollment as a sophomore transfer student, the school administration reached an agreement with Mr. Singh’s parents that he be allowed to wear the ceremonial blade so long as it remained fully sheathed on all occasions while on school premises. This arrangement went without incident for the first year of Mr. Singh’s time at the school, but this changed on October 22nd, 2018, when he unsheathed the kirpan during recess after a friend asked to see the weapon. For this offense, Mr. Singh was suspended for five days and received a stern warning that a repeat offense may lead to more severe consequences.
¶ 5. The second incident, and the subject of the instant action, occurred on March 26, 2020. During a kickboxing unit in physical education class, Mr. Singh performed a high kick and, in the process, the kirpan came loose from its cover and fell onto the ground in plain sight of his classmates. Citing student safety concerns, the instructor attempted to confiscate the kirpan for the remainder of the class period, but Mr. Singh refused to surrender the blade on account of his religious commandments and was consequently dismissed from classes for the remainder of the day.
¶ 6. On March 28, Mr. Singh was summoned to a meeting with Principal Samantha Chow and informed that he was in violation of the Code of Student Conduct and, this being the second infraction, he would be expelled at the end of the academic year. The provision of the school rules cited by Ms. Chow reads:
¶ 6A. “As a Pythagoras Academies Spartan, you are expected to show your school spirit and always behave in accordance to these rules. Don’t forget: our Spartan values are equality, cooperation and nonviolence. “
¶ 7. The first rule is that Spartans don’t hurt others. Weapons are not allowed on school premises under any circumstances without the written approval of the Principal. This includes any blade, explosive and firearm, whether operable or otherwise, along with any non-weapons being used as weapons (see Appendix). If you break this rule, you will be suspended from school for no less than one month and may face expulsion at the discretion of the Principal.
¶ 8. The Appendix to the Code further clarifies that: “A weapon is any tool that can be used to hurt another student or destroy school property. Weapons include, but are not limited to, guns (including fake, toy or “bb” guns), bullets, knives (including pocket knives and pen knives), swords, daggers, shanks, explosives, razors, blades, bats, clubs, brass knuckles, bombs, fireworks/firecrackers, “tasers” and any other tool or device that could be reasonably confused for a weapon.”
¶ 9. The trial court held that Mr. Singh’s claim implicated a First Amendment right and, applying strict scrutiny, found that the protection of student safety was a compelling government interest and that a ban on weapons on school grounds was narrowly tailored to further this goal. The court rejected Mr. Singh’s argument that a religious exemption would be a less restrictive means towards the same goal, finding that exemptions risked undermining the integrity of a weapons ban. With regard to the state law claim, the Court determined that, the presence of a weapon being sufficient per se to establish the existence of a threat to others, the Act does not protect Mr. Singh’s right to the kirpan on school premises.
II. Analysis
¶ 10. An appellate court reviews questions of law de novo. Rollins v. Commonwealth, 554 S.E.2d 99, 102; 37 Va. App. 73, 78 (2001). In the instant case, we are presented on appeal with two distinct claims: that Mr. Singh’s expulsion violated the First Amendment, or alternatively violated the state Protecting Religious Expression Act (PRE Act). Both are pure questions of law, and neither party disputes the evidentiary facts established at trial.
A. Free Exercise Clause
¶ 11. Appellant first challenges the trial court’s determination that the school did not infringe upon the First Amendment in expelling Mr. Singh. Citing the standard established in Carey v. Dixie Inn, 101 M.S.Ct. 112; 1 M.Slip.Op. 64; 2020 US 1, the court held that the school’s actions must be held to strict scrutiny, but that the school’s policy is both narrowly-tailored and furthers a compelling interest.
¶ 12. The trial court’s use of the strict scrutiny standard is inappropriate. Although Dixie Inn purportedly establishes strict scrutiny as the standard of review for rules of general applicability, 101 M.S.Ct. at 112; 1 M.Slip.Op., at 65; 2020 US 1, ¶ 9 (“even a neutral law of general applicability must meet the standard of strict scrutiny where the law substantially burdens the free exercise of religion”) (citations omitted), the Court immediately proceeds in its analysis to ignore its own finding and shift the burden of proof onto the plaintiff. Ibid (“[Plaintiff] failed to demonstrate that the the [sic] compelling government interest in combating discrimination can be advanced while allowing for religious exceptions.”) (citations omitted). This is consistent with no form of strict scrutiny that we are aware of, since, of course, longstanding precedent dictates that the burden of proof ought to fall squarely on the state. Horen v. Commonwealth, 479 S.E.2d 553, 559-60; 23 Va. App. 735, 748 (1997), accord, In re Dismemberment Abortion Ban Act, 101 M.S. Ct. 106 (“Our precedent does not place the burden upon the plaintiff’s [sic] in these cases.”).
¶ 13. We can only conclude from this contradiction, since we are precluded from entertaining the possibility that the Supreme Court has made a mistake, see generally Dismemberment Abortion Ban Act, supra (“Obviously the Court below cannot overrule our precedent, regardless of whether it thinks it is out of date.”), that the reference to strict scrutiny in Dixie Inn was merely dicta and that Employment Division v. Smith, 494 U.S. 872 (1990), remains controlling precedent.
¶ 14. Under the Smith standard, “generally applicable, religion-neutral laws that have the effect of burdening a particular religious practice need not be justified by a compelling governmental interest.” 494 U.S., at 892. There is little contention that a prohibition of weapons on school grounds is such a neutral, generally-applicable regulation. Consequently, the regulation at hand does “not require heightened First Amendment scrutiny even though [it diminishes] some people's ability to practice their religion.” Barnes v. Glen Theatre, Inc., 501 U.S. 560, 579 (1991), accord, Free Locke v. Davey, 540 U.S. 712, 721 (2004).
¶ 15. The permissive tier of rational basis review requires “only that the classification challenged be rationally related to a legitimate state interest.” New Orleans v. Dukes, 427 U.S. 297, 303 (1976). We begin our analysis by noting the well-established proposition that protecting the physical safety of minors is a legitimate, even compelling, state interest. Cf. Sable Communications v. FCC, 492 U.S. 115, 126 (1989). The rational connection between this interest and the school’s weapons policy, in our estimation, is self-evident: eliminating weapons from school premises promotes the safety of students, since weapons are associated with increased violence. See Thomas R. Simon, et al., Students who carry weapons to highschool: comparison with other weapon-carriers, 24 Journal of Adolescent Health 340 (1999),
¶ 16. The dissent asks us to cast away the well-established foundations of First Amendment jurisprudence in favor of so-called ‘common sense,’ but “common sense is a collective noun, like religion: there is not just one common sense.” Antonio Gramsci, Selections from the Prison Notebooks (1971). In our society of laws, we cannot countenance the proposition that the Constitution dictates that the esoteric belief systems of certain subsets of the population should override general, religiously-neutral laws designed to protect the public safety. And as we have explained above, we find the idea that the vague and confused line of reasoning in Dixie Inn’s analysis supersedes the clear command of Smith to be unpersuasive.
¶ 17. As Mr. Singh’s expulsion did not violate the Free Exercise Clause and the school policy in question clears rational basis review, we conclude that the First Amendment claim must fail.
B. Protecting Religious Expression Act
¶ 18. Appellant further challenges the trial court’s determination that the school’s decision falls within the exclusion clause of the Protecting Religious Expression Act. The Act at section 3(a) provides that:
¶ 18A. No school, governmental agency or non-governmental organization that receives either full or partial funding from the Commonwealth may institute any ordinance, rule or regulation that prohibits, restricts or penalizes the wearing of any garments or accessories that are congruent with genuinely-held religious beliefs.
¶ 19. The Act further includes an exclusion clause which reads: This subsection does not apply to garments or accessories that are obscene or otherwise pose a threat to the safety of people around them. Schools should always make accommodations to serve the religious needs of citizens of Chesapeake in any way a reasonable person shall identify to meet the needs while respecting safety [sic] of others.
¶ 20. We first address the question of whether the kirpan falls within the protection of section 3(a)—the answer is undoubtedly yes. As previously established, the kirpan is an accessory that is fundamental to the practice of Sikhism, and it is undisputed by either party that Mr. Singh is a devout and genuine follower of the faith. His kirpan unquestionably constitutes an accessory congruent with a genuinely-held belief.
¶ 21. The more difficult question is whether the school policy is covered by the exclusion clause. As we explain below, we believe that it does.
¶ 22. As a matter of law, a dagger is a deadly weapon because of its extreme potential for harm and lack of other common uses. Cf. Floyd v. Commonwealth, 62 S.E.2d 6, 10; 191 Va. 674, 683 (1950) (an axe is a deadly weapon per se). The kirpan falls within this category, and its mere presence in a school environment thus poses a threat to the safety of other students. Consequently, we hold that the restriction of the kirpan falls outside the protections of the PRE Act and the school’s policy is lawful.
¶ 23. The dissent argues that the kirpan should not be treated as an ordinary knife because the Sikh faith does not permit adherents to employ the blade as a weapon. Though Mr. Singh’s religious convictions may prohibit him from using the knife offensively, its presence on school premises nonetheless tangibly increases the danger to other students. For instance, the kirpan may fall into the hands of another student with no such ethical command or, as occurred in the instant case, it may accidentally become unsheathed and potentially cause injury to others.
¶ 24. The dissent further argues that our interpretation of the exclusion clause ignores its second sentence concerning accommodations. In accordance with elementary principles of statutory interpretation, we take the Act at its plain meaning—the language of the second sentence, which begins with the distinctly advisory language “schools should,” is merely a recommendation that schools are requested to follow. As it is clearly non-binding upon the school, we decline to read compulsion into the Assembly’s suggestion.
III. Conclusion
¶ 25. For the foregoing reasons, we hold that the school’s dismissal of Mr. Singh did not violate the First Amendment or the Protecting Religious Expression Act. Accordingly, we affirm.
Judge Alcaldo, dissenting.
¶ 26. “[Justice] ever has been, and ever will be, pursued until it be obtained, or until liberty be lost in the pursuit.” Alexis de Tocqueville, 1 Democracy in America (1835). In today’s decision, the majority has pursued justice blindly to the ends of the world, only to lose at the end of its journey one of the most cherished liberties of our nation: the freedom of religion.
¶ 27. Deference to public authorities must stop where common sense begins. In the case before us today, everyone agrees on the essential premise: that the kirpan is a sacred symbol to the Sikh faith, that Mr. Singh is not a threat to public safety, and that the events that led to expulsion were an unfortunate accident. Common sense dictates one outcome; the Court has chosen the other.
¶ 28. The trouble begins with the majority’s straitjacketed interpretation of the First Amendment, which ignores not only modern precedent but also lacks the most basic common sense.
¶ 29. “That they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights…” From the start of the Republic, Americans have looked to faith for guidance. Of course, a nation as expansive and diverse as the United States is home to various disparate groups, each with its own unique creeds and beliefs. The Founding Fathers, and indeed every generation of Americans since, has consequently seen it proper to enshrine within our Constitution the “freedom of every person to worship God in his own way.” President Franklin D. Roosevelt, State of the Union Address (Jan. 6, 1941). “In fact, whoever has really practised a religion knows very well that it is the cult which gives rise to these impressions of joy, of interior peace, of serenity, of enthusiasm which are, for the believer, an experimental proof of his beliefs.” Émile Durkheim, The Elementary Forms of the Religious Life (1912).
¶ 30. Religious freedom is therefore one of the most sacred liberties of the American republic, a fact recognized by the Supreme Court when it reaffirmed the strict scrutiny standard in religious discrimination cases, sub silentio with In re Stopping Abuse and Indoctrination of Children Act of 2015, 100 M.S.Ct. 111 (2015), and explicitly in Dixie Inn. The majority’s reliance on Smith is misplaced in light of this more recent precedent, as some of our sister courts have observed. Carey v. Dixie Inn, No. 19-21 (Dx. 2019),, rev’ on other grounds, 101 M.S.Ct. 113; 1 M.Slip.Op. 64; 2020 US 1 (2020) (“Smith is simply no longer an applicable test.”).
¶ 31. Strict scrutiny is the “most rigorous and exacting standard of constitutional review.” Miller v. Johnson, 515 U.S. 900, 920 (1995). To survive strict scrutiny, “the law must be a necessary element for achieving a compelling governmental interest.” Mahan v. NCPAC, 315 S.E.2d 829, 832; 227 Va. 330, 336 (1984) (citing Greenberg v. Bolger, 497 F. Supp. 756, 778 (E.D.N.Y. 1980)). In turn, necessity requires the law to be “the least burdensome means available for attaining the governmental objective in question.” Id. I do not question the majority’s observation that the state has a compelling interest in protecting student safety, but, in my estimation, Appellee has failed to demonstrate that the presence of the kirpan has a real—not merely speculative—impact on the safety of students, and thus that a religious exemption from the rule would undermine the objective. Ergo, the school policy’s restriction on the kirpan does not materially improve upon the advancement of the interest in question and fails the narrow tailoring prong of the test.
¶ 32. As the school policy as applied to the instant case cannot withstand strict scrutiny, I would hold that Mr. Singh was deprived of his free exercise rights under the First Amendment.
¶ 33. If the majority is unwilling to accord the protection of the First Amendment to Mr. Singh, one would be excused at least to believe that the Protecting Religious Expression Act, an act expressly passed by the Assembly to protect religious accessories, would still afford him relief. However, in a cruel twist, the majority has clipped the law’s wings before it could even take off by constricting its erstwhile expansive protections into oblivion.
¶ 34. The majority’s holding that all knives are per se deadly weapons is not only conclusory, it is incorrect in light of our longstanding precedent that “whether a weapon is to be regarded as deadly often depends more on the manner in which it has been used than on its intrinsic character.” Pannill v. Commonwealth, 38 S.E.2d 457, 462; 185 Va. 244, 254 (1946). The kirpan is no mere dagger because its dominant use is as a religious icon and its offensive use is strictly prohibited by Sikh teachings. To a devout Sikh, a kirpan is no more a weapon than a box cutter is to a mailman, as it “is worn in devotion to truth and should only be drawn as a last resort in a righteous cause.” W. Owen Cole, Understanding Sikhism (2004),
¶ 35. Moreover, the ruling today ignores the clear intent of the Assembly that the protections of the PRE Act ought to be interpreted liberally. The Act’s exception clause provides that “[s]chools should always make accommodations to serve the religious needs of citizens of Chesapeake in any way a reasonable person shall identify to meet the needs while respecting safety of others.” Far from the majority’s interpretation that the remotest sign of danger triggers the exception clause, the legislature stipulated that a balancing test be applied between religious freedom and student safety interests in the eyes of a reasonable person.
¶ 36. The religious freedom interest claimed by Mr. Singh under the Act is real, reasonable and simply palpable. A reasonable person would clearly understand the spiritual importance of the kirpan to any faithful Sikh, and acknowledge the deep ethical quandary that would emerge if Mr. Singh was forced to choose between his faith and his education. In contrast, a reasonable person would assess the security risk to be low, as Mr. Singh is a model student and responsible kirpan owner who has attended Pythagoras Academies for three years with little incident, beside a single youthful misunderstanding of the limitation of the rules. His possession of a small ceremonial blade, even if briefly exposed in an accident, would create at the very most an apprehended sense of danger—one that cannot outweigh the grave injury to Mr. Singh’s religious freedom if the school’s unjust expulsion is allowed to stand today. Moreover, given that the blade is at all times attached in a metallic constraint to Mr. Singh’s belt, I find the majority’s conjecture that a danger to student safety may arise from the kirpan falling into the possession of another student to be fanciful.
¶ 36. The Court’s decision today places unthinking and legalistic adherence to the letter of the law over reason, common sense and the plain intent of the Assembly, legitimizing a clear instance of discrimination against a religious minority in our Commonwealth’s schools.
¶ 37. I respectfully dissent.
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2020.09.20 12:35 ConorCulture Rebookiversary Pt.2 – Slammiversary 2006

