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​REVIEW Fitbit Sense - Scump, dar sofisticat și plin de senzori - [Economie][IT]

2020.10.24 08:37 niuz-bot ​REVIEW Fitbit Sense - Scump, dar sofisticat și plin de senzori - [Economie][IT]

Fitbit, compania care deține un centru de cercetare în România și este pe cale să fie cumpărată de Google, a lansat cel mai sofisticat și ambițios ceas inteligent din gama sa, un model cu foarte mulți senzori. Ceasul numit Sense are și aplicație de EKG, culege multe date despre calitatea somnului și face, pornind de la toate măsurătorile, un scor zilnic al stării de stres pentru cel care-l poartă. Sense are însă și o serie de minusuri ce vor fi cel puțin parțial rezolvate prin viitoare update-uri de soft, iar pentru a vedea toate datele de sănătate culese de ceas trebuie să plătești un abonament lunar după prima jumătate de an.
Citeste in continuare:
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2020.09.22 21:35 kwpluckett Kwpluckett #87: The King of Arcades (2014)

Challenge started: 5/18/2020 Date Watched: 9/17 & 22 Runtime: 1h40m Rating: n/a Watched on: Amazon Prime Rotten Tomatoes: %27 (Audience scor.) Imdb rating: 6.5 Genre: Documentary Directed by: Sean Tiedeman 
Google synopsis:
The evolution of video games, and one man's efforts to keep the classic arcades relevant.
My thoughts:
Well I didn't know who Richie Knucklez was before all this. Now I know the he's a guy that has made a very cool and significant impact on the gaming scene that definitely deserves to be celebrated. So that's cool.
That being said, this is definitely a Documentary about a pretty normal dude that likes to repair arcade games and the origins of videogame culture. (And how it's kept alive today.)
It's fairly entertaining, but I wouldn't reccomend it unless you're into videogames. Really not much here for others. There are some cool takes on early Twin Galaxies stuff and interactions with the infamous Billy Mitchell. (For those in the know.)
I do like videogames, and I did find this interesting, so I'll give The King of Arcades a 3/5.
Find me on letterboxd
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2020.08.31 20:51 mitch115 Taking SCOR (350-701) next week - any advice?

Hey gurus!
I plan on taking the SCOR exam next week and looking for last minute tips. I've been reading through the OCG and plan to read through it once more before the exam date. Anything else I should be doing? I'm guessing this is a pretty high-level exam with rote memorization and not so much configuration expertise. I've got roughly 10 years of experience, and some of that with technologies the exam covers (Umbrella, ISE, etc.). I also passed the old SENSS and SISAS exams, so this will complete the cert for me when I pass.
Thanks!! =)
I passed!
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2020.08.31 07:22 niuz-bot Orban: Nicușor Dan a depășit-o pe Gabriela Firea / Ce scor au PNL și USR-PLUS în București - [Actualitate][Politic]

Ludovic Orban susține că, potrivit celor mai recente date, Nicușor Dan, candidatul susținut de PNL și USR-PLUS în cursa pentru Primăria Capitalei, are un ușor avans în fața Gabrielei Firea, candidata PSD, și o poate învinge pe aceasta.
Citeste in continuare:
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2020.07.20 19:03 bwbishop Help determining why Strava Fitness changed all of a sudden

I’ve been using Elevate Plugin to track my fitness for a few years. When Strava strong-armed all of us, I decided to pay for a full membership. The Strava Fitness/Freshness graph tracked almost exactly with Elevate for me until the 25th of May, and now it shows that I’m dropping in fitness even though my training load is similar or higher than in May. Elevate appears to be tracking correctly as it always has.
What could be going on with my Strava settings to cause this sudden change in how it calculates my TRIMP? I don't have a power meter so there are no dated FTP numbers that should have changed anything.
Thanks all

EDIT: Answer, Strava is garbage and won't recalculate scores or past activities if you change your HR zones or max HR. Looks like I'll continue to use Elevate.
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2020.06.16 07:28 mhandanna List of Female Only Progammes @ Government Level Myth of Patriarchy: Has any other group in history ever claimed to be opressed yet have so much privilege? Also this is clear reason why fewer men go to uni, yet feminist say that has nothing to do with feminism! Femin has no place in egalitarianism

Below actually makes it even more remarkable despite the adversity and no services for them, men still smash their way to the top of society. Even with the discrimination starting from toddlehood: The more I learn about feminism, the more I learn that the victimhood narrative is a coping mechanism, to deal with their own inadequicies, and shortcomings... its far easier to blame sexism than just not being good enough (I mean in link above women are being hired 2:1 in STEM over better men, yet are still complaining about alleged sexism)
[Can someone add that univetsity list of scholarships? It was like 130 scholarships for women only at a universty and 1 for men, despite women being majority - and it still surprsing that men are still thriving and making it throgh - is this why feminsits fear MRAs so much? Once it gets going feminism is fucked. Its suprsing that no feminsts have managed to become billionaires of even wildly rich of the feminsit movement (although this would be hard for people as deluded and damaged as many feminsts so is understanable)
Remember that when reading over this list and try to think of a single group in history that called themselves oppressed, but had so much dedicated to them. In contrast, there is not a single Federal level program dedicated to men or even boys in the US. Also note that almost every one of these female only programs are in areas where women are doing far better than men and boys (education, health care, homicide, homeless, workplace death, violence).
Editors note: I had to “manually” find these programs as there is not a government list that tells you how much of your tax dollars are given to one genders issues. So to put it simply this list is, more than likely, incomplete. Also be sure to note that this is a list of Federal level female only programs. I did not even attempt to list all the state level programs for women as there are far too many, and the bandwidth on this webpage would probably give out if they were all put on one page.
The list is from around 2014 - I suspect there will be more things now for women, maybe a few things for men. Please post.
Department of Health and Human ServicesOffice on Women’s Health (OWH)

Office of Women’s Health – Illnesses and Disabilities Programs

Centers for Disease ControlOffice on Women’s Health at CDCOffice of Women’s Health – CDC Campaigns

National Institutes of Health

Other Agencies

2011 Affordable Health Care ActThe 2011 Affordable Health Care Act Covered Preventive Services for Women

Women’s Preventive Services

Additional WebsitesCelebrating National Girls and Women in Sports Day – Fitness and NutritionHHS – Girl’s Health website
Department of Defense and Veterans AdministrationDepartment of Defense

Veterans Administration

EducationDepartment of Education

National Aeronautics and Space AdministrationNASA – Women and Girls Science and Aviation Programs

Department of Energy

Other AgenciesUSDA Women in STEM ProgramNational Science Foundation Adv. of Women in Academic Science and Engineering (ADVANCE)National Science Foundation – Career Life Balance Initiative EPA – Women in Sciences websiteNational Education and Resource Center on Women and Retirement Planning – (AoA)
Labor and EmploymentDepartment of LaborDepartment of Labor Women’s Bureau

Small Business Administration

put women-owned businesses on similar footing as service-disabled veteran-owned businesses and businesses that participate in the SBAs 8(a) business-development program, which enjoy the benefits of bidding for contracts that are set aside for their specific programs.
Crime, Poverty and HousingDepartment of JusticeDepartment of Justice Office on Violence Against WomenViolence Against Women Act Grant Program

Department of