Team Canada (A-1, Eric Young and Johnny Devine) defeats The Naturals and Shane Douglas in a Pre-show Match
When Douglas returns, he reunites with Chase Stevens, and they go under the wing of Shane Douglas. Their first opponent of this trio is Team Canada. The Naturals and Team Canada have had issues in the past, but they now have third men in their corners. Team Canada gets the win.
Team 3D defeats The James Gang in a Bingo Hall Brawl
Rhino defeats Team Canada (Bobby Roode and Coach D’Amore) in a Handicap Match
Senshi defeats Shark Boy, Petey Williams, Puma, Jay Lethal and Sonjay Dutt in an Ultimate X Match
The participants of the match stay the same, only instead of being a 6-way Elimination Match, it is an Ultimate X Match, meaning the winner gets a shot at Samoa Joe’s X Division Championship. This is the most men to ever participate in an Ultimate X as its hyped. They have a lot of the same spots as the real match, but extra involving the cables and four towers. Senshi then goes on a strike spree with kicks galore. He then swings on the cables with a kick to the midsection to Puma. He flips inside out off the cables and Senshi grabs the X to win the match. He will soon challenge Samoa Joe.
Kevin Nash defeats Chris Sabin
A.J. Styles and Christopher Daniels defeats America’s Most Wanted © to win the NWA World Tag Team Championships
Samoa Joe © defeats Scott Steiner to retain the X Division Championship
This match is heavily hyped as the biggest ever match in TNA not for the World title. Joe holds the X Division Championship when he starts feuding with Steiner. The feud isn’t about the title, but Steiner still wants it based off his thought process that its never bad to have an extra title on the accolades list. This is Joe’s chance to see if he belongs in the main event picture, and will be his biggest test to date against Big Poppa Pump. Steiner also believes that the X Division represents everything he hates about TNA and wrestling, and that he will make it relevant.
The opening of the match stays the same, both guys working some pretty stiff stuff. They trade strikes with big lariats and dropkicks. However instead of the ending we got of Steiner kicking out of Joe’s finisher, and then a lot of low blows, and a botched slam, and a REALLY long wait for the pin – Joe simply proves that he is indeed worthy of the main event and is definitely able to hang with the big boys. He hits an STJoe and locks in the Rear Naked Choke, making Freakzilla tap out in seconds. He leaves Steiner in agony as he stands victorious. He then does something he very rarely does, and takes the mic. “I want…the NWA World Heavyweight Championship.”
Monty Brown defeats Christian Cage ©, Alex Shelley, Abyss and Sting in a King of the Mountain Match to win the NWA World Heavyweight Championship
For the second year running a King of the Mountain Match has been apart of the NWA World Heavyweight Championship picture, but this time it is for the title itself. Champion, Christian Cage, declares that he will defend the title against four of the best TNA have to offer, and the qualifiers begin tonight. Sting is the first man to qualify, defeating A.J. Styles in the main event of Impact!. He stares down Christian to close the show. Abyss then opens the show next week in a match with Hernandez. Abyss wins cleanly and this time with James Mitchell in his corner, he will avenge last years loss. Monty Brown also gets into the match second year running, leaving the last match of the night to be Jeff Jarrett vs. Ron Killings, and you’ll see how that plays out later, but in short: it’s a no contest. This means the go home show will have a Gauntlet for the Gold match for the empty slot, won by Kevin Nash’s best friend Alex Shelley.
Shelley has some skits with Nash on how to be a main eventer early in the show, so he’s prepared for tonight. He impresses in the match, with two big spots. He becomes legal after pinning Abyss in a shock, and then stops Christian from retaining by hitting him with a Automatic Midnight off the side of the ladder! He then climbs up the penalty box and dives off the top into the ring with a Sliced Bread #2 to Christian! Christian pins Sting early to become legal, who then forms an alliance with Abyss while in the penalty box. They then go on a tear together, pinning Christian and Monty Brown, until they both try and climb up the ladder. Abyss then hits a Black Hole Slam off the side of the ladder!
Christian and Monty Brown both fight in the penalty box until they’re released. Meanwhile Alex Shelley sits on the top of the box, waiting for the right moment. Monty takes Shelley off the roof and hits him with The Pounce to become legal. He goes to climb up but Sting pulls him down. Sting clocks him with the bat and he fights with Abyss up top. They’re both then pushed off by Christian and Monty! Christian climbs up but he’s met by Monty. Christian hits him with the belt, and then hits him again. He goes for a third but Brown ducks and he swings too far. The title is snatched out of his hands and is easily pushed off. Monty then hangs the title up and dethrones the champ! He is the new NWA World Heavyweight Championship, and now has his second chance to make it big with the gold.
Ron Killings defeats Jeff Jarrett in an Unsanctioned Match
Jeff Jarrett tries to get involved in the King of the Mountain Match to regain the NWA World Heavyweight Championship, but in his qualifying match with Ron Killings, the newly face Truth ends it in a no contest when it goes too far. He explains afterwards that he doesn’t care that he lost his shot at the world title, he can regain that when he wants. But he says it is his duty as a man who has been one of the faces of TNA for 4 years to not let this ass hat win the title once again. A gauntlet for the gold is made for that spot their qualifying match was meant to fill, which we already saw. Jarrett is enraged by Truth’s actions and wants revenge. He attacks him backstage and cuts a scathing promo on Killings, and tells him the real “truth”, he always has and always will be in his shadow as the face of TNA the last 4 years.
The match is declared Unsanctioned by Dixie Carter as what they will do to each other cannot be associated with their brand. Truth says in the promo before the match he doesn’t even think that will able to contain them. It’s brutal from the get go as they trade shots with chairs, until a shot to the head busts Killings open. He is bleeding profusely early and they’re barely into it. Jarrett continues to assault him with weapons and target his cut forehead. The gruesome violence gets to the degree Tenay has to tell the audience at home to turn the TV off for the kids. Jarrett is slingshot into the ring post and he’s now bleeding. Ron unloads with his beat down, hitting a Diving Elbow off the timekeepers stand through the announce table. They then have a moment where they’re both on their knees and throwing elbows, until Jarrett and Truth both fall in unison. Truth then gets up and struggles to stand, while the ref demands the bell be rang because Jarrett can’t keep going. Jeff then slaps him and the match is restarted.
More violence ensues with Killings being hit with The Stroke onto thumbtacks near the end. This is kicked out of though. Jarrett then hammers the tacks in with a chair but he keeps fighting, and hits Jeff with The Stroke. 1….2…Jeff kicks out. Jarrett’s old rival Monty Brown, who just won the world title comes out and tells him to stop the match. Jarrett then beats him down with a kendo stick. He turns around into being hit with a Truth Conviction onto the tacks by Killings!! He gets up and hits Monty in the head with the steel chair, and hits a Hang Time on Jarrett for the win. In the most brutal and violent match in TNA history comes to a close, both guys are stretchered out, although Killings holds a triumphant fist in victory.
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2020.09.20 07:02 SelectLocation6634 Wife moved out of state and filed a VPO

A month ago, my wife was in visiting family in Oklahoma. We had a brief fight over text and that was apparently all she needed to decide we were done and she drove the 700 miles back overnight and showed up at home the next morning. She packed whatever she wanted and I didn't prevent her from leaving. She drove back to Oklahoma to move in with a family member. A week later, she filed a VPO against me and was granted an emergency protective order. She was texting me later that night and after the weekend she was asking me about counseling for us. We began talking more and she admitted she had filed the VPO but had not taken the steps needed to have it served on me.
She ended up attending the hearing that had been set two weeks after filing and said she was going to ask the court to dismiss it. We had agreed to have me fly out to visit her for a few days so we could have a chance to talk. She's since backtracked and said she wasn't ready to see me and is holding the order over my head as a threat to use against me in the future.
I have never abused her and I have never made any statement that could be even construed to be a threat against her. I have no criminal history, no history of violence, and am currently hundreds of miles away from her. From what I've read about the Oklahoma VPO laws, I think I'd have a very good chance at getting it dismissed should it get to that point.
Can anyone with some familiarity with these types of situations shed some light about what options I have and what potential risks I may run into? Is it possible for me to obtain a copy of the original petition filed with the court? I don't know what legal standard has to be met for a judge to grant an emergency order, but I'm curious what the petition contained given what I said before about the lack of any actual abuse, threats, or history.
Even though a final order hasn't been issued, having a court record that shows I had an emergency protective order issued against me isn't something I want so I also want to pursue getting it expunged. According to the online court records, the only thing added to the docket after her appearance was that I had not been served. There wasn't a new hearing date scheduled and the disposition still shows pending. I believe I have to wait 90 days after the order is dismissed before I can ask the court for the record to be expunged. Given that I live so far away, do I need to plan on appearing in court in person or is this something I could do from where I live or possibly through an attorney?
Thanks in advance for any advice. I never thought I would be in this situation but I imagine that's probably a common sentiment from people posting here.
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2020.09.20 05:59 trebud69 [US] HIGH&LOW (2016). A prefecture held by 5 gangs in Japan called S.W.O.R.D. have to come together and set aside their differences to push back the Kuryu Group and stop their plan to take their land. An epic, 7 movie action series that has as much character, heart, and style as it does action.

It's available worldwide for the first time starting today.
I literally just got into this series a few weeks ago, before the announcement of it coming to Netflix so here's a quick guide by a recent devotee to this franchise. Perfect timing for you guys too because it took a lot to find everything with English subs as I was watching it.
Though there are 4 "seasons" that are not coming to netflix and you would have to find online, here's a little guide if you're interested in what the franchise is about if you're out of the loop. Note: only the 7 movies will be on Netflix worldwide.
HIGH&LOW is a Japanese action series developed by Exile Tribe, a group of J-Pop bands under one label, who star in this stylistic but wholesome world. Think City of Violence if it was all about the gangs they fought mixed with wholesomeness and humor with a sprinkle of John Wick stylistic cinematography and set design.
There were two seasons that came out in 2015 that was the prologue for the official movie. You can find these two seasons on I personally recommend watching the two seasons before the movies, as it adds character moments that the movies tend to lack for the sake of getting the story and action in. You also get to know the 5 gangs better and how each character forms a bond with each other it also has some great action sequences as well.
Then there is the "first" movie Road to HIGH&LOW which is pretty much a retelling of the two seasons with an added 10 minutes or so just for the movie.
Then it goes HIGH&LOW The Movie.
Then a spin off film Red Rain is after HIGH&LOW THE MOVIE (be careful don't do what I did and immediately start HIGH&LOW 2 after the first movie as it spoiled Red Rain). This movie follows the Amimya Brothers who are pretty much the catalyst who split the Mugen gang into the 5 gangs in the SWORD story, which is what the two seasons are about, they're sprinkled throughout the series but this is the first time you really spend time with them.
After the spin-off technically the DTC movie is next as it follows 3 of the comedic members of the main gang Sannoh, not an action movie, more of a comedy movie. I say technically because it actually came out after the official 3 movies but chronologically it's before some of them. Before the DTC movie there are 11, 3-5 minute episodes to watch beforehand but unfortunately the only way to watch them with English subs is you have to join MugenClub on LiveJournal, it's run by the one guy who has subbed every HIGH&LOW thing to come out these past 5 years. He moderates it himself and only allows people familiar with the characters already to join, it took a little over a week to get accepted into the community. (You could totally watch this after the 3 movies but I only brought it up because chronologically it happens after the first movie, I believe)
After DTC Movie, it's HIGH&LOW Movie 2 followed by the 3rd movie Final Mission, which is presumably the end of the SWORD story arc. If you finish the Final Mission and want more just look up those first two seasons, if you haven't already.
After Final Mission there is also another "season" called The Worst Episode.0 which has 6, 25 minute episodes that is a prologue to the last movie called HIGH&LOW THE WORST. The episodes help immensely because the movie starts right where the last episode ends. You would also have to watch The Worst Episodes .0 thru Live Journal, MugenClub. As of this past Thursday night, they just announced that even more Worst episodes will come as well that take place after HIGH&LOW THE WORST, so there is more content coming.
If you wanna dive even more, there is another action verse that is in the same universe as HIGH&LOW and The Worst. Takashi Miike filmed the first two prequel adaptions of the manga titled Crows, which in itself a prequel to the Worst manga, which is the group in The Worst movie. The movies are the Crows Zero (2007) then Crows Zero 2 (2009) followed by Crows Zero Exploded (2014) then the story continues through the mangas. The school in those films and mangas is mentioned a bit thruought The Worst movie but they aren't exactly connected persue as some actors in Crows Exploded are actually featured in the High&Low series as different characters but they are still in the same universe, you don't have to worry about that but just thought if you wanted to expand into the universe more, you can.
Well, there ya go. As someone who just found out this series a few weeks ago, I already binged all of it and find it one of the most wholesome action series to date and is definitely a great action series especially after something like Cobra Kai. The characters are likeable and can be quite funny and also have the variety of personalities a typical anime would have, the slogan for this show was "Everybody is the main character" but it also is about commraterie and friendship even if you're in opposite gangs. It's really worth your time and should watch it, even though it feels like Kingdom Hearts levels of confusion when it comes to the names and spinoffs lol
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2020.09.20 02:47 granthinton Death letter

Dear Melody,
This is the last letter I’m going to write to you. I’m not sure if you’re getting these and that scares me more than what’s going on in my head. Being a soldier is hard.
Do you remember what I made you promise? If you are reading this please give it to Bobby, I want him to remember his dad.
I’ve got so much to tell you, Mel, but I’m afraid. I’m afraid that if I put this all down on paper then it makes it real and I don’t know if I can handle that.
I first saw this… thing during our halo drop (High-Altitude-Low-Opening). The doors to the cargo hold opened, the wind roaring noisily out into the black void of space. It was so dark Mel, you wouldn’t understand. In London, the lights never go off, but on that plane, the only lights were the red jump lights behind us and the rhythmic splash of green and red on the cloud from the position lights on the wings.
We were all nervous. Don’t let anyone tell you their man wasn’t. It’s bullshit. Fear sat amongst us like a brother. But we had to be men, so I jumped. 30’000ft is a long way down Mel and it goes by so fast. Bullets started to zip passed me as the ground lit up with enemy fire. I didn't know this at the time but a few of the lads got picked off as their chutes opened. At 10’000ft I deployed mine and jerked up into a far scarier position. I could see the land better now, a dark grey mess of inhospitable sand and shabby buildings.
As we dropped, a large hill appeared. I knew it would separate us from the enemy firing from the west. Over the clamor of gunfire and wind the Commanding Officer shouted to aim for it. I was barely able to keep myself high enough so as not to crash into the peak. That’s when the thing flew passed me as I crested the top. I shouldn’t say thing because I knew what it was as it sailed by. A boy. That’s what it looked like. A farmer boy, dressed in strips of clothes and with a brown cloth covering his head.
I came crashing down the side of the hill and straight into the clutterfuck of men from our airdrop. My unit stared back at me with wild unblinking eyes. Each and everyone of us had the same white sheen etched onto our face by adrenaline. I only had a moment before I realised with horror that the kid on the hill could give away our position.
I raced back up, the sand slipping in places, some of the lads scrambled to help me. The gunshots and missile fire was so loud it became a part of me. If I close my eyes, and I won’t, I can still hear it like a heartbeat. I’m not proud of the decision I made next but it was either one child’s life or the lives of my squadron. I thought about Bobby then, Mel. I was going to kill someone’s son? I knew why and I also knew I would. Does that make me a monster?
I crept up behind the boy, his short and slender silhouette a weight on my soul. He neither turned or acknowledged my presence. I drew my knife and rammed it up and under where his chin should have been. But there wasn’t anyone there but an assortment of rags laid over crossed sticks.
Bewildered by the sudden reality, panic set in. A bullet hit the ground a few millimeters from where I crouched. I didn't need any more encouragement. I half slid, half fell back down the hill to my waiting squad. Lachlan asked what I had seen but I brushed it off telling him it was a false alarm but our position had been compromised.
We moved off in search of a better place to mount a defence. Do you remember that time we went to Canterbury, and you wanted to ride a horse. We went to a stable and you spent the best part of the day riding while I got roped into helping the old man repair his barn? Well that barn was in far better condition than the one we found to hole up in. I could see so many stars through the missing roof and holes in the walls that I might as well have been standing outside.
For hours we protected our position waiting for an air strike to relieve us of the heavy resistance we faced. And all the while I took enemy life I saw that boy standing up on that same hill mocking me. The rational part of my mind told me it couldn’t possibly be a boy. It was a makeshift scarecrow, nothing more. But I also knew it was a boy because I could see the smile on his face.
I don’t know when exhaustion took me. I do remember it beginning to lighten as the moon dropped. But when I woke it took me a moment to remember the carnage around me. The soft feeling my head used as a pillow was a dead insurgent arse-cheek. Darkness has its advantages Mel, namely not being able to see the blood and gore covering you. All the blood that covered me wasn’t my own. I suddenly felt sick. Sick of a war I had only graced for a fistful of hours.
A scream woke me to full wakefulness faster than a taser to the eyeball. Lachlan was wrestling with a young man. The screams came from a petrified girl on the floor behind them. It looked like the farmer who owned the barn had started work early and had caught us sleeping. One of our unit rushed forward and brought the butt of his gun down on the man’s nose, flattening it into his skull with each blow, but not before he had grasped Lachlan’s knife and jammed it into his ribs.
We dispatched the man and his women quickly as a new sound, a sound blessed with all the intoxicating waves of relief rumbled around our position. The air support had showed up. But Lachlan was in bad shape. He needed a casualty evacuation asap.
We managed to relay our coordinators and soon a Helo arrived. I cradled Lachlan trying to stem the blood leaking from his side with a cloth from his pocket. The British cloth, once a stark white, lost its virginity on Afghanistan soil. We got him to the helicopter while exchanging enemy fire.
We all knew he wasn’t going to make it. The wound was too deep. Already his lungs were filling up with blood. But the CAS-EVAC took him and an armoured vehicle loaded the rest of us up and sped off. I looked back once as we left the ruins of the village and saw the boy standing on top of the hill. His smile was gone, replaced with empty air as the boy disappeared.
Do you remember the marquees we used for your mother's 50th birthday? When we came to base we were ushered into one similar in height and length but not in content. While we all danced and drank under a winter night that night, the lads sat or laid on rows of grey cloth cots. No one smiled. It was as if by some unspoken agreement no one wanted to share what we’d been through. We all wanted to voice the horrors we had seen and done but none wanted to bring them to life either. It was a silent solitude, a vigil of violence.
Two days later, I was sitting in the base when a lad from my unit came back from his shift on the post. A guarding point to our base.
The Afghanistan landscape surrounding our location made the only entrance and exit through a pass we called the point. It was a triangular shaped ridge that ran for a kilometre around our base providing enough cover from hostile forces. But, we still needed a sentry tower built like a wooden cubby house located at the start of the point as our first line of defence. And it was manned by one person, day and night.
The lad who had come back from his shift was called Gary Anderson. A younger guy out of Bristol. And he walked through like a ghost.
I heard the rumours about our location being built around the mass graves of an earlier takeover. It never bothered me. I didn't believe in the supernatural. The lads whispered that the formations weren’t natural at all but rather the sheer magnitude of Afghany bodies hidden by the excavation of sand. I didn’t believe it. Not right away anyway.
Anderson stood by a cot, his gun still strapped over his shoulder. I knew something had rocked the kid because cleaning your gun is the first port of call when you’re back and I also saw the look in his eyes. Or the lack of. I remember looking into your eyes, Mel, and seeing the beauty in them. They filled my soul with something I couldn’t hold or touch but was still tangible at the same moment. It was like I saw your soul, the energy inside you. Anderson had none.
The lad was drawn out, sucked out, completely and utterly lost to whatever had happened out on the post. I shook his shoulder and he turned towards me. I steered him out, helped clean his gun and returned him back to the tent. He hadn’t spoken a word, although his lips constantly moved. It was as if he was whispering to someone only he could see and hear.
Slowly I coaxed him out and he began to talk. What he said chilled me to the bone, even in the Afghan heat. He spoke about hearing screams coming from beyond the reaches of the searchlights. Maddening shouts filled with anguish, pleading and dread. I don’t know how long he endured them before calling for backup. But a search ensued. Everyone stated that they couldn’t hear these screams. It was only Anderson, at that point.
You’re not allowed to leave your post, Mel. If you do, well… that’s not the point. The point is that he was left at the post with no escape from whatever he thought was happening. If they were real or not wasn't a question. You’ve got to understand that we all have demons in our heads from the deeds we’ve committed, and whatever he had just been through had shook him to the core. But that’s not what sent chills through me, Mel. No, that was the mention of a boy up on the hill.
I sat back then, the icy feeling of dread spreading down my back like a slow avalanche of fear. I described the boy I had seen, Anderson’s face fell and his voice seized up.
That night I woke to Anderson scrambling on the floor. I sat up and rubbed the sleep from my eyes. No one else was awake or if they were they refused to be found out. Curiosity got the better of me and I went to see if the lad was alright. He spoke in a whisper but the words he spoke weren't English. The floor was a tapestry of marks and slashes. It took me a moment to realise what they were. Arabic.
I copied them down before touching him. Anderson’s eyes were closed, but he moved like he could see me, striking out with numerous blows. Each one connected with my face even as I tried to dodge them. I grabbed his wrist and pulled him off his feet. In that moment I saw something I couldn’t have seen in the darkness. Cut into his palm was a symbol. A crude drawing of a stick man on a hill. The tent came to life. My unit pounced on us both. Needless to say our CO wasn’t impressed. We were warned about our behaviour.
The next day Anderson refused to man the post. Instead he was left curled up on his cot softly crying. Another of the lads took his shift. We are, after all, family here and must watch out for each other.
The next afternoon Anderson was back to his normal self. I told him I would swap his shift and man the post that night, but he refused saying it wasn’t a problem and he was almost looking forward to the peace and quiet. I thought that weird; one because of the screams he had reported hearing, and two, he was petrified a day ago refusing point blank to man the post.
That was the last time I saw Anderson.
We went out on a scouting mission the next day. Local information suggested a band of insurgents holed up in some sort of cave four kilometres south of our base. We couldn’t let any potential threats get that close. Two teams of six went out on Desert Trained Vehicle's strapped with a 50. cal on the back to the location. We passed through a small village. The inhabitants hid frightened behind crumbling walls. It was eerie and wrong. Not wrong for what they were or how bad they had it, but just wrong. Like I felt it in my bones.
The village sat on flat plains that stretched for miles. We didn’t know what we were looking for until one of the DTVs fell through a patch of sand. The hole had been covered by a sheet of metal a few meters wide. The thin layer of sand blending it into the earth. The fall killed one of our men. The impact of the DTV and crushing rocks below had snapped Fallow’s neck. But we didn’t have reprieve. We came under attack.
In moments like these it’s as if a switch is thrown. Your mind becomes tuned to the environment. Your heartbeat drowns out all sound for a second as the adrenaline rushes into your furnace and explodes along your nerves. My gun was already firing before I realised it.
The cave was a hole cut roughly into the side of the earth. Big enough for two insurgents to stand side by side to fire at us. The DTV provided cover for the men below but not for us while we called it to base. A moment later and the command to stand down and wait back up came through. Another man was killed then. Denva took a shot to the face. I, and the surviving lad, Jasper sought cover. Well, I did. Jasper stood there, gun slumped, face pale and unresponsive.
I shouted. Screamed at him to get down. But he didn’t. Jasper dropped his gun mumbling something incoherent. I thought for a second he said, “he comes” before he jumped into the hole.
I couldn’t stop him, but I wasn’t going to let him go alone. We were a unit. I jumped down and landed beside the other DVT. The two lads were already exchanging fire.
With Harris and Maxwell the three on two odds ended the fight quickly, but we would have been fools to think it was at an end. As soon as the men fell, Jasper was off down the tunnel. We had to follow.
It was dark, Mel. So dark. Like the airdrop in the cloud without the flashing lights. We turned on our gear and the tunnel flared up. Along the walls were scratches deep enough to fit my fingers in, as if something sharp was dragged against them. A horrible smell crept over us. It was like rotting garbage and shit. It was all I could do not to choke.
The scratches ended as abruptly as they started. A flat piece of earth faced us with a small hole only big enough to fit one man on his stomach. Above, scratched into the wall were a series of markings. I pulled out Anderson’s strange writing and measured them up. They were the same. No one spoke Arabic and no one knew what it meant, but we knew we had to press on.
One by one we squirmed through on our stomachs like snakes hoping to see Jasper. But we didn’t. A sense of claustrophobia crept over me as I snagged on the jutting rocks. It was dark. So incredibly dark. And I couldn’t shake the feeling that someone was pressing on top of me when no one possible could. The rock held me fast like a claw from the earth. I drew in ragged breaths trying to calm myself, squeezed my hand down my side and unhitched my belt from the rock. The tunnel ended in a large precipice, and Jasper was nowhere to be seen.
A cave opened up before us with no viable route down to the floor. The light from our gear was lost to the distance of the cave. As we shone the lights around we saw what we could only believe were buildings cut from the rocks.We had found an ancient abandoned underground city.
Each row of rough carved blocks drew closer to a large structure at the rear of the cave. Whoever had taken the time to cut this relic was long dead. So were the men after him and after them. I didn’t need a translator to know what I saw. It was a temple and an evil one at that.
I felt the oppressiveness of it like someone breathing down my neck. Like someone stood behind me, towering over my shoulders. I felt it like a shadow. The stench was stronger here too. Strong enough to make Harris puke and Maxwell faint. I covered my nose with my sleeve and tried to see how we could get down.
If any insurgents were on the cave floor we couldn’t see them, neither could we see Jasper. The only thing it revealed was there was no way of getting down other than a ledge fifty feet below. Relieved that no insurgents were at arms and still somewhat jacked up on adrenaline we decided to go back and call in the casualties and our findings. But to my horror we couldn’t go back. The hole and the rock formation didn’t allow it. We were stuck.
It’s funny how certain things remind you of other times. Do you remember when we went camping in the Lake District. It was the middle of winter. Frost coated the ground like icing on a cake. The hills and vastness was something we had never experienced in London. We were happy. Cold but happy. When our torches faded in the cave and the oppressive blackness settled in, it reminded me of that night we spent huddled in the tent. We stumbled around not being able to see a hand in front of our faces because you forgot the torch. I wouldn’t change that night for the world, Mel. I learnt you body by touch. Memorised every inch of your body by the goosebumps running under your skin. That allowed me to envision you every time I’ve closed my eyes since.
It also reminded me of that chilly night sky. Millions of stars prevailed, just like the glow of creatures on the cave ceiling. The illumination showed us a path we hadn’t seen. A series of rough cut holes in the wall leading to the floor. One by one we descended into the madness.
I’ve never felt so alone. The anxiety of being trapped rose electric through my nerves. I knew it was stupid. I’d been trained for this. Mentally and physically. But still, walking with my hand on the shoulder of the lad in front of me through those dusty buildings kept the spike of its electric finger jabbing my heart. I don’t know how far we went or how long, the darkness stole that from us, but at some point a crackle of the radio spilt the air.
We disassembled and curled around the one working radio. The crackle played a wave of static, a few partially heard words and then more static. The lads brightened and steered us in a new direction. I didn’t hear that Mel, I heard something else. The same thing Anderson heard out on the post.
Sitting in the confines of the tent with your unit around you can waiver most of what you thought you saw or heard to a disillusioned motion of momentary madness. I asked myself a thousand times if what I heard was real, and if it was real how I had heard it. I didn’t know Arabic, I couldn’t possibly have understood the words I heard in the static of the radio. But I did. And I knew what the scribble of Anderson’s hands had unveiled. But I dared not look. If I did I knew it would be real, as real as this letter makes it now.
I didn’t eat or sleep that day. I just pretended to be asleep so my unit would leave me be. I heard them talk. Some about loved ones at home, some about what they missed or the progression of their football team. I thought about you and Bobby. I thought about the ring I asked you to keep for him and the letters I’ve sent before this one.
I’m writing this now Mel because I’m being put out on the post tonight. I’ve heard the rumours about the mass graves, I’ve seen the underground city. I’ve felt the presence and the smell, and the boy on the hill. And I know what it means. This place is evil.
We are told to keep our death letters up to date and so this is mine. I love you Melody. I can’t wait to spend another moonless night together so I can memorise your skin again. I love you Bobby, and can’t wait to kick a football or hear you speak. But if not. Be kind to mum. If she’s upset, show understanding. If she’s angry, show restraint. If she’s sad, show compassion. I love you son.
With all my Love. Travis
He was right. I hear the screams. They are all in trouble. They’re burning. They’re all burning. The boy is real. He’s the one. The one doing this. We shouldn’t have come. It’s all our fault.
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2020.09.19 23:30 TheBusted A Proper Bulbing

Not mine, but this is another one of my all-time favorite stories.

Hi, my name is Alana. I'm 27, with long, brown hair, 5'7", and a perfect body, thanks to the two hours I spend daily at the exclusive gym down the street from my luxury condo. I've been told by about a million different males, as well as several girlfriends that I have a face to die for. Can you blame me for being confident?
It's easy to stay beautiful when you're in my line of "work." If I was asked to list my job title, I think I'd call myself a Professional Man-ipulator. It's an extremely cushy, well-paying "job" that requires minimal effort and gives me plenty of free time to travel, go shopping, but most importantly tend to my personal grooming. Between the gym and all the skin products I'm able to afford, it's easy staying beautiful.
How did I fall into this profession? It wasn't until my early 20s that I discovered the joys of Female Domination. For a long time, I worked as a waitress. It was a nice restaurant and I wasn’t making a bad living, but I felt unfulfilled. Now those feelings of emptiness at the end of a long day are gone. I’ve found my true calling: the humiliation of the male gender. Not all males, mind you. I'm talking about perverted, penis-driven retards also known as "Compulsive Jackoffs," or, my personal favorite, "Walking ATMs."
There is a lot of machine ATMs world today. But for me, there are literally billions. That's because I can make most men do whatever I want whenever I want. Put it this way -- I get dozens of emails from male wimps every day, most of whom I ignore since I don't have time. This leaves me free to focus on the jerkoffs with the fattest wallets (at least until I am done pressing a few of their "buttons" and transferring their $ to my fat bank account -- it's the only thing fat about me).
Here's the way it works: These males work their shitty 9 to 5 jobs. Then they willingly give their money to me. Or, I take it from them. Whichever you prefer.
So you're probably wondering why I have titled this story "A Proper Bulbing." Well, it has to do with scrotums. And when it comes to scrotums, I guess you could say I have a hate/love relationship.
Why do I hate scrotums so much? Scrotums are responsible for many of the world's ills. I'm totally convinced the world would be a much, MUCH better place if men's scrotums were put totally under the control of Women. Any men who still displayed violent tendencies would have their scrotums disciplined with blunt force, or a simple electrical shock, for those ladies who'd rather not touch. Imagine how many fewer wars and how much less violence there would be. But this isn't the only reason I hate scrotums. Imagine having that silly, wrinkled flap of junk hanging off your body! I detest looking at regular scrotums. However, that last sentence deserves an asterisk. That's because I very much enjoy looking at scrotums that have been "treated" properly. What do I mean by that? U shall see.
Why do I love scrotums so much? Because scrotums are part of what makes it so incredibly, amazingly, magically EAZY to control males! That and their stupid penises, of course! It’s a great comfort knowing that all men have these monstrosities sitting between their legs, causing them to do the stupidest, most retarded things imaginable. And knowing that I can control males through their scrotums (and penises) by doing absolutely NOTHING, other than being myself, is the greatest thing about life. It's like God (who is obviously female) decided to give Women the ultimate gift -- a way of dominating the weaker gender by her mere presence. I think about this all the time -- when I'm working out and men are gawking at my spandex-clad body, when I'm walking down the street in my expensive new shoes and a skirt, and of course when I'm totally humiliating the living shit out of males on the internet and raping their bank accounts.
But the "love" is not only about that. Remember I said that I love looking at scrotums when they've been "treated" a certain way? Well, that gets to one of my favorite activity involving men: ballbusting. For me and my girlfriends, kicking scrotum is the most liberating activity in the world. Every girl needs to try it.
For you men out there reading this and feeling yourself weaken -- I have a standard rate for males on my website: $500 and I will come and kick your scrotum with my expensive shoes until you beg for mercy, and your scrotum is inflated to the size of a baseball. In other words, by paying the $500, men agree to submit their scrotums for a brutal kicking that will result in terrible, excessive swelling, or, as I like to call it, "bulbing." I try not to pop their balls, because I'm not psycho or anything (but no promises), which means my goal is to inflict as much damage as humanly possible without rupture.
I should also add that by paying the $500, the male agrees to submit to a clothed-female nude-male photograph session. The photos always take place at the end of the scrotum punishment. I insist upon full-body, fully nude male photos, because I love the look of his face when I've finished um, annihilating (yes, that’s not too strong a word) his genitals. And of course I insist upon a close-up of the scrotum itself. It's so much more pleasing to the eye when it's a deep, enduring red/purple color and swollen to the point where the guy probably won't be able to walk for several days. I love it! Once I have the photographs, it means I basically own the guy. I don't show a photo of his face on my website (unless he pisses me off, or unless he gives his consent), but all the close-ups are on my website. All 476 (and counting) of them. 476 bulbs. Tee hee!
$500 sounds like a lot of money for a male to pay for what is essentially his own destruction, but you wouldn’t believe how popular my service is. Since I started my scrotum enlargement program two years ago, I have "processed" 476 scrotums. That's $238,000 for the mathematically challenged amongst you. And that's only part of the revenue I've been generating. Pretty soon I'll have bulbed 500 scrotums! I think I'm going to invite my girlfriends over for #500. Imagine that. Males willingly pay me to mangle their groins. Isn't life wonderful? Talk about absolute power.
This gets me to the story that I want to share with you. It's about a male that I own. I'm particularly proud of this one. Let me explain.
As I mentioned, prior to becoming a Man-ipulator, I was a waitress at a good restaurant in a posh part of down. I made a decent living, but the hours were shitty and I had to put up with Keith. Ah, Keith [snicker].
Keith was, and still is, the floor supervisor at my restaurant. In other words, back when I waited tables, he was my boss. Now, as you will soon see, I'm his boss. Keith is a tall, balding male in his early 30s who used to act as if he was the shit. All the waitresses couldn't stand him. There were several reasons for this: One, he was a total stickler for punctuality. If you were a minute late, you'd be docked two hours pay. Two, any time there was any issue with a customer -- no matter how big a douche bag the customer was -- he would side with the customer and give the wait staff an earful. Three, he made insulting comments to all the waitresses and he often would grope us in ways that made us uncomfortable. Me and my friend, Trina Lin, who also quit and is also now a Man-iupulator, used to get furious about it. We even considered telling the chef and owner, but we realized that d-bag wouldn't do anything about it. So why bother?
Around two and a half years ago, I stumbled upon some Female Domination sites on the Internet. I'm a voracious reader and what I discovered really fascinated me. I knew some Women out there controlled their men but I never realized the extent of the fetish. I shared my findings with Trina and we began experimenting on the side. In absolutely no time, we both had several male clients and we were raking in the dough. Six months after that, we both surprised the fuck out of Keith by quitting on a busy Saturday. We both showed up to work and put on our waitress outfits. Then, just as the first diners were getting seated, we walked up to Keith, handed him our aprons, flipped him the bird and walked out of there. It was awesome! The look on his face was priceless. As we walked out, he shouted, "You'll never work in this town again." We just turned to each other and laughed.
After that, I quickly forgot about Keith as my new career took off. The next couple of years went by. My income skyrocketed and I "work" like, maybe ten hours per week. But can you even really call it work if you're doing what you love to do? I guess it is work in the sense that I have to sort through a million stupid emails from retarded men and make sure I don't cross paths with a dangerous dude. For that reason, I have a bodyguard. I don't pay him anything, since I own his ass. But he's a big, physically powerful guy who worships the ground I walk on and lives right around the corner. Any time I'm doing a session with a new client, he sits in my guest room, ready to pounce if a Walking ATM gives me any trouble. It's nice to know he's there, and he's thrilled to serve me in any way he can.
A few months ago, as I was sorting through all the loser mail I get, one of them stood out. It was the name of my ex-boss and there was an attachment. My heart skipped a beat. Keith?! What did this idiot want? Well, I opened the email and began laughing. Then I spoke with Trina on the telephone and we laughed together for another hour straight. I saved his email. Here it is:
Dear Miss Alana,
It's Keith, your ex-boss. I have been debating whether or not I should send this email but you are so irresistible that I can't help but do it. Let me explain. I know I wasn't very nice to you when you worked at (name of restaurant). And I want to apologize to you deeply and sincerely for that. As it so happens, I'm deeply submissive and a few months ago I stumbled upon your website. I couldn't believe it. The amazingly beautiful Alana, a lifestyle Dominatrix! I was shocked, amazed, and more than a little turned on.
Yes, you guessed it. I'm a totally submissive, pussy-whipped, masturbator.
I can't believe I'm going to send this. Alana, ma’am, I need to be punished for the way I treated you. Nothing would be more fitting, I think, than for me to enroll in your Jacktard 101 class, where I'll surely be taught a lesson that I'll never forget. I think this would be fitting revenge for you, for all the times I treated you poorly.
Miss Alana, I'm so sorry again. The truth is that all those times I was bothering you, I secretly fantasized about you humiliating me. I can't tell you how many times I jacked off while imagining myself debasing myself at your feet, and doing stupid things for your entertainment. The day you and Trina quit, while a nightmare at work, was secretly one of my favorite days. I masturbated myself for weeks on end when I thought of the way you flipped me the bird. I couldn't get the image out of my head. Imagine my total delight and amazement when I discovered your website. This is the stuff dreams are made of.
To show you my sincerity, I have attached a photograph of me. Please tuck it away and use it against me. As I said, I intend to enroll in your Jacktard 101 program with your permission.
Humbly yours,Keith
I opened the photo attachment he sent me. Keith was naked, spread-legged, facing the camera. He held his little (of course) penis in his fingers and had this retarded look on his face. HA HA HA! The best part was his organs themselves. For such a large male, Keith had a pathetic pin-dick, but his scrotum was huge! They made his pin-dick look even smaller than it actually was -- no small feat. I especially love racking big scrotums. It’s like a fun challenge to see how big I can make them. Sometimes I can inflate them to the size of a softball.
I think I stared at the naked photograph for a good five minutes, the smile on my face growing wider and wider. I must have laughed for an hour straight. This was to be my greatest conquest yet.
You're probably wondering what the Jacktard 101 program is, so let me explain. The Jacktard 101 program was a rather ingenious lesson plan I came up with for all those compulsive jacktards out there to jerk off properly and worship me in a way that I like to be worshipped.
Here's how it works: By enrolling in my Jacktard 101 program, the penis pumping puppet agrees to pump his penis (say that ten times fast!) at least once every single day (I know, piece o cake, right?) for 101 consecutive days. For you monkey-spankers out there, it probably sounds like a dream. But there's a catch. In order to "graduate," my students commit to gobbling up their manchowder after every single ejaculation. Can you even imagine? 101 dirty cumloads festering inside the belly of each and every loser that enrolls in the program. It took me approximately 19 minutes to film the Jacktard 101 video and I've sold over 2,000 of them. There are other built in rules in my program. I demand that all my students stare at a photo of me on my website while they jerk it. It's just a simple photo of me in classy, feminine attire staring right at the camera lens. This way, I'm conditioning their brains so they worship me and send me extra tribute.
It's been a remarkably successful program for me, as well as the losers who pay to humiliate themselves. Successful for me because I'm getting rich. Successful for the losers because they get to serve a higher power and humiliate themselves, while pleasuring their stupid penises. According to my calculations, if a dude eats 101 of his own pathetic cumloads he's effectively eaten a gallon of his own jizz! Ha ha. Can you even imagine? If that isn't the complete definition of LOSER, I don't know what is. Jerk your own pathetic penis, and EAT all your slimy splooge -- a gallon of it. If that isn't enough, I make them thank me after they're finished guzzling. "Thanks for the lesson, Miss Alana," they all say.
There's one final segment to my program. Once the loser completes the program, he can download a certificate from my website, which says, "I successfully completed Miss Alana's Jacktard 101 program. I'm a certified cum-eating loser." Ha! Then they email me a photo of themselves holding the certificate with load # 101 festering on their tongues. Now that's total ownership.
That gets me back to Keith. Once I got finished reading his email, and laughing, I threw on my spandex and went to the gym. As I bounced up and down on the Stairmaster, I wondered how I could ensure that Keith suffered the most abject, demoralizing humiliation ever inflicted upon a male. No easy task, right? There are a lot of smart girls out there who have severely exploited males. Millions of women across the world humiliate millions of men every single day. But I know I'm good at this and I was up to the task. I couldn't stop smiling during my workout once I figured out what I was going to do to the complete jackass that made my life a living hell for three years.
After getting home, showering and slipping into shorts and a t-shirt, I sat in front of the computer and constructed an email:
Dear Keith the LOSER,
Hahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah! Why am I not surprised to discover you’re an ashamed, closeted, penis jacking pervert?
I will admit you as a student in my Jacktard 101 program under the following added probationary conditions. Because of our history, I'm going to have to insist that you agree to a few additional up front rules. I believe this added structure is necessary to your development as a true worshipping disciple of mine. So, here are my added rules:
  1. Each day, before two in the afternoon, you are to film yourself masturbating and email the film to me. But I don't have the time to watch the whole retarded penis-jacking ritual and I don't want your emails jamming my computer. Therefore you are to send me only 30 seconds of edited footage. The 30 seconds will begin with you introducing yourself as Keith The Loser, then a quick snippet of your pathetic ejaculation, then you EATING YOUR CUM, and thanking me PROFUSELY for teaching you another lesson.
  2. Each day you are to deposit $10 to my pay pal account. If I'm dissatisfied with your video (AND I WILL WATCH EVERY VIDEO), I will increase the payment to $100 on that day.
  3. Any failure to follow my instructions will result in me shutting you off for good. There will be no second chances. You should also know that if I sense any lack of respect, the folks at (my old restaurant) might be getting some new movies in the mail.
Your agreement to My terms will be in the form of a video, sent to Me tomorrow by 2 PM, as well as an initial deposit of $100 (first ten days) to My account.
-Miss Alana
The next day, like clockwork, Keith’s first video came in, I immediately forwarded it to Trina and we watched it while talking on the phone. Both of us couldn't stop laughing. Keith stood there with his legs spread, his crotch sticking out, pumping his spunk into a tissue. The whole time his tongue was hanging out and he was grunting like a freak. He looked right at the camera and gobbled the whole mess down. Then he got on his knees and put his hands up in prayer and started thanking me like a boss who spared his job. What a total triumph! We had oodles of fun watching him make a total jackass of himself for the first week or so. After that, he got boring, so I didn't watch for a while, but one day I checked a few videos to make sure he was in compliance. His "loser-tax" tributes continued to fill my bank account. Of all the losers that send me tribute, I think I've had to do less "work" for Keith than any of them. In light of our history, it's fitting, don't you think? A convenient transfer of wealth from male to Female, from retard to Goddess. It's a unique form of Darwinism.
For load #101, I decided to make a house call. Because of our history, Keith was obviously a special case. This was more than just some random jackass who wanted to be humiliated; this was personal. In light of that, I wanted to have an intimate one-on-one moment with Keith where I could cement my dominance over him in memorable fashion. For that reason, I though the best place to truly embarrass him and hammer home my superiority was in his "private" sanctuary, a.k.a. his bedroom, the site of so many self-administered personal relief massages. By invading his home and shaming him in the way I had selected, it would show him that his body and his life, not to mention his dignity, no longer belonged to him. It belonged to me.
After arranging to visit his condo on a Friday afternoon, I instructed him in an email to leave his front door unlocked and lie on his bed, naked. He was to have tissues and hand lotion in bed with him and he was to masturbate himself to the brink of orgasm. I instructed him to groan continuously so I'd have no trouble finding his bedroom when I arrived. As a final touch, I told him I wanted his legs spread and up in the air and the middle finger of his non-jacking hand to be wedged up his anus. Just so there would be no shenanigans, I told him that people knew of my whereabouts and if he was anything less than ultra-obedient, the tapes of him masturbating would be circulated everywhere.
I dressed in simple attire, jeans, a blouse, booties and a full length jacket. I didn't intend to be there for more than 15 minutes. This wasn’t the first time I arranged to walk in on a masturbating loser. I absolutely love to do it. Another technique of mine is to arrive late, so the male is forced to get all pent up and bothered while I take my sweet time and arrive at my leisure.
When I arrived, I took a moment to take my jacket off and check myself in the mirror. I could hear the shameful monkey-spank groans coming from down the hall, so without further delay I headed straight to the source of the perverted groaning sound, an anticipatory smile on my face. I pushed open the door to his bedroom and there was Keith in all his "glory," legs spread and elevated, finger stuck retardedly up his own ass, pumping his penis and groaning. The tissues and lube were next to him on the bed.
"Oh I'm sorry, am I interrupting something?" I said, conjuring up my most condescending, feminine voice.
Keith's face turned so red. It's always more satisfying when they get really embarrassed. And in Keith’s case, it was with good reason that he was embarrassed. But I wanted to make sure he experienced some real shame. I sat down on the bed next to him and slid my hand beneath his chin, so he had no choice but to face me.
"You should see yourself," I began. "What a disgusting pervert you are! You do realize you've paid me a thousand dollars to feed on your own filthy sperm, right? And now look at you!" I released his chin and slapped him like a pimp slapping his bitch. His face became the picture of shame -- eyes cast downward, cheeks redder than ever. That's what I wanted. “Absolutely pathetic,” I added.
I'm not in the business of giving males what they want. I'm in the business of giving males what they need. I knew Keith wanted me to watch him masturbate and consume his own ejaculate. He wanted a female audience to fulfill his fantasy. I had something else in mind.
"Okay, I can't stay. I'm meeting a couple of friends at the mall," I lied. "Toss your legs up over your head, so your penis is pointing down at your stupid face."
Once he obeyed, I reached into my handbag and took out his certificate. I flipped it casually in the air and made for the door. "I have no intentions of watching you splooge all over your face. I'm going to go buy a few pairs of designer shoes with your money. Then, tomorrow I'm going to splatter your balls with them. Happy jerking, loser! If you jerk really quickly, I might hear your groans before I leave."
I could hear him grunting as I left the apartment. He obviously wanted me to hear him pleasuring himself. I’m quite sure he gave himself a faggot facial while I was riding the elevator downstairs. But what the fuck do I care? I had exploited him the way I wanted to exploit him and now it was time to go shopping.
Later, when I got home, I wrote him an email:
Dear Keith the LOSER,
Tomorrow (Saturday) is officially "Punishment Day" for you. It's the day I intend to pay you back in full for your childish and unacceptable behavior from the days when I worked at (name of restaurant). As I'm sure you know from your deep infatuation with Me, I specialize in Ballbusting. I assume you have had a chance to review the 100s of pictures of Bulbs on my website. You can expect your scrotum to take on a similar appearance. Make sure you shave your pubes THOROUGHLY the morning before you arrive. I want it smooth. And dipshit, I have to warn you that I'll take absolutely no prisoners. I'm going to knock your stupid nutsack (and the nuts inside your stupid nutsack) into next week. Very few things in life give me more pleasure. The fact that we have a history will only enhance my feeling of determination and my ultimate joy when I do what NEEDS to be done.
Of course you know you will pay me $500 for this necessary attitude adjustment, which you yourself admitted that you so desperately need. When you arrive, I'll lead you into a room, where you are to strip naked and bring your wallet with $500 in it. I'll be waiting in my kitchen. You are to enter, kneel and open your wallet so that I can ceremoniously rape it.
I expect you to arrive at noon. Do not be late.
-Miss Alana
For all you jerkoffs (and Females) unfamiliar with my practices, let me explain in clinical terms what it means to properly "bulb" a male. When a male suffers trauma to his scrotum, the testicles inevitably swell. As they swell, eventually they force the skin from the scrotum to stretch in such a way that the skin will accommodate the damaged nuts. A properly "bulbed" scrotum takes on a highly comic appearance. For one, it's quite large in size, since testicles tend to swell quite dramatically when punished with the blunt force of Female Footwear. Two, the skin takes on an ultra smooth appearance. This is because, as the gonads undergo trauma, the skin has no choice but to stretch to accommodate them. The result is sort of like what a facelift does to wrinkled skin. Not only that, but a properly bulbed scrotum tends to become almost perfectly circular in appearance. What a wonderful symmetry, and proof that scrotums were meant to be this way. And lastly, the bulb also turns wonderful shades of pink, red, blue, and my personal favorite, purple.
I have a high quality digital SLR camera, and after a successful bulbing, I make sure to take dozens of photographs. Then, I'll analyze the photographs and come up with my favorite one. The photograph is then labeled and archived with the male's name, age, and the date the bulbing took place. My photographs always include a totally flaccid penis in them. There are several reasons for this: One, I find the full image, penis included, very pleasing to the eye. Two, the docile penis offers wonderful perspective on the extent of the damage that was inflicted upon the scrotum. Three, it makes for a highly humiliating image that the bulbed male can always look as a reminder that he was put in his place by the superior gender. I want him to know that he is the victim of Female Power. And when I'm finished with them, they know it.
Prior to Keith's arrival, I had Trina, Lynn and Leslie come over. They're my closest gal pals and all intricately familiar with male humiliation. I had them sit quietly in my kitchen while I answered the front door. Keith looked so embarrassed and this was even before he realized he would have an audience. Without saying a word, I stared him down. "Are you ready for more humiliation?"
"Yes ma'am," he looked almost crestfallen.
"Look me in the eye when I address you!" I gave him three crisp bitch-slaps. "Oh, don't you worry. I'm going to humiliate you alright," I said, before leading him to the room where he was to remove his clothing (and what little dignity he had left). I couldn't help but snicker as he disrobed. He had a little erection and his balls hung there, oblivious to me, their executioner.
Fittingly, I wore all black -- a tight black skirt, a black top, black stockings and black high heels. Trina, who is Asian, looked gorgeous in a white dress with these really cool white leather square-toed boots. The other ladies looked quite lovely as well.
You should have seen Keith's eyes pop out of his head when he walked butt-naked into my kitchen and found himself face-to-face with four clothed Females. He was totally mortified.
Lynn has this great video camera that takes both video and high quality photographs simultaneously. She captured Keith's priceless reaction when he realized his humiliation was going to be much more public than he imagined. The girls all laughed as he stood there stunned. He mumbled something about this not being what he expected.
"Get your naked ass over here and present your wallet to me," I said matter-of-factly.
After I raped Keith's wallet of $500 of his hard-earned money, I made him kneel before us and admit what a compulsive masturbating jackass he truly was. "We've all seen the videos," Lynn added, as his face turned bright red just as it had the day before. We all called him a loser (I have always found that word to be particularly fitting and effective), jackass, compulsive dick-spanking retard, lots of mocking laughter, you get the idea.
Once that was taken care of, it was time to get down to the bulbing. I couldn't wait. All dominant women love to bust nuts. It's just that me and my gal pals take it to another level.
"Time to get underway," I said.
First I had him stand up, legs spread. I told him to present his balls to me and beg me to teach him a lesson. This is a must. It shows the male knows his place and is ready to accept his punishment. It also adds a ceremonial element to the proceedings, which I think is a necessary formalization of a process.
"Mess him up, Alana," said Trina.
I used a chair to brace myself and carefully measured my target, pressing the tip of my pump into Keith's groin.
In the early stages of a bulbing, it's important to get a lot of kicks in, but the kicks can't be too hard. You want the male to remain on his feet. I used the bridge of my foot, which does a good job of causing blunt trauma without any real risk of rupture. The goal is to get good coverage and make sure both testicles begin the initial swelling process. After each ten kicks, Keith was made to thank me, as well as the other women in attendance. I kicked him maybe a hundred times this way. For the final flurry of kicks, I upped the ante, really snapping my foot with extra force. The second to last kick was enough to put him on the floor, but before he went down I nailed him with a really super kick. This one took some skill because he was falling away. I had to shuffle my feet forward and change my angle. All my work at the gym really paid off, as it made an especially loud thud and sent his genitals flying. Lynn captured the moment perfectly, getting a great shot of his penis pointing straight to the ceiling as my foot battered his nuts. When one analyzes ballbusting photographs, it’s amazing the way the nuts contort during an assault. Keith's knees slammed together and his hands came down between his legs in protective (too late) mode. I love watching when they do that. The Women all cheered.
We were off to a good start.
I circled him as he struggled to get his bearings and (I assume) deal with the pain in his stomach. We could see he was already red down there. "Now I want you to get on all fours and face the Women. I'm going to kick you from behind."
I really love kicking scrotum from behind. I admit it gives me a thrill to see that naked ass crack just staring up at me, legs spread like a dog in heat, silly, dangling soon-to-be-bulb, waiting for additional punishment. It gives me a chance to show them how uncivilized they really are. I also love the imagery of my shoe wedged between their ass, as I rock their world. Because it echoes off the floor, each kick makes this nice snapping noise.
Keith was starting to suffer now. I could see him try to cheat his punishment by sliding his knees slowly together and lowering his ass. "Keep your fucking legs spread, ass up!" I warned him, before launching another good ten snappers. I put my hips into the last kick and his ass bounced up into the air. He fell on his side and groaned.
Now we were getting somewhere.
His legs were fastened together and his hands were wedged into his groin, doing their best to protect his prized possessions. It was pure male instinct. I’d seen it hundreds of times. I knelt down and reached between his legs, gently pushing away his hands, which gave way without too much of a fight. Once I had snaked my hand in there and secured his ever-expanding scrotum, I gave it a firm squeeze and ordered him onto his back. “Spread your legs nice and wide, loser, so we all have a nice view. It’s inspection time.”
After he realized he had no choice but to comply, I began properly inspecting his scrotum, pulling and pinching at the skin. I love the process of “damage inspection” during a bulbing because, by the time I check, the scrotum is usually highly sensitive and a simple pinch can result in pain. Keith kept wincing and writhing on the floor. But he kept his legs apart like a good, obedient male should. It was clear I had unencumbered access to Keith’s most prized possessions. And I had his respect.
I made sure to stand to one side of Keith so that the other ladies had a nice view of him lying there, genitals lewdly on display. His scrotum had turned a nice pink color and was starting to stretch, but we had a long way to go. After tugging and pinching longer than was necessary, I leaned forward and looked deep into his eyes. "We're not even close to halfway done. Get back into position," I said. Trina laughed.
Once he was back in position, I stood and let him know what I thought about him covering up. "Each time you sprawl on my kitchen floor and grab your dirty organs, it makes me want to kick you even harder," I said. "You know this is what you wanted and we all know it's what you need. So stay PUT-" SNAP....SNAP....SNAP. I began putting my hips into each kick. Now every time I kicked him, Keith's ass bounced pleasingly in the air, but knowing my warning, he gritted his teeth and got back into position.
He was really bouncing up with each kick now. Lynn let out a groan of satisfaction. All of us lifestyle dominatrixes love taking part in a good bulbing. Everything about it is so enjoyable. It's a total display of vaginal power. And we all love watching that male ass bounce in the air.
This time I squealed with pleasure. Keith's sack was now a bigger target and I could feel all that mushy flesh really yield as my foot smashed into it. Keith let out his first real scream and began rolling around my kitchen floor.
I kneeled down and again secured him by the balls. Once he had obeyed my unspoken command by lying on his back and spreading his legs, we all studied his exposed groin. "Looks better, Alana," said Leslie, in that detached, lispy voice of hers. "Progress is being made." Leslie was such a snob.
Determined to make an example of Keith, I conjured up my strictest most no-nonsense tone:
"Get back on your hands and knees. This time I want your ass way up in the air."
SNAP!! SNAP!! SNAP!! Three more good hard kicks. Keith slumped over.
"Get up."
"Uhhhhhhh!" I added.
I kicked with controlled fury. No sense in rushing the job. Plus, more kicks usually equate to a rounder, firmer bulb. It's important to be thorough and make sure every single cell of testicle ends up swollen.
Again I kneeled down and checked. Keith's scrotum was beginning to resemble a bulb, but it was still too loose for my liking. His nuts had more room to swell. An appropriately bulbed scrotum should cause the male constant pain, because the testicles eventually push against each other as they run out of room. "What do you think, Ladies?" I asked, knowing full well the answer.
"Not there yet," said Leslie.
"Nicely swollen, but not yet an official bulb," added Lynn. “We want those nuts pushing up against each other in his sack so he’s in perpetual pain.” It was as though the girl could read my mind.
“Yes dear, I know what it means to bulb a male,” I said.
I pulled a chair between Keith’s legs so I could be comfortable. A Woman can't really kick with the bridge of her foot from this position. It’s important to have square-toed shoes with some depth. Fortunately I had my square-toed red shoes at the ready, for just this purpose. Trina handed them to me.
I made him sit up and put my shoes on my feet (an honor) before returning him to the floor. I pressed my shoe up against his sack. Keith's scrotum had grown almost to the size of a baseball now, but it was clear more work was needed to increase his swelling and get the skin suitably tight. I held my shoe against his ball bag and spoke evenly.
"This is the nastiest part of a bulbing. Don’t you think, ladies?”
"Especially for him," quipped Trina.
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2020.09.19 23:24 talaxia father pressuring me to reconcile with my BPD (probably narc) brother

Hi, I'll try to keep this short -
My older brother has abused me pretty horribly most of my adult life. Emotionally manipulative, mentally abusive, light physical violence (grabbing me hard by the upper arms, etc.) We haven't had a relationship for years now. When I was younger he was the light of my life despite this, and despite that even though we lived in the same city, he hardly ever responded to my calls and messages and we MAYBE saw each other twice a year (we scheduled more time together but he would often back out at the last minute with a lie about feeling sick or work stuff, then go on a date or a dj gig.) One of the biggest problems in our relationship was that he assigned himself the role of father figure and felt it was appropriate to punish me accordingly if he saw me doing something he didn't approve of. I got screamed at for thinking of buying a house at age 29, for example, because it wasn't something he was interested in at that time in his life, so therefore my even thinking of it was unacceptable. I went LC after this, and then basically no contact four years ago when he screamed at me in my own home for the crime of being depressed about a very recent breakup. We have had brief conversations in that time ( he wanted me to fly across the country to meet a woman he planned to marry, I refused, he broke up with her about three weeks later).
Recently he contacted me saying that he's in therapy and how sorry he is for all the pain he caused me, and asked if we could have a relationship again. Here were his terms -
But he loves me and he's totally changed. No, he can't build gradual trust back up, too much effort. No, he can't be expected to keep his promises or remember anything about my life. But he's totally changed and it's my duty and obligation to accept this and welcome him back into my life, because he's travelled the world and is in therapy now, which make him a different person now. Ignore the continued exact same behavior, that's judging him on the past. Despite it being in the present.
I told him why I did not believe he's changed, citing his current behavior, told him I'm not interested and to leave me alone - which he agreed to after I made it clear i wouldn't accept anything less than an equal relationship between us, and not just "you get a friend and sister when it works for you, and you get to use her as an emotional punching bag" dynamic we always had previously.
To his credit he has left me alone, but my father had been sending me articles about how good it is to reconcile with estranged family - keep in mind my father fully admits my brother is an abusive narcissist, and has nearly ended their relationship a few times himself. I asked him to stop sending me things like that. I don't understand why this sudden turn from him.
Yet I still feel guilty for not accepting my brother's apology? even though it's clearly bullshit? The main gist of the article my dad sent was 'just accept the apology and drop any expectation of change, as it'll never happen, just accept the person as they are." Which, like... why? That's like asking me to step in front of a car? I know he would prefer his son and daughter get along but yikes. He even admits my brother is a piece of shit - my brother treats my dad this way as well, and my brother's recent treatment of my dad majorly informed my refusal to believe he's changed. I thought my dad was on "my" side, but apparently he's begun to drink the "daughter just needs to put aside her sense of self preservation and let brother abuse her" kool-aid.
I got that message after they recently had lunch together so I guess brother totally misrepresented the conversation to make himself look like the victim, even though Dad previously vehemently agreed with me. I don't know. I'm exhausted. And I hate that I feel so guilty for continuing to enforce my boundaries in the face of an obvious lie.
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2020.09.19 23:14 Attack_G Declaration Of War Against The Enemy Sub

Under the union of letters anti-G, we hereby declare [WAR] against TheLetterG. We have once stated that we are against brigading, but our attempts of having an harmless battle have been ignored. So unless you agree to a peaceful battle in 7 days, on September 26, of the 2020th year, we have to go to the option that you chose for TheLetterH. So, if you agree by said date, we must both abide by these contracts:
•No cussing, NSFW, violence
•All posts must have the [WAR] tag
•All users may only post one post that counts as war attacks every hour.
•The war ends on October 1st.
If you do NOT agree by said date, we have no rules. Just pure spam. So, under the war rules written on September 19 of the 2020th year, u/DramDemon, either way you pick, we still declare [WAR].
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2020.09.19 23:05 pog99 Alternative Hypothesis/ Ryan Faulk distorts South Africa under Apartheid.

Originally, my plan was to continue on with his article on Slavery in the United States. However, United Left, and some previous posts of mine, more or less already debunk the picture he paints in that article. I still plan to address though at a later date.
This article, perhaps even better than the last, show how thin Faulk's objectivity is. He opens and closes as if he was actually being holistic, but instead leaves a specimen blatant rationalization over a topic common among right-wing circles, the racial history and politics of South Africa. Lets not waste time.

The impact of European colonialism on the world is often described as being profoundly negative. The popular view is that Europeans came, stole resources, destroyed cultures, and committed mass murder all over the earth. By contrast, the prevailing view 100 years ago was that Europe was supplying the world with advanced institutions which they would not develop on their own and, in so doing, was civilizing the world.
Either of these theories might be true, and, to some extent, they both are. It is obviously correct that Europe took resources from places, killed some number of people, and ended various indigenous cultural practices. It is also obviously true that Europe set up various institutions, such as capitalism and democracy, in various parts of the world which had not developed these things on their own.
Does he think state control over, say, African labor during colonialism is Capitalism? Or that limiting Local chiefs from legislation such as in Colonial Nigeria is democracy?
A broad look at the empirical evidence suggests that European colonization helped most people more than it hurt them. Research has shown that the longer, or more heavily, a place was colonized by Europeans the richer it ended up being today (Eaverly and Levine, 2012; Feyrer and Sacerdote, 2006). Moreover, in the 20th century Africa, which is the center of much of the colonization debate, saw tremendous net gains in both wealth and population size (Manning, 2013; Roser; 2016)
Going through each of these, The Easterly study mainly looks at economic growth, and honestly doesn't suffice to explain the specific of African colonial experience in that regard. The second study notes how specific conditions of colonialism influences growth, while the two figures on African population growth shows this to be particularly so in the Post colonial era. Few would consider the first decades of African independence to be embodied by these numbers.
Here's an actual balanced set of studies and explanation on Colonialism in Africa.
I find this broad view compelling, but discussions on colonialism are rarely about the broad view. Instead, people like to talk about the anecdotal experiences of particular countries at particular times, and no anecdote is more often talked about than South African apartheid.
In this article, I will examine the history of South Africa as a case study in European colonialism.
Correction: You will gloss over it in a way that reflects your political biases.
Black Origins
The earliest people known to have occupied South Africa were a type of African called Khosians. Khosians are not the group of people most people think of when they think of Black South Africans. Those are Bantus. Bantu Africans and Khosians Africans look different, traditionally spoke different languages, and lived different sorts of lives. If we turned the clock back 4 thousand years, we would find that the southern half of the African continent was almost entirely inhabited by Khosians.
Some time roughly 3,000 years ago, Bantu Africans began expanding out of eastern and central Africa. As they expanded, they displaced many of the African peoples who had previously lived there. The degree to which this expansion occurred via violence, disease, out breeding, or other means, is unknown.
By 1,000 AD, the Bantu had reached most of South Africa. However, most of the people there were still Khosians. When the Portuguese arrived in South Africa in the 1400’s, they encountered very few Bantu.
As the Bantu expanded, they divided into tribes which then went to war with one another over land. In several African nations, a specific Bantu tribe came to dominate the others and then set up an empire. This occurred in South Africa as well. In the 1810’s and 1820’s, the Zulus conquered many neighboring African tribes and formed the Zulu empire. This empire went on to last almost until South Africa was entirely under White rule.
So a few things worth mentioning, that by 1000 AD, the current trends in a predominately Bantu Eastern half and a predominately Khoisan Western Half was already established.

The Rise of apartheid
While the South African government did not obtain independence from Britain until 1948, the beginnings of Apartheid can be traced back to the land act of 1913. This law made it illegal for Whites to sell land to Blacks and vice versa. By this point, Whites had already conquered or purchased the vast majority of South African land and this law was designed to make sure that this would not change.
Between this time and the 1960’s, the Apartheid government passed many laws which further segregated the races. For instance, inter-racial marriage was banned.
The most often talked about policy of South Africa was the creation of the Bantustans. These were designated “homelands” for Black South Africans. The Apartheid government forcibly moved millions of Blacks from multi-racial areas of South Africa into these Bantustans.
As explained in the report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, the people who established the Bantustans gave the following rational for their motives:
“NP politicians portrayed the homelands as a moral response to South Africa’s ‘multi-national’ reality. Apartheid theorists believed that South Africa was a country containing a number of nations, each developed to a greater or lesser degree. Freedom, they posited, could be realized only by providing the opportunity for each of these nations to exist and develop along its own lines.”
However, critics are quick to point out that the Bantustans consisted of less than a quarter of South Africa’s land even though Blacks made up an overwhelming majority of the nation’s population.
Bantustans also suffered from tremendous poverty. As the Encyclopedia of Britiannia explains:
“The Bantustans were rural, impoverished, underindustrialized, and reliant on subsidies from the South African government.The original hope of the designers of the Bantustan system was that industries would be established along the Bantustan borders to utilize the cheap labour available nearby, but for the most part these hopes went unrealized. Other initiatives to create the illusion of viable economies for the Bantustans also broke down. To the end they were heavily dependent on financial aid supplied by the South African government. Poverty remained acute in the Bantustans, and child mortality rates were extremely high. Despite draconian control of where people were allowed to farm and the number of cattle they were permitted to have, Bantustan lands were oversettled, overgrazed, and hence afflicted with serious soil erosion.”
So far so good. Of course, for this to be an article by Faulk, things would have to sharply turn downward.
The Net Economic Impact of Bantustans
Such critics rarely mention the fact that as can be seen, in 1960, Black South Africans were exactly as poor as Sub-Saharan Africans generally were. By 1980 they were far richer (1).
Given this, it does not seem fair to say, as some people do, that Bantustans caused Blacks to be poor. Prior to being forced into these areas, Black South Africans were just as poor as Sub-Saharan Africans generally were. Had Black South Africans been left totally alone, there is no reason to think that they would have become any richer than the rest of Sub-Saharan Africa let alone richer than they were under Apartheid. The land in Bantustans may have been bad. But this, evidently, was more than made up for by payments from the South African government.
The economic strain caused by the nature of the Bantustans is basically uncontested by actual experts as far as I know. The basis being that the clearly linked demographic disasters linked to their design have been established but ignored by the government since their early existence through the Tomlinson report and previous studies calling for reform.
Voerwerd refusing to spend the recommended budget to actually achieve independence as oppose to partial dependence for black labour, as well as the future migration to urban areas fueled by the increasingly poor conditions, suggest whatever aid given to the homelands were far from sufficient in any meaningful sense.
Height data suggests Living standards indeed deteriorated with the onset of particular labour exploitation events and that future improvements were linked to being apartheid of the same economic benefits that white South Africans were apart of. This would've been undermined had Apartheid not inadvertently fueled migration into white urban areas and new urban areas surrounding the homelands close to white populations.
Thus, whatever growth seen between Apartheid, which eventually became economically weakened from the 1970s to the 1980s, would be in spite of the laws imposed.
See here fore an overview on the arbitrary decision, poor conditions, and deceiving nature of Homeland "independence".

In conjunction with these external pressures, domestic terrorism was rapidly rising in South Africa during this time period. Following the incident in Sharpville, members of the ANC, the leading Black political party in South Africa, formed a military wing called the MK. Among its founders was Nelson Mandela, who was famously thrown in prison in 1962 for committing various acts of terrorism against the South African government.
The most famous incident of said terrorism perpetrated by the MK was the Church Street Bombing of 1983. This attack consisted of a car bomb being set off in the middle of the day on a busy street. 19 people were killed and over 200 were wounded. 📷
This is but one example from a list of many similar terrorist attacks that occurred, mostly in the 1980’s. During this time, the MK also gained a reputation for torturing prisoners.
On top of all this, in 1989 the South African president suffered a stroke that caused him to resign from office. F.W. De Klerk took his place after being elected by congress and was then re-elected by the electoral college.
De Klerk eliminated as many of the Apartheid laws as he could and, after freeing Nelson Mandela, entered into negotiations to end Apartheid.
Following the announcement of these negotiations, De Klerk’s party, the National Party, lost a national election to the pro apartheid Conservative Party. This was taken to indicate that the (White) people of South Africa did not want Apartheid to end and so De Klerk decided to hold a national referendum on whether or not to continue his negotiations to end apartheid.
The referendum was conducted in 1992 and the public was taken to have voted to end Apartheid. However, the referendum has been heavily criticized on several grounds. First, the South African government owned the media and this meant that the public only got a biased presentation of one viewpoint (Schonteich et al., 2003). Secondly, western powers were expected to plunge South Africa into a recession if they voted no (Wren, 1993). Thirdly, serious accusations of voter fraud have been made. Regardless, the negotiations continued and in 1994 Apartheid was ended.
Some Whites tried to resist the vote by setting up smaller areas of White control, but such efforts largely subsided after several Whites were executed on live TV by Black police officers. As one author wrote:
“the sight of three wounded AWB men pleading for their lives on live television and then shot in cold blood [by black policemen] had a powerful impact on the country’s Whites.”
Following the end of Apartheid, Nelson Mandela was elected president of the new South African government.
So there's an impression left here that'll pick up on later, but to give you a hint, Faulk doesn't tell you exactly who the executed whites were.
National Success Since Apartheid
Unfortunately, since Apartheid ended South Africa has declined on many metrics of national health.
Under apartheid GDP per capita usually grew roughly in sync with the rest of the World. This trend began to collapse in the 1980’s following the introduction of sanctions against the country. After apartheid ended, GDP per capita not only stagnated but, in fact, fell such that South Africans were poorer in 2002 than they were in 1982.
World Bank
Of course what it also shows is an eventual recovery.
In 1980, South Africa has an unemployment rate of 9.8% (Murwirapachena et al., 2013). By 2002, that figure had risen to 30.4%, and in 2014 it was still nearly 3 times as high as it was in 1980 (Murwirapachena et al., 2013; World Bank) .
What he doesn't show is this disparity occurring before Apartheid ended, almost 10 years prior in fact.
Under Apartheid, South Africa had a longer average life expectancy than Sub-Saharan Africa generally did. Since Apartheid ended, life expectancy has stagnated and fallen such that life expectancy was almost 10 years higher in 1992 than it was in 2002.
World Bank
Like the GDP, it saw a recovery.
Murder rates in South Africa began to rise in the 1970’s. Given the national turmoil of this time period, an increase in crime is unfortunate but not surprising. Perhaps less obvious, however, is the fact that murder rates exploded following the end of apartheid. As can be seen, this has disproportionately impacted Whites.
(Thompson, 2004)
That is actually not supported by the data. Coloreds in South Africa make up roughly the same percentage as whites, yet their victimizations are night and day. That's actually the point of the study.
These declines have not just impacted White South Africans. The wealth gap between Blacks and Whites in South Africa was slightly lower under Apartheid than it is today.
📷(Leibbrandt et al., 2012)
This, taken in conjunction with the fact that GDP growth has slowed since Apartheid ended, implies that both Blacks and Whites in south Africa would likely be richer today if Apartheid were still in place.
Moreover, Black South Africans reported feeling less happy and less satisfied with their lives in 2008 than they did in the early 1980’s.
📷(Moller, 1998; Gaibie and Davids, 2009)
📷(Moller, 1998; Gaibie and Davids, 2009)
Thus, it seems that the economic, physical, and psychological health of South Africa has gotten worse since Apartheid ended.
The 1980s, mind you, being Apartheid at it's economical weakest compared to previous decades, going towards the trend of less government restrictions.
Kill the Boers
Anti-White racism has also risen since Apartheid ended. Today, there is a wave of mass murder being waged against the descendants of the Boers.This is how the situation was described by the president of Genocide Watch:
“Afrikaner farm owners are being murdered at a rate four times the murder rate of other South Africans, including Black farm owners. Their families are also subjected to extremely high crime rates, including murder, rape, mutilation and torture of the victims. South African police fail to investigate or solve many of these murders, which are carried out by organized gangs, often armed with weapons that police have previously confiscated. The racial character of the killing is covered up by a SA government order prohibiting police from reporting murders by race. Instead the crisis is denied and the murders are dismissed as ordinary crime, ignoring the frequent mutilation of the victims’ bodies, a sure sign that these are hate crimes*.*However, independent researchers have compiled accurate statistics demonstrating convincingly that murders among White farm owners occur at a rate of 97 per 100,000 per year, compared to 31 per 100,000 per year in the entire South African population, making the murder rate of White SA farmers one of the highest murder rates in the world.” Leon Parkin & Gregory H. Stanton, President – Genocide Watch14 August 2012
These murders are not only common place, they are also gruesome. Attie Potgieter was stabbed over 150 times while his wife and daughter, who were later executed, were made to watch.
Dr. Louis John Botha was thrown into a crocodile pit and eaten alive.
As a final example, consider the Viana family. The father and daughter were shot, the mother was raped and killed, and the son was drowned to death in a bath of boiling water.
These murders reflect a more general anti-White sentiment which is ubiquitous in South Africa. Even leaders of the ANC, the party now in charge of the South African government, literally sang songs about killing White people as recently as 2012.
“South Africa’s ruling party on Tuesday defended the singing of an apartheid-era song with the words “Kill the Boer” in a row that has raised fears of increasing racial polarisation.” – Govender (2010)
White South Africans are also discriminated against by various South African institutions in order to make up for the damage that Apartheid institutions are thought to have done to Blacks.
First, there is discrimination in University admissions. Consider, for instance, this report on the University of Cape Town:
“The way in which the university has achieved this diversity, however, is somewhat controversial. To be admitted, white students must score the equivalent of straight A’s. Meanwhile, black and mixed-race students can get in with plenty of B’s. The University of Cape Town doesn’t make this policy a secret — admission cutoffs are listed by race in the prospectus.” – Kelto (2011)
Employers are encourage by the state to discriminate against Whites as well. The Black Economic Empowerment law set up the following point system in the country:
“Points are based on the percentage of blacks and other non-white ethnic groups in the company’s ownership and the skills training it gives to people in these groups. For companies, having a good BEE scorecard is often essential for business. The higher the BEE score they have, the more access they get to public markets and contracts.” – Iob (2013)
Finally, in may of this year South Africa passed the “land expropriation bill” which allows the government to force White South Africans to sell their land to the government at a price that the government decides. The rational behind this law is that it can undue the redistribution of land into the hands of whites which was solidified by the Land Act of 1913.
These factors have led White South Africans to abandon South Africa in large numbers. Since Apartheid ended, over half a million White South Africans have left the country. To put that in perspective, there are less than 5 million Whites in the whole country.
Some White South Africans are unable to emigrate on their own and are asking Western nations for Refugee status. The Canadian government has recently acquiesced to this request and allowed two White South Africans to come to Canada as refugees.
“31-year-old Brandon Huntley from Cape Town said he was constantly called a “white dog” and “settler” by Black South Africans back home. He was also robbed 7 times and stabbed three times by Black South Africans since his home country ended Apartheid in 1994. “There’s a hatred of what we did to them and it’s all about the color of your skin,” Huntley told the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Board.The evidence Huntley provided showed “a picture of indifference and inability or unwillingness of the South African government to protect White South Africans from persecution by African South Africans,” Board Chairman William Davis said.” –
White South Africans are also asking for refugee status from the EU which, in recent years, has allowed tens of thousands of middle eastern and African refugees to cross its borders.
I won't sugarcoat the the economic and social issues of whites currently in South Africa. The problem is, aside from the victimization of Afrikaners (farmers specifically) by murders, the general economic position of whites in South Africa hasn't changed.
As for white emigration, his figure combines the total number of whites (roughly 300k) that have left between 1986 (that is before apartheid fell) and 2000, and roughly 300k between 2000-2015.
Overall, the white population only slightly shrank between 1980 and 2015.

If conquest is not a legitimate means to acquire land, the Zulu and similar Bantu tributes did not justly own South African land, nor did any other tribe of the last few hundred years. After all, this land was conquered from Khoisan and older Bantu tribes.
Moreover, if the Zulu did steal the land, it is not clear that Apartheid was in the wrong for taking it from them. Is it wrong to steal something which is stolen from the thief who stole it?
If, on the other hand, conquest is a valid way to acquire land, then White South Africans had a perfectly legitimate claim on it. This might be taken to imply that there is also nothing wrong with modern Black South Africans taking land from Whites. However, conquering land via war is not the same thing as using a false political narrative about the supposed negative effects of apartheid to take land. Moreover, forcing White people into a society that hates and mass murders them is not analogous to putting Blacks in bantustans which, as we have seen, were not as bad as they are often made out to be.
I consider the morality of conquest to be a difficult question and I won’t try to resolve it here. What I will say is that it is very hard to come up with any principled moral answer which would justify the totality of what is being done to White South Africans.
Where to begin?
  1. Assuming the validity of the right of conquest, that only applies to the right to claim land or wield power over it. That doesn't exempt moral considerations on particular acts directed towards the previous occupiers. That is, if the Zulu Empire lead to the displacement and abuse of other groups like the Khoisan, then they can be morally judged on those grounds. Same can be easily said for victims of the Anglo-Boer wars under concentration camps.
  2. "White South Africans" didn't conquer Bantu lands leading to their annexation, it was the British specifically. Boers more so are responsible for the displacement of the Khoisan in the Western Cape.
  3. "Forced Removals" weren't the direct result of being conquered, annexation was. Forced removals, then, can be viewed as a separate act apart of conquest from war and as a decision by an already formed government. It was these laws that form the basis of land claims, not British colonization in and of itself.
  4. There is noting "false" that was validly demonstrated regarding the effect of Bantustans had on the black population. Nor were the Bantustans "not that bad", as most moved out by 1986.
Political Violence
Another important question is whether or not the political violence initiated by the MK against White South Africans was justified.
Apartheid set up various laws, some of which I would consider unjust. Most importantly, Apartheid severely restricted the right of Blacks to protest. This was the justification that Mandela used for resorting to violence. He had no other choice.
This may be true, and if you think that apartheid’s policies were sufficiently horrible this may justify violence, but there is no way that the indiscriminate violence against innocent and random White south Africans that the MK engaged in can be justified. Their activities, especially in the 1980’s, were morally equivalent to any other act of mass murder.
Further more, as we have seen, Apartheid’s actions were not nearly as bad as they are often thought to have been.
This is what I was alluding to earlier, that terrorism among the Anti-Apartheid movement was directed towards whites mostly. While there were indeed anti-white motivation fueling the movement, the overwhelming majority were black. See here for an understanding.
This whole section is a strawman.
Evaluating Apartheid
Even if Apartheid improved the material and psychological conditions of Black Africans,
It didn't. De facto economic integration efforts was what lead to observed improvements.
On the other hand, the material benefit that Whites brought to South Africa, and Africa generally, was truly immense. Were it not for colonialism, most Africans alive today would have never even been born.
In South Africa, that population growth came from a reaction of concentrated poverty, not wealth.
Fundamentally, the problem of African colonialism is the problem of multi-racialism. So long as Whites allowed Blacks to continue to live in Africa, which could have only been prevented with a massive and horrific genocide, Black Africans were going to resent them.
Except in Botswana, and to a lesser extent Namibia. Both with significantly different approaches to race relations.
As Apartheid shows us, this is true even if the Whites improve the conditions of the Blacks. There will always been a feeling that Whites do not belong there and Blacks will always resent the invariably superior material conditions of Whites.
Probably because many were removed from and forced away from Urban living.
Colonialism of the United States only worked because there aren’t many Indians around anymore.
I get the feeling this is part of his Bitchute video on the topic.
The kind of colonialism practiced in Africa in which Whites would be permanent but ruling minorities in a majority Black nation was never sustainable without an uncomfortable measure of totalitarianism and even then ethnic conflict was still common place.
Again Botswana.
The violence surrounding colonialism was rarely, if ever, one sided. Today, there is a massive level of systemic racism against White South Africans. The fact that this racism is not covered in Western media offers a stark contrast with how the media covered the sins of Apartheid.
The sources of the farm murders and affirmative actions were News24, a relatively left leaning SA news source, NPR, Reuters, Voice of America and the Dailymail. Only one source was an "alternative one", which reported the murder a whole year after News24 did and relied on a mainstream Afrikaner-news report.
These get attention by "Western media".
Overall, the problems of South Africa, both in terms of Blacks resenting their White rulers under Apartheid and Whites experiencing racism today, come from the inherent difficulties of having a multi-racial society. In this sense, the story of South Africa contains lessons not only about colonialism but also about more general and pressing questions of immigration and diversity.
Or, you know, what happens when you don't consider the role of Black Africans in your government, unlike Botswana.
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2020.09.19 22:05 TopGolfUFO In February of 1982 Leon Moncer of Bellaire Ohio received a death threat in the mail. Made out of cut out magazine letters, the note read "leave it alone or you are dead". He vanished soon after and his case has never been solved. Almost forty years later, his daughter is searching for answers.

This is a case where information is sparse at best, but there were still several notable discrepancies between sources. In an effort to clarify details about the case, I spoke with Leon’s daughter, Julie Wurtzbacher. This conversation took place over the phone in August of 2020. I’d contacted her for a podcast I work on, and she is actively trying to get more publicity for the case. I posted this on the Unresolved Mysteries sub as well a little while ago, but I wanted to post it on here to maybe get more attention for the case.
Here’s the Charley Project link if you just want a brief overview, but they got a few details wrong, mainly that his car was idling when it was found.
Leon Moncer was a complicated young man. In the investigation that ensued following his disappearance it would become public knowledge that he was an alcoholic, abusive towards his wife Irene and had had a tendency to be unfaithful with his romantic partners. Despite all of this, he was a well liked member of the community with many dedicated friends and many people had very kind words to say about him following his disappearance.
The city of Bellaire in Belmont County, is tucked into a bend in the Ohio River. It is a lush area covered in vegetation right on the edge of Ohio, fading into West Virginia. Wheeling, WV is the largest city in the area. There is evidence of a bygone golden age. Belmont county of the 1980s would have been firmly on the downslide of that golden age. The rise of Industries like the Junk trade in which Leon worked was indicative of the slow decay of the manufacturing and production industries which dominated in the past.
Leon Moncer worked for Hermon Strauss, a business in the Junk recycling industry. Leon also had aspirations of starting his own business and had recently purchased a tow truck of his own in the months leading up to his disappearance. In the Times Leader Article published on February 28th 1982, just ten days after his disappearance, Leon was described by his wife Irene as a helpful and caring man, “He’ll do anything for anybody.” His disappearance is also out of character for Leon, with Irene stating, “He’s got a lot of friends...Its just not like Leon, he's never done nothing like this before
In the leadup to his disappearance, Leon’s life was chaotic. He was on the tail end of a failed marriage as he was in the process of finalizing a divorce with his wife Irene. He was working a full time job and trying to start his own business on the side. He was trying to navigate a new world where he had to learn how to co-parent with Irene while no longer being in a relationship with her and on top of all of this he was still a young 21 year old man with lots of growing up to do and was dealing with a number of bad habits, namely drinking and drug use.
His wife is quoted as saying he “had a tendency to get rowdy” when drinking, which was further evidenced by the fact that he was recently involved in several bar fights. There was one tussle of particular note that had occurred several months prior as it took place at Tin Pan Alley, the known gathering spot of the notorious local mob in Wheeling. According to his wife Irene, Leon was mostly unfazed by these things. By all accounts it appears that he and Irene had worked out how to both be present in their daughter’s life even if they were no longer together. According to his daughter, him and Irene got along very well as co-parents. Though, they’d been separated long enough for Leon to move on romantically, and he had actually been seeing someone long enough to have proposed. We will refer to his fiance as GG. GG lived in nearby Bethlehem West Virginia.
While a rowdy 21 year old man getting into a handful of bar fights may seem normal, another event that happened during the week before his disappearance may cast his presence at Tin Pan Alley in a more interesting light. During the week leading up to his disappearance Leon received a death threat in the mail, compiled from a hodgepodge of newspaper and magazine clippings. It simply read "Leave it alone or you are dead." The letter had no stamp on it, so it had been put directly in the mailbox by whoever wrote it. Leon simply shrugged off the death threat. However it has also been reported by Irene that in the weeks and days leading up to his disappearance Leon had become more guarded, especially with regard to his three year old daughter Julie. He suddenly began to forbid anyone from taking pictures of the girl. He was very careful about who he would let hold her, and became somewhat overprotective. Could this pattern of violence culminating in a death threat note have something to do with his disappearance?
Leon Moncer was last seen on the night of February 18th 1982. It was his brother, Raymond’s birthday party, and Raymond said “ He couldn’t make it because he had a hot date.” Him and GG had been in a bit of a rough patch, as he’d hit her recently, and possibly broken her nose. Her brothers were upset with Leon, and whether or not he had made up with GG yet is unclear. His hot date was likely with a different woman, as no one at the time knew who he was meeting. To this day, who the date was with remains a mystery.
Irene told the Times Leader in an interview ten days later what she knew of Leon’s timeline that night. He’d left from his parents house across the street, then stopped by his boss’s house to borrow $20. Then he drove to his friend, Ted’s house in Wheeling. Irene did not know Ted’s last name. Multiple friends placed Leon at Ed’s Lounge in Lloydsville later on that evening, but none made any mention of Leon’s mystery date. The true concern for Leon began the next day Feb. 19th when he failed to show up for work, it was pay day at Herman Strauss Inc. Leon’s brother Ray said that his brother “never missed work unless he was sick.” Leon’s absence at work was enough for the family to file a report with the Belmont County Sheriff's Department that very day.
That very night that the case began to take a turn towards the bizarre. Irene would later tell the press about a strange phone call Leon’s mother, Shelby received. She was speaking on the telephone around 9 p.m. when the operator suddenly interrupted her conversation asking both parties to hang up because of an emergency phone call from Leon Moncer. His mother hung up the phone and sat waiting for a call from her lost son, which never came.
The next day, Irene and Raymond decided to take the search into their own hands. They drove around the Bannock area, as Leon had been known to cruise around the old mining roads. After searching for a while, they spotted Leon’s gray Dodge Aspen parked in a ditch off the side of the road. Irene told WTOV9 that “My heart like sunk. I mean, I was happy. I was really happy because I figured maybe he was in there sleeping or something like that, but he wasn't there.” The car was empty, along a road that branched from 331 near Belmont Technical college. Persons living in the area told Irene that the car had been sitting in that same location since Thursday night, the day Leon vanished. It was not near Powerline Park, as reported in other articles. The car had empty beer cans, and an empty bottle of wine.
According to Raymond, while they were examining the car, a local resident stopped and told them that the car had been idling, and the lights had been on, and he had turned the lights off and taken the key out before Irene got there, and he’d put the key in the ashtray. The key found in the ashtray however was a spare, and Leon’s usual keys were missing. There was also a flashlight missing from inside the car. Some articles report that the driver’s side door was open, though this is not mentioned in every article, and some articles mention that the inside of the car was muddy. Julie later remarked that the mud by itself was not suspicious, as it was February. In addition to the spare key, Leon’s wallet, his cigarettes and coat were all in the vehicle. Some sources reported signs of a struggle, which likely just alluded to his valuables being left behind, and the car being muddy. In 2007 local authorities would say the suspicious nature of the car indicated foul play.
Later in 2007 Sheriff Fred Thompson told the State Journal that it "Sounds like someone knew he was going to be out there on this road at a certain time, and they had a surprise for him." Moncer’s family notified authorities of the discovery right away, and tried to turn the car over to them. But according to Irene, they said “Keep it. Get it out of here.” They had the car towed to Leon’s parent’s house, where it would sit in the front yard for years. In later articles, local authorities mildly criticized this police work, saying that had the car been found today it would have been thoroughly examined.
On February 28th Irene told the Times Leader that she hoped Leon just needed time to “get his head together” because he was under stress due to the divorce, and the pressure of trying to start his own business. She told the paper “I just wish he’d call to ease everyone’s mind.”
While family members conducted searches for Leon following his disappearance, the sources do not mention any large scale effort on the part of law enforcement. As of the 28th Irene had visited several drinking establishments in Wheeling for possible clues to Leon’s disappearance. Three people told her that they saw Leon on February 20th in a Wheeling bar on Main Street. Irene reported being skeptical as to whether this individual was actually Leon. On March 5th Leon’s sister Cindy thought she saw Leon walking around town, but later said she wasn’t sure. The investigation on the part of law enforcement largely stopped after this sighting.
Soon after he vanished, Irene received a phone call from a stranger who asked her if she wanted to know where her husband was. She said that she did, and the caller replied “well his head's in a garbage bag in the river, his arms and legs are out in the strip pits." Any searches or follow-up to this phone call on the part of law enforcement were not documented if they occurred.
For months after Leon’s disappearance, Irene thought there was someone in a pick up truck following them. If she ever got the plates, or turned them over to law enforcement is unclear. To make matters worse, someone started lurking around outside her house. Irene said “This person would stand out in front of our house. He was in blue jeans and a black shirt with a hood on it and he would stand there. I thought it might be him [Leon]. Julie was everything to him. So was that him, wanting to see her, to know what she looked like? I don't know." During this time they moved about half a mile away from the house they’d lived in when Leon was there, but this mysterious figure knew their new address. However the move put them just past the jurisdiction of the authorities they’d been working with, and into the St Clairsville Police territory. Irene called the police every time this figure showed up, but St Clairesville was farther away, and police would take about half an hour to get there, so this person was always long gone by the time they showed up. This went on, sporadically, for two years.
There is a theory that perhaps Leon had been a victim of mob activity in Wheeling. The Mob was very active in Wheeling from the 60s through the late 80s. This theory mostly originates from the fact that Leon had some associations with a few shady individuals through his involvement with drugs. The mysterious note he received in the mail and his brawl at Tin Pan Alley only add fuel to this theory. But without further information, this remains just that, a theory.
Leon Moncer was declared legally dead on November 16th 1988 on what would have been his 28th birthday. Shelby struggled with that decision, but decided it was time for some kind of closure. Irene eventually moved on and remarried, but she always speaks fondly of Leon in interviews, and hopes to one day find answers.
In 1992 the Times Leader interviewed Leon’s family to discuss the ten year anniversary of his disappearance. Leon’s brother Raymond said “I believe he’s dead, I just wonder where he’s at and what happened”. At the time Raymond was still checking with the sheriff’s office every once in a while. He said the consensus seemed to be that someone knew what happened, but wasn’t coming forward. Donald Samples echoed this, saying “it could be that he doesn’t want to be found, but we haven’t ruled out foul play” and told the paper that he was still following up on leads, but no one had come forward with anything useful so far. Samples said “you can only take an investigation so far, and then you need help from the public.”
During that interview, Shelby Moncer, told the Times Leader “All I want to do is find out where he is before I die”. She kept Leon’s keys, cigarettes, and loose change that was found in the car, along with much of his old clothing. She passed away in 2010, and just like her husband, she never found the answers she was looking for about her son Leon.
Later in a 2015 interview with Weelunk, Julie remarked on her grandfather's struggle to find answers, saying “I also feel I need to do this for my grandfather because he tried and he tried, but he passed away without answers. When I was young, it wasn’t this hard. It was what it was, but the older I get, I feel like I am missing something,”. In that same article, when asked what she would do if she ever had the chance to meet him, she said “I’d probably be very mad at him if I ever met him. I’d be mad because my grandparents’ number is still the same as it was when he vanished. But I don’t exactly know what I will say to him when I meet him again, whether it’s here on Earth or in Heaven, if he goes there. I just want to know what happened, and why he didn’t come back. If I find out that he is dead, at this point I’m not concerned with who did it. I’d just want to know where he is so I can put him to rest next to my grandfather. If he’s dead, that’s where he belongs. That would be proper.”
2007 had been the year that, Moncer’s casefile was rediscovered after having been misplaced during some unknown time in the past. His file was found during an intensive search of an old storage building. His case was reopened and has periodically made the news. Much of the media coverage was pushed by Fred Connors, a reporter who worked with the Ohio Valley Cold Case Task Force. Because of this, a few of the rare articles available have the Ohio Valley Cold Case Task force email listed as the contact information, an email which no longer exists as of 2020.
During his push for media attention, Fred Connors made a general statement aimed at anyone who might have information about the case. He said “You know something about this case. "So man up! Help this young lady find her dad, or find out what happened to her dad. She needs that. Our mission has always been to give voice to the victims and justice to the families. And knowing Julie how I do and knowing how her heart is just broken, somebody needs to man up and give this girl some peace."
Sheriff Fred Thompson made a similar plea asking anyone with information to come forward, saying "They don't have to give us their name if they don't want to. Just call us in with what they know or what they think they know." The Sheriff would occasionally speak to the media to try and help get the word out. He told WTRF that “you know, it’s been 30 years. It’s time we put closure to this case for the sake of the family”. This same article touched base with Leon’s family once again, and mentioned that Leon’s sister, Hazel thinks her brother was murdered.
During the initial media buzz in 2007, Irene was more than eager to talk to the press. She still wants answers, and told the State Journal that "Not knowing is the hardest part. Even after all these years, you still want to know."
Ryan Aller, the detective who for a time was in charge of looking into tips relating to the case, said "Hope is a dangerous thing. And I would tell anybody in this situation that chances are he passed on long ago. We do believe he is dead. He was declared legally dead. Circumstances of him missing were extremely suspicious.” Aller went on to say “Somebody knows what happened to Leon Moncer -- maybe more than one person -- and I guarantee you that. What detectives need is for someone to come forward. At the very least, they could have the common courtesy to anonymously reach out and let somebody know where he is. His father went to his grave not knowing for sure if he was still alive or not.”
At one point after the case started gaining publicity, Julie spoke with a psychic near Columbus, who told her that her father was alive and had been keeping an eye on her. The psychic said that her father had changed his name to James Johnston, and shortly after putting her number on an article, Julie got a call from someone claiming to have that name. They told her she could call them if she needed anything, but didn’t claim to actually be Leon Moncer. When she tried calling the number back again it was no longer active.
In 2015 investigators followed a tip to nearby Columbus Ohio, where they ended up digging up a basement. Julie was not informed of this tip, or what came of it if anything. She found out about it when it was published in the WTOV9 article, that she would also be quoted in when interviewers asked her how she would feel if answers were ever found. She said "Either way, I'll be sad. If he's alive, I'll be sad that he left. And if something happened to him, I'll be sad that somebody took him from me." In this same article, Irene told reporters that she was still looking for answers. She said she wants to know who did it, and that her and Julie have a right to know.
That same year in an interview with Weelunk, Julie said “I think he’s out there. I don’t think he’s dead, but I can’t really explain to you why I have that feeling. That’s what it is – a feeling. I just want to know, one way or another. It didn’t really bother me when I was younger or when I was in school, but the older I get, the more I want to know.If he did something that got him in trouble, or if his hot date was just leaving, that’s something I want to know, one way or the other. I don’t know what he was doing. And I know that he was hanging around in a lot of the bars during those days, and some of my relatives have told me that he did do drugs. My aunt told me that his nickname was the ‘Candyman,’ and that it was a reference to the drugs he was dealing.”
In 2020 she told us that an uncle had tried to tell her that the nickname was just because Leon liked sweets, but she’s responded by saying that she’s an adult and she’s old enough to know the truth. She has no illusions about the fact that he did drugs, or the fact that he could get violent when he was using. She goes back and forth on what she believes, but right now is leaning toward the idea that he was in over his head, possibly involved with some dangerous people, and decided to disappear. She said it would have been easier to do back then.
These days Julie is in her forties with a family and child of her own. She thinks about her father often, but isn’t sure what else to do to garner publicity. In the Weelunk article she said “I am very frustrated, but I’ll only stop when I’m dead. That’s when this will stop for me. I just keep thinking that if I keep pushing, someone will eventually feel guilty enough to come forward and tell me what I want to know … what I need to know.”
It’s certainly not a case that would normally be front page news. When a loved one goes missing nowadays, people will try to hide the less flattering parts of the missing person’s life, because even the slightest hint of trouble will destroy any press interest in the story. The homeless population, sex workers, and criminals do not get reported on. With Leon Moncer we already know about the less flattering parts of his life. Moncer sold drugs, and was unfaithful and abusive towards his romantic partners. In the fairly limited media attention this case has gotten so far, a few commenters have not been afraid to voice a sort of ‘good riddance’ opinion about him. But whatever you think about Leon Moncer, his family wants to know the truth.
I don’t think I can link to facebook but Julie runs a page called “helpfindleonmoncer” where she recently posted all of the Times Leader articles about the case. The WTOV9 segment I referenced is only archived on facebook as well, but if you search it, it’s easy to find.
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2020.09.19 21:35 Ausar_thee_vile I (20M) don’t know how to get this girl’s (17F) controlling best friend/ex boyfriend of a 4 day relationship to stop trying to control her love life.

So, me and this girl (let’s call her Pat) both really want a relationship with each other but the best friend (we’ll call him Napoleon) who lives with Pat and won’t stop getting mad when we even so much as hangout on break. Now let’s start from the beginning, we met at work and I found Pat’s instagram (introduced myself first then found her instagram) as it suggested me to follow her 2 weeks before she even started working at my grocery store that I’ve been working at for 6 months. Pat gave me her snapchat so we could talk more and we really hit it off from there. I talked about how my friend (we’ll call him Kanye) had a crush on her and she rejected him because she didn’t like him like that but she did mention she had a crush on someone who was her best friend(Napoleon). I encouraged her to make a move but she has pretty bad anxiety and said that it’d be really hard to, or if someone made a move on her she’d be pretty oblivious. She says I’m cool like a day later and she still barely knows me so I say “You barely even know me so I must be cool because I’m handsome😎” and she says “yes totally” which I call her out for being sarcastic and she says she wasn’t. But yeah, she tells me I’m a 10/10 in the looks department which she later questions why I never rate anyone a 10/10 and says it isn’t too rare of a thing for her. Fast forward a day or two and I can see her eyes shaking and is holding a weird posture as well as actions where I can tell that she really wanted to talk to me and just be around me. I pick up on these things and ask her if she has a crush on anyone else, and she says yes and that I know the guy very well which made my 100% suspicion to be 110%. So once I get off work, she moves like 5 feet to come my way and talk to me to which I start off the conversation with “I know who the other person is” she asks who and I say “Me” to which she retreats back to her register like 10 feet away all embarrassed and I go over and tell her that I don’t date anyone below the age of 18. This all happened in the span of like 4-6 days from introduction to rejection. But she’s someone I had to fight myself to reject and over the next two days, I get advice from friends that lead me to go for it. Napoleon also works at the same place with Me, Pat, and Kanye, all of us in close proximity.
Fast forward the two days and Pat decides to date Napoleon who made a move on her, and my decision to go for it and date her didn’t come up until she said she was going to date the dude, and my message telling her I made my decision to go for it wasn’t seen fast enough. Even after the rejection from Pat to Kanye, they remained friends. Only Pat knew about my crush on her till I told Kanye about it the day her and Napoleon got together so that Kanye would stop looking for a chance. But one of the first things Napoleon did after he got with Pat was tell her to block Kanye. The next day me and Pat decided to hangout after work since I got off 30 minutes before her. Now Napoleon didn’t know about my crush on Pat or Pat’s crush on me. Napoleon got mad at PAT for telling him that she was going to hang out with me. Pat said Napoleon didn’t show this sort of behavior till they started dating. Me and Pat found out that we were very similar in terms of what we want romantically that night. That is that we are hopeless romantics and love saying all that lovey dovey stuff, as well as that we prefer hugging, holding hands, and hugs more than sexual things. I initiated that I liked that kind of stuff because I do. Napoleon’s the type that prefers the more sexual stuff and doesn’t really say that type of lovey dovey stuff iirc. We also relate in the fact that we believe in being nice to everyone and stuff till someone makes it apparent that they just want to be angry. Napoleon seems to be the type with zero patience to me. Napoleon also calls Pat four times in an hour and a half WHILE AT WORK in the time me and Pat are hanging out. But anyway, the day we hangout, Me, Napoleon, Kanye, and Pat are all working that day we hangout. Napoleon doesn’t talk to either me or Kanye but me and Kanye keep noticing him looking at us. The next day Napoleon told Pat that he said he was going to fight Kanye, which Kanye said that Napoleon didn’t say a word to him. Napoleon didn’t say anything to Kanye or vice versa in the few hours I was working with them both. The night me and Pat hung out I told her that her relationship needed to end with Napoleon because after less than 36 hours he tried to keep her away from Kanye who had a known crush on her (I agree with that 75%) but Kanye was still just a friend that Pat had no romantic interest in. I also pointed out that I, a known friend of hers before her and Napoleon started dating also wouldn’t let me talk to her, a friend of the opposite gender from her which is all that he knew about me. Pat said she was going to break up with Napoleon the day that Napoleon told her he’d fight Kanye. But because Pat didn’t want it to seem like I changed her mind, she didn’t break up with Napoleon till like a day or two afterwards. I didn’t get involved with things between Napoleon and Kanye because she said she didn’t like drama and I’d be a loser in the situation and I could tell Napoleon would only get worse so I stayed back from them. The night me and Pat talked, I gave her a kiss on the cheek after a hug goodbye. Which is blatant shittiness on my part but it’s the first time I’ve ever made a move on a girl in a known relationship(still doesn’t excuse my behavior). I ended up telling her my thought process on things even about why I didn’t interfere with Kanye and Napoleon rather soon after the decisions, like within 2 days.
Fast forward to the day Pat breaks up with Napoleon, she says she isn’t ready for a relationship for the reason, otherwise it’d make him cry I believe is what she said. We were supposed to hangout twice after they broke up and I fell asleep twice, and I bought her flowers and snacks as an “I’m sorry” present. We ended up kissing that day for 10 seconds. Word got around to someone at work (Regina) a few days after their break up who learned of most of the things except the romance between me and Pat, and Regina spreaded things to management and Pat and I got in trouble. The next day me and Pat had our break together and we talked the whole time and I could see Napoleons jealousy in his eyes when we came back from break. Napoleon was told by Regina the day before that Pat once had feelings for me. Napoleon was getting mad at Pat for spending time with me I believe, even though it had been like 3-4 days after Napoleon and Pat’s relationship of 3-4 days ended. I get the thing of getting upset about someone moving on so fast after your break up but I don’t think it’s too justified when the relationship didn’t have time for both people to get so invested. Also, they were close to dating twice before in the past but didn’t. So I do understand getting invested on his part at that point because I don’t think he ever moved on while she did. But I could see the holes in hiding mine and Pat’s current romance widening, so I told Napoleon that I liked Pat so that he could be prepared for the future. I told him that I didn’t know how Pat felt (a lie) but there was maybe a future where me and Pat got together and he threatened to punch me in the face. I was shook because I’m as strong as the average middle schooler. A little after I told him that I saw management talking to him... OH FUCK!
I was sure Napoleon would beat my face in after that even if not at work. Then I got brought up for the second day in a row and basically got told if the drama continues, I’ll get fired. He told them what I said and left out the fact he threatened me with violence and to management’s knowledge, him and Pat were still together but they weren’t for 4 days at that point. But I let myself be a slave to my anxiety and management and didn’t really fight for my case because I have to atone for what I’ve done even it was done with good intentions. I didn’t mention the fact that he threatened me because it was part of my atonement and I didn’t want him to lose his job, and if I lost mine, it was reasonable at the time for everything that went down. The only person I told about it was my best friend (Peter) who said in the past he’d have my back if I got my ass beat, and I told him that if I did this time not to interfere because I would’ve taken the beating because I felt I deserved it and I’d want minimal things to come of it afterwards legally(like neither of us to get arrested).
In order to end the drama me and Pat had to decide what to do, try and be friends till things fizzled out and rethink romance if we still have feelings for each other at that point, try and keep the romance hidden from Napoleon, or be open with him about the relationship that would be starting if we chose this option. I decided the only thing to do was hide the romance till things fizzled out, or to tell Napoleon straight up that me and Pat were going to date. The reason for me only seeing those as the potential solution is because Napoleon was being protective and getting mad at her even when she had male friends that weren’t trying to date her to his knowledge. She chose the friends option and things almost completely ended between us that night. But I came up with a solution I didn’t think of which was try and be friends with Napoleon and Pat till things finally fizzled out and only hangout with her while he was around so he’d believe my conviction to just be friends. But he said he just wants to be co-workers but I still believe he’s going to be protective over even my friendship with her which will make me and Napoleon enemies again. Napoleon is cool outside of his protectiveness so being friends with him and Pat till things fizzled out really would be the best solution.
Side info, Pat told her parent she lives with about me and my age and the parent supports the idea of me and Pat dating, at least last I heard. Pat also wants drama to end and just being friends is the best solution to her and seeing if romantic feelings stay in about a month when we revisit it, which i’ll go with but I feel things won’t change with Napoleons control still. Also, Pat is the only person I’ve fallen for this hard and I’m saying this in complete honesty. I’m not too keen on why but I just know there’ll be a hole in my soul if I’m forced to look for someone else without a horrible argument ending things between me and Pat, as the one we did have that almost ended it wasn’t enough to stop my feelings after I saw the flaws in what I did to almost end it. Also we live in the USA and Age of consent is 16.
tl;dr: Girl and I have mutual interest, girl’s best friend and boyfriend of like 4 days stops her from talking to guy friends despite not being with her almost a week now.
Keep in mind, this is told from my perspective so I may be a bit biased but I still try to look at my behavior from an outside perspective. So, what do I do to get Napoleon to let go and stop his control? Is the best option really to just wait till his emotions stop being controlling?
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2020.09.19 21:26 fulanka26 [DIPLOMACY] Iraq - United States diplomatic mission 2020

The Iraqi ambassador of the United States will bring forth a new agenda to the United States to consider. It will mostly be on economic and security matters.

Economic matters

The Iraqi government would like to see meaningful change to end terrorism in Iraq and to do that, we must provide young Iraqis the opportunity to gain meaningful employment rather than let them squander their talents by joining the numerous militias opearting in Iraq. To do that, major government reform will be underway to stabilize Iraq and provide more economic opportunities to Iraqis. While Iraq is utilizing China for its specialty, constructing infrastructure, we will utilize United States institutional experience in governance, management, and specialized infrastructure building.
Issue Explanation Outcome
1) Iraq states that iit will begin the process of privatising its industries. We will be requiring US financial assistance to soften the blow on our social security programs as well as attracting US investors into our economy. $600 million loan
2) Iraq will seek to cooperate with the IMF on reforming its fiscal policy. American experts will collaborate with the Ministry of Finance. Their advisory position will be used to reorient and minimize public expenditure, audit the financial sector, and to combat corruption. Personnel aid from the US
3) We seek for ExxonMobil to confirm their entry into the Common Seawater Supply Project (CSSP) with PetroChina, as part of the broader US$53 billion Southern Iraq Integrated Project (SIIP). ExxonMobil once pulled out in 2012 however in 2019 negotiations between Exxon and PetroChina resumed and are finalizing. The CSSP which involves taking seawater from the Persian Gulf and transporting it to oil production facilities to boost pressure at key oil reservoirs is absolutely critical for Iraq’s ambitions to reach its next oil output targets of 6.2 million barrels per day (bpd) by end-2020 and 9 million bpd by end-2023. ExxonMobil pulled out due to cohesion, security, and streamlining issues. Under the new administration, Iraq seeks to enhance the cohesion of cutting red tape for building facilities, permitting US private security firms to protect their investments, and to build a financial framework that will give investors confidence. $30 billion contract
4) Iraq seeks a significant upgrade to our medical relationship with the United States. We seek healthcare investments to build more hospitals in Iraq, which could cost around $400 million. Iraq seeks in particular one advanced hospital specializing in imaging, trauma and neurosciences, a wide variety of surgical options, radiology, critical and emergency care, dermatology, internal medicine, and hematology, to be recognized as thhe most capable hospital in Iraq to perform much needed healthcare needs for the people of Iraq. $400 million loan
5) Iraq is planning on creating the Basrah SEZ, given the safety of Southern Iraq. We seek for US conglomoretes to spearhead investment in the area. This will consist of low skill low capital jobs such as clothing, electronic assembly, etc. To help implement this program we seek to create the Iraq USA Gateway a group established to facilitate business-to-business transactions by providing the Iraqi companies with credible access to the American market place and Industry, sourcing products as well as approaching established businesses to promote the largely untapped potential for Iraq-American cooperation. ~
6) Iraq will seek to work with American environmentalists in restoring the Mesopotamian Marshes, an area that Saddam Hussein drained as punishment to the Shia uprising. $12 million foreign aid
7) Iraq seeks US foreign aid in the reconstruction of Mosul, estimated to require $100 billion to rebuild it. The Kuwait International Conferenceitself has pledged $30 billion but this still is a third of what Iraq needs. Some funding will be acquired from the Chinese but we seek loans from the United States to also cover the cost. Loans and credit lines split between the IMF, World Bank, and the Export–Import Bank of the United States to inject funds for Iraq to utilize to reconstruct the region $40 billion in loans and credit lines

Security matters

In Prime Minister Khadami’s visit to Washington DC in August 2020 he said “We do not need U.S. combat troops in Iraq, now that the Islamic State has been defeated. We need U.S. troops that focus on training and capacity building.” Iraq also now cites the number of issues that are in favor of decreasing US security involvement in Iraq.
With these in mind, Iraq no longer views the United States as strongly committed to Iraq's security needs. There is no treaty or status of forces agreement (SOFA) authorizing the presence of U.S. troops in Iraq. The American military presence is informal and at the pleasure of the Iraqi government, which means that the government can rescind this invitation at any time. The Khadami administration however views US presence in Iraq as a good counterpoint to Iran but would rather also see a decrease in American responsibilities in Iraq. Therefore the Iraqi government will issue the following memorandum to the United States
Issues Explanation
1) Iraq informs the United States that we seek to reform the Popular Mobilization Front, something the United States has been seeking for. We believe the monopoly on legitimate violence should be under the Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Interior. We may expect blacklash from this action but the Iraqi state should be able to handle it in the short term. We however require the United States to utilize its economic might to provide opportunities to drain the PMF.
2) Iraq will seek for a further decrease in US involvement in Iraq. This is because the Iraqi government seeks to take a more independent approach in governing our nation, something the United States has been wanting to see. For this to occur we will require ending US airstrikes in Iraq, ending US forward observers cooperation with the Iraqi Armed Forces, and gradually ending US permanent deployments in Iraq, though the date has not been set. Iraq will fully restrict US bombing campaigns over Iraq, though permit intelligence overflights. The United States military will be restricted from forward positioned combat advisers however the smaller residual training presence the United States is already aiming for will be permitted to train Iraqi forces.
3) Iraq will start to consider implementing the process of providing amnesty to insurgents depending on its economic reform performance. This may start within 5 years from now.
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2020.09.19 20:40 sinthusiasmo AITA For wanting to move from my house to my mother (who has abandoned me)'s house?

Hello Reddit!
Usually I didn't think I would come to this kind of scenario to come to a conclusion but I am truly in despair to think if what I want to do is actually morally correct,
I've currently lived with my grandmother and my uncle for my father and mother are divorced and both abandoned me, however my mom has been recently trying to reconnect with me which I highly appreciate,
My grandmother and my uncle haven't been really the greatest caretakers, and honestly, I thank my uncle very much for taking care of me for so long, however, I've noticed recently how toxic the life on this household can be.
To begin, I started reflecting upon my life as a student, and even though I got good grades, I was always overly and constantly stressed and called names upon it.
I remember 1 year ago, I had forgotten my homework on a desk, I came home, looked around for it and started panicking, I went to my grandma and told her the situation, and I was already expecting to be scolded upon the situation, I did feel terrible for forgetting it,
However what she did was a little bit further, I remember being told to get on my knees and beg for forgiveness while she called me really bad names, ones you probrably wouldn't call a child, she insulted my mother aswell and told me about how stupid I was, all for forgetting the homework.
I also remember that by the age of 7 I was constantly being locked in a dark room whenever I disobeyed and she also made scary noises to purposefully frighten me, Soon enough I had developed a phobia of the dark, which was constantly made fun of.
I was always being shamed around on the house, my body was shamed, my clothing style was shamed, everything I liked was constantly being put down and shamed.
My dreams of becoming an artist were constantly being hated on or put down.
And now I live in fear, I currently date someone of the same gender as me, and my family has constantly shown signs of homophobia and racism, I've been living in a whole lie to make sure I am physically safe from any kind of violence.
However, one part of me tells me I am ungrateful and horrible for even thinking of moving away from their household, because they had been there for me when I was very young,
I feel terrible, but, I think It's about time I do something about this situation, there are a lot of things I still hold onto from this household, the good memories of learning how to walk and talk..
And honestly, I feel like a traitor for even thinking of that.
So that's why I'd like to ask, AITA?
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2020.09.19 18:48 Volsatir On Mazikeen in Season 5A (Fair warning, this is long and filled with quotes)

I had a bit of trouble formatting this post, but fixed it after doing some basic research into reddit markdown.
You know Maze, I think you’re looking for something more…than what this baby or I can be. I think you’re looking for your own connection. For a partner.\ Linda to Maze S4 E7
There have been a lot of discussions on Mazikeen lately. I even posted a thread myself on her betrayals over the seasons. Now I want to dig into Mazikeen’s emotional state and arc throughout Season 5A. Contrary to what many believe, Season 5A has given Maze a significant amount of focus, each episode highlighting a new step in her journey. My focus will be on Season 5A, making references to previous seasons when relevant. Each paragraph will cover an episode, with a quote prior to and immediately after it, the vast majority will be from said episode. Maze’s arc is still going from what started in S4 E7 with Linda telling Maze she might be looking for something more, like a partner, after realizing Maze is obsessively guarding Linda and the baby. Maze attempted this and Eve got involved during Lucifer’s attempt to break up with her in S4 E8. Maze tries to win Eve over in S4 E9 after Lucifer finally does it, but Eve’s obliviousness and major screw up led to a demon problem. After that was resolved in S4 E10 Eve decided to go figure out who she is after telling Maze that there was a connection, leaving poor Maze. Lucifer dropped an exit next, going to Hell. So now Maze is still looking for a connection with Season 5 starting.

Anybody worth dating should understand everything that makes you… you.\ Eve to Maze on Maze being a demon S4 E8
S5 E1 starts off with Maze and Chloe partnering up. It makes sense, Chloe needs a new partner and someone to fill the void Lucifer left, and Maze needs a connection. If Maze is still looking for that connection, then there are a limited number of options if she intends to hurdle the demon barrier. Eve, Linda, Amenadiel, and Chloe. Eve isn’t going to work out right now, she tried a connection with Linda but was told Linda and the baby weren’t quite what Maze was after, and Amenadiel is tied to Linda/Charlie. So that leaves Chloe. If you run with Maze’s MO with Eve in S4 E9, she’s playing it the same way, supporting Eve/Chloe to convince them that they don’t need Lucifer and lead them to her instead. Chloe’s already working to get over Lucifer, as opposed to Eve’s trying to win him back, so all Maze has to do is help Chloe succeed. They’re kindred spirits in this too, both left behind after Lucifer went to Hell on his own. This time though, Maze has been sucked into her own problems, and now she’s struggling to get through the chaos as much as Chloe. The difference is that Chloe is more emotionally mature, and she realizes what she’s been doing, along with some insight on where Maze is too. They party a lot together and get close as partners, but when Maze tries to kiss her Chloe puts an end to it.
Maze, I know what it feels like to be abandoned. You know, I mean, I’ve been throwing myself into work, and… going out with you so that… I don’t have to face it, and… I just think you and I are using this partnership to fill a void that someone else has left behind.\ Chloe to Maze S5 E1

I told you, I know things, and I know that you’re pissed at my brother. Join me. Lure him back up here, and then you can kick the real Lucifer’s ass. Or you could just keep beating up pianos. It’s your choice.\ Michael to Maze S5 E2
S5 E2 introduces us to an empty Maze. She’s not sure who to turn to after being pushed away by Chloe. While Chloe may have realized what she was doing, Maze isn’t aware of her issues yet. She’s just staying at Lucifer’s place when she confronts Michael, and he throws her a sales pitch. A chance to get back at Chloe for them splitting up, and to get back at Lucifer for abandoning her? Why not? It’s Michael’s idea to lure Lucifer back up to earth for Maze to beat him down, and Maze falls for it. Maze thinks she wants to go back to Hell at this point, especially as her life on earth seems so void, and once again we see a season 3-like Maze embracing her more malicious instincts and driving them into Chloe’s relationship with the fake Lucifer. Chloe figures it all out though, and rather than arguing with Maze she sympathizes. Maze lashes out when she’s hurting, and Chloe sees that. Chloe also knows what Maze isn’t, and by setting things up to the next level with “Lucifer”, she makes Maze realize this is going too far. Maze tries to stop Michael, but he sees it coming and neutralizes her before she can try. In her vulnerability Maze furiously finds herself the pawn, again.
Maze: I know what you’re about to do and I won’t let you. I have my…issues with Lucifer, and yeah, I am kind of pissed at Chloe. But this? No. Kissing me was one thing. Chloe is a good person. She doesn’t deserve this.\ Maze to Michael S5 E2, on him trying to sleep with Chloe

Linda: I think what you’re struggling with is a fear of abandonment. It’s completely normal. It comes from… someone important letting you down in your youth.\ Maze: I didn’t have anyone important in my youth, Linda.\ Maze and Linda in S5 E3
S5 E3 has Maze get what she teamed up with Michael for, her shot at Lucifer, but it’s not what she hoped for. After a brief fight that ended with Lucifer coming out ahead, despite Maze getting in that nice surprise strike at the end, Maze vented at Lucifer, asking him why he abandoned her. He snuffs out this argument by noting she could go down there with him and was welcome to do so, Amenadiel being an easy route down despite Maze not having any wings. Maze is left without an answer and storms off. It’s with Linda that we explore Maze’s emotional state. We see this wasn’t about Maze wanting back in Hell at all. Lucifer leaving her without warning was far more relevant than the destination he was headed for. Think back to S2 E17 and you’ll find a few similarities, but this time Lucifer never set anything up and he had a much better reason for his actions, but that doesn’t change the impact it had on Maze, and outside circumstances in her life only drove the effect home harder. Maze has always relied on her knives, and through them, violence. It doesn’t come with emotional pain or bite her back later. But she realizes in this case Lucifer isn’t who she was angry at, or Chloe. She’s gotten a better understanding about something, though we aren’t entirely sure what yet, even if we think we know. She seems to be going to Chloe’s to apologize, and upon discovering “Lucifer” is there, we get the idea she would have apologized to him too. Unfortunately for her Michael is still up to his old tricks, and though his face isn’t fooling anyone anymore, he’s still able to fake the voice. He implies there’s something Mazikeen should be upset with Lucifer about. It might just be related to that discovery she made about herself.
Maze: [scoffs] I wouldn’t… call them abandonment issues. They’re not issues. I mean who cares if Lucifer left me, right? [scoffs] Chloe left me. [sighs] [sobs] Then she left me. Why did she leave me?\ Linda: Eve?\ Maze: [sobbing] … Ugh! [grunts, shrugs, and takes a drink] (And doesn’t answer)\ Maze and Linda continued in S5 E3

Lilith: My children are perfect. They can’t be… banished, because they have no home. Can’t be abandoned, because they have no family.\ Lucifer: They’ll never be cast out of the proverbial garden.\ Lilith: You can never tell them what I’ve done today, Lucifer. Not if they are going to be unbreakable.\ Lucifer and Lilith discussing Lilith’s final request after becoming mortal S5 E4
S5 E4 was really Mazikeen’s episode, for all the fun they had with the new background, exploring a bit of Lucifer’s past, and giving Trixie a story in pulling a secret out of Lucifer through an innocent story at Maze’s request. Why is Mazikeen afraid of being abandoned? The person who left Maze, that unnamed individual to cause her so much grief, who is she? We think we know who she is. Chloe mentions Eve, it strikes a nerve. Linda tosses that name out there too, but as Mazikeen looks back at her life and her pain a little deeper, perhaps that isn’t the correct answer after all. It’s hard to say yet without a name, but this episode introduces a stronger candidate for the title, Lilith. She is why Lucifer has that ring, storing her immortality as she took a stab at love as a mortal. An unsuccessful one it seems. And Lucifer can never tell Maze, bound by his word. When Maze finds out, she just can’t let that go. Maze confronts Lilith, expecting…something, regret? But Lilith shows no remorse, taking pride in her decision, seemingly unaware of the pain it’s causing Maze. Lilith also doesn’t reveal to Maze why she wanted Mazikeen to be strong, the suffering she felt in the garden that Lucifer understood. So Maze remains unaware of what was behind that callousness.
Maze: I wanted to know why you abandoned us. Why you abandoned me.\ Lilith: I did it to make you strong, and it worked. Just look at you. I can see you don’t need anyone.\ Maze: Yeah, look at me. (Leaves)\ Lilith and Maze now that Maze knows. S5 E4

Maze: You were right. The abandonment stuff you talked about. Definitely her fault.\ Linda: You found your biological mother.\ Maze: Like I said, the bitch.\ Linda and Maze S5 E5.
S5 E5 directly answers the question S5 E3 raised, who is she? If there were any doubts remaining from S4 E4 that it’s Lilith, and not Eve, they are gone as Maze directly answers the question. Maze is firing the shots at Lilith and Linda finds herself trying to defend her as though it was her own history on the line, which for her, it feels like it. Lilith isn’t Linda though, and Maze cuts down each of Linda’s defenses: age, fear, and even the feelings the regret that can come afterward, as not even one of them describe Lilith. Linda confesses to what the season has been building towards for her arc, her confession to her guilt that would drive her to Hell, now that Maze is finally in a place for it to hit home. The reaction is not surprising, both are struck in a different vulnerable place at the same time, for Maze it’s anger and Linda it’s grief. Linda’s worst sin is currently Mazikeen’s sharpest pain. After the initial feelings subside, Maze is willing to listen as Linda confesses to the whole story, her regrets, and afterwards we discover what Maze was doing in the time after leaving Linda and before returning. She found Linda’s daughter as she is trying to sell a house. As they go to meet her, Mazikeen is putting Linda under fire as Linda holds up the pretense of being potential buyers. We’ve seen Maze employ such tactics before, such as with Dan after he slept with Goddess and indirectly gave Goddess information to use in court in S2 E10. Or with Amenadiel and Linda’s relationship with a double date in S3 E15. But Linda refuses to break, holding off Maze’s attempts to shatter the secret and accusing Mazikeen of using Linda as a substitute Lilith. Linda finally tells Maze to talk to Lilith, because that’s who Mazikeen seems to want to have more words with anyways, the two mothers are completely different people and trying to break down Linda’s story isn’t going to equate dealing with Lilith’s. But it’s too late, Mazikeen discovers Lilith is gone, and so are Maze’s chances at getting answers. After her anger passes, Maze finds the empathy at the end of her road in seeking her mother to try and help Linda avoid the same fate befall her daughter, giving Linda a release form to make it easier for her daughter to find Linda when she is ready to start that journey for herself.
Maze: You need to give your daughter the choice, ok? You have to.\ Linda: You saw your mother, didn’t you? What did you say to her?\ Maze: Nothing. I didn’t get to say that “I hate you.” I didn’t get to say that “I forgive you.” I didn’t get to say anything. Because she’s gone. She died, Linda.\ Linda and Maze as S5 E5 closes

Maze: So she died in a shitty apartment all by herself. Sucks for her. All I need to be is to not be her. So how do I do that? … How do I not end up alone?\ Linda: That is not an easy question to answer…You just have to find someone to connect with.\ Maze: I just scare everybody away.\ Linda: Well I’m still here, right? So you just know when you find someone that you’re romantically interested in, you just try not to be so scary. You know, be more open, emotionally available.\ Maze: “Emotionally available.” … Huh\ A Charlie-tired Linda helping Maze move forward, S5 E6
S5 E6 has Maze transition from her mother’s death in a more pragmatic, if less empathetic, state than she was in as S5 E5 closes. The goal set in S4 E7 with the discussion I mentioned at the very beginning continues. And this piece of advice is something Maze has no idea what to do with. As she mulls it over Ella catches her attention in her friendly fashion with other people. So, the question for Mazikeen is this. What does Ella have that she doesn’t? Tearing a page out of Lucifer’s book, Maze becomes Ella 2.0 with amusing results, trying to find the part of Ella that will help Maze find what she is looking for. This bit runs closer to an Ella arc. The lightness and comedy we see leads to Maze’s judgment on Ella’s own bad boy tendencies that push her towards trying a nicer guy, setting up the stage for our Whisper Killer arc. Maze realizes living Ella’s life just isn’t going to work. But it’s the closing lines to this arc that give Maze an answer to her question in Ella’s unintentional phrasing. Yet another page out of Lucifer’s book, pulling a message completely different from what the speaker intended by focusing on an aspect that seems relevant to them. Though in this Ella could never know how close to home that comment hits, as her words have unintended connections to celestial intent, as we saw with Ella’s chat with Chloe about absolute evil in S4 E7. The lack of a soul is a barrier Maze can’t cross as a demon. With Season 5 still incomplete the full implications that this began in starting Mazikeen’s soul searching arc are unknown.
Maze: You don’t think I’m scary?\ Ella: Oh, I think you are hella scary. But, it’s good scary, because it’s you. And I know, when you finally show someone how absolutely amazing you are, you’re going to find your soulmate.\ Maze: You can’t find a soulmate if you don’t have a soul.\ Ella and Maze after Maze gives up trying to be Ella. S5 E6

Maze: I had two rocks when I was growing up. One sharp, one not. Take the sharp one and try to stab things. Take the dull one, try to make it sharp.\ Amenadiel: That um… That explains a lot.\ Maze reprimanding Amenadiel on spoiling Charlie. S5 E7
S5 E7 has Maze unable to move past not having a soul, so she looks backwards instead. The humorous quote above undersells how bad Mazikeen’s life was in her unseen past in Hell, something that is easy to forget when we never see what things were like for the demon growing up. That history, and what she is as a demon, substantially limits her options for a partner. In going over S5 E1 there were 4 names Maze had a shot with given they knew she was a demon. Eve, Linda, Amenadiel, and Chloe. After her time with Linda led her to try something with Eve that didn’t work out, and Chloe is ruled out at the end of S5 E1, Maze looks back and realizes there is still one name left. Someone who hadn’t abandoned her, who knows her, and maybe could find a way to love her again. Amenadiel in Season 1. Mazikeen’s lack of a soul didn’t stop them from coming together in Season 1, and that Amenadiel seems like the perfect choice for her now. An Amenadiel free of obligation, untethered to the human world, that Amenadiel could save Maze from her fear of ending up alone like her mother. The dismissal Maze has of her mother in S5 E6 masked the fear Maze actually felt that she would end up just like her. She tries to introduce Amenadiel to his past self and rekindle what they had. But her attempts to rewind the clock are a pipe dream, failing for both of them. 27 shots into trying to forget, Maze finds herself asked about that event by Amenadiel. She confesses to the pain she is feeling, born a soulless demon by Lilith’s choice, and her hopes that an angel, or at least Amenadiel, could give her hope at not being alone. Amenadiel doesn’t have the answers, but he does have hope, looking back at all the unusual things going on around them, he believes Maze can find what she is looking for, whether that requires a soul or not.
Maze: Everyone’s rejected me, Amenadiel. But I was the one who rejected you. So, I thought… maybe that was a mistake. Maybe… Maybe only… an angel could love a soulless demon.\ Amenadiel: You didn’t reject me. You… You went to find your own path. And you did. You did. And you’ve come such a long way, Maze. Grown so much.\ Maze: Apparently not enough. Ever heard of a demon getting a soul?\ Amenadiel: I…I can’t say that I have. But… No one ever heard of an angel and a human having a baby before. Or of the devil falling in love. I don’t know if a soul is what you need to feel whole, but…I do know this. If anyone is going to find what they’re looking for, it’s you, Mazikeen.\ Amenadiel reassuring Maze. S5 E7.

Maze: So, have you ever heard of a demon getting a soul?\ Lucifer: [scoffs] Of course not. That’s impossible.\ Maze: Yeah, um… I’ve heard that all my life. Then again, you did fall in love. Amenadiel had a baby with a human. There’s a first for everything, right?\ Lucifer: Well that’s different. We’re angels. You’re just a demon.\ Lucifer crushes Maze’s hopes. S5 E8.
S5 E8 has Maze still digging into souls when Lucifer is calling her. Amenadiel was going to help but finds Charlie’s 101 temperature too concerning for a part angel to have, and upon seeing Maze not responding to Lucifer’s call, he suggests that she tell Lucifer that she’s upset with him about hiding Lilith from her. Upon getting Lucifer’s call she hurries to help, torturing the fake Whisper Killer to give him the tips about stalking restaurants targeting talkative women, giving her time for a brief glance at the ring, which gets to her. Maze isn’t going to let that stop her from helping Lucifer, and as he discovers his mojo is back and uses it to find surveillance, Maze asks him what he thinks of her chances of getting a soul, inserting Amenadiel’s own words on the matter within her question. Lucifer brusquely dismisses them, justifying the firsts as unique to angels, something Maze could never achieve, being just a demon. Despite this Maze still helps find Chloe. She’s the one who connects the dots to Michael, she’s the one who finds and brings in Dan, and she’s one of the two people to come with Lucifer when he rescues Chloe. Their reunion is yet another reminder of something Lucifer has that Maze doesn’t, a soul. Maze stays behind to confront Michael for kidnapping Chloe. Mazikeen has been fighting her fears, but fear is Michael’s element, and he has used it to strike at everyone, and Mazikeen’s fears of ending up alone, driven by the secret Michael helped reveal, has set up his offer perfectly. He can get her a soul if his plans work. So Maze decides to go with him, blocking Amenadiel’s swing at Michael. Lucifer is confused, and Mazikeen reminds him of what he said to her about the impossibility of getting a soul because she’s “just a demon”. His confirmation of that was the last thing he got to say before she attacked. During their confrontation Maze reveals her discovering Lucifer’s secret about Lilith and foreshadows another potential issue. How important Maze is to Lucifer, a query that has occasionally cropped up. Without seeing the next episode, it’s hard to say how much of a role this will have to play, as Lucifer brings her down soon after that.
Lucifer: Maze. Why are you defending him?\ Maze: Because he promised me a soul!\ Lucifer: [Laughs] That’s impossible.\ Maze: Why? Because I’m just a demon*?*\ Lucifer: Exactly.\ Maze: [yells and kicks Lucifer through glass] Get up. We’re not done.\ Maze confronts Lucifer in S5 E8

The episodes of Season 5A came down with a consistent arc for Mazikeen. They began by continuing where Maze left off in her partnership goals suggested in S4 E7 from Eve having left her in S4 E10, and Chloe as the natural next step of that for S5 E1. Chloe’s rejection did not surprise us, but it burned Maze, especially when attached to what happened in Season 4. This allowed Michael to convince her to work with him in S5 E2, to a point. Why Maze felt such a strong reaction to both Lucifer leaving her and Chloe rejecting her is what S5 E3 sought to answer. A fear of abandonment rooted somewhere likely in her youth. But who? S5 E4 gives us Lilith as the answer. S5 E5 built on that revelation as Maze put that anger on Linda when Linda’s own secret made her an easy target, but Maze eventually chose to do right by Linda when her own journey was cut short by Lilith’s death. Faced with the fears of ending up alone. Maze looked for answers to change her own fate in S5 E6 and determined that a soul is what she both needed and lacked. This belief led her to desperately look back for any answer that could save her, and she unsuccessfully tried to get Amenadiel to revert to what she needed to the disappointment of them both in S5 E7. Still, Amenadiel gave her hope afterwards, and she fought for that hope in S5 E8, keeping her anger in check while Chloe was kidnapped. But when she stayed to confront Michael, he blew it all open when he offered her what she thinks she needed, and she let it all out in her confrontation with Lucifer, how he kept Lilith from her, his dismissal of her as a demon, and possibly a larger issue with how he looked down on her in general. (Flashback to what Mazikeen wanted from Lucifer by the end of S2 E4, she gave up getting his convertible just to have him pour her a drink.) What Michael’s exact offer was, Lucifer’s perception of Maze and how her opinion of it fueled this conflict, these are things that we won’t know the full story about without seeing Season 5B. We will be hearing more about Mazikeen’s arc, and we will almost certainly get information on what made her betray Lucifer again. I think her case will be stronger than it was for S5 E2 now that she knows herself better, and it will expand upon the same problems we saw her face here. But only time will tell. Their last words to each other as Season 5a comes to a close gives us some idea of where they might carry on with Mazikeen's frustrations, especially with Lucifer.
Lucifer: Why would you ever trust Michael? He’s a liar!\ Maze: He’s only ever been honest with me. You… You hid my mother from me.\ Lucifer: How did you – (Fight interrupts) I’m sorry Maze, but I gave Lilith my word.\ Maze: Which is apparently more important to you than I am!\ Lucifer: What?\ Lucifer and Maze fighting. S5 E8
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2020.09.19 15:01 insane677 What's your video game dream team?

Oh no! An Avengers/Justice Leauge level threat is threating the multiverse consisting of your favourite video games!
Only your favorite heros can stop it! Who's your team, and how do they interact?
My dream team:
Jesse Faden (Control)
Kratos + Boy (God Of War)
Nathan Drake (Uncharted)
Adam Jensen (Deus Ex)
Geralt Of Rivia (The Witcher)
Jesse and is The Leader, because she's both an actual leader (Director of The FBC) and has the most resources.
Kratos and Atereus are damage control, taking out most of the bad guys in large bursts of awsome violence. The team in general is immensly protective of Aterus
Nathan Drake is basically the Black Widow/Hawkeye of the group. Just a normal dude doing the best he can. The comic relife in stressful times. They're all annoyed with him, but come to respect his integreity and drive. He gives Atereus advice on how to get dates.
Geralt is the stratgeist and veteran of the team. This ain't his rodeo with interdimensional invasion. He and Kratos will strike up a friendship on how weird modern tech is. He'll pull an Iron Man and sacrafice himself for the multiverse. (" The White Wolf" snap)
Adam Jensen is just Batman but with more killing and robot limbs. He's stealthy and no nonsene. He and Geralt butt heads at first but learn to respect each. Adam will be the one to carry his body after he dies, and will be the one to break the news to his loved ones. He and Jesses will have strong sexual tension: Jesse reminds him of Megan, and Jesse is just freaky like that.
They'll hold a nice funeral in Geralt's honor. And using multiversial tech, They'll set up a meeting room in The FBC headquarters, with Ciri taking Geralt's place. Jesse appoints them all honorary agents of the FBC.
They swear to join forces again if the worlds ever need them.
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Just One  Dating Violence Short Film  JENNA LARSON - YouTube Teen Dating Violence [Complete] - YouTube Survivor: Information, not love, will stop dating violence ... Dating Violence - YouTube Preventing Teen Dating Violence from the Inside Out ...

Dating Violence Prevention

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  2. Teen Dating Violence [Complete] - YouTube
  3. Survivor: Information, not love, will stop dating violence ...
  4. Dating Violence - YouTube
  5. Preventing Teen Dating Violence from the Inside Out ...

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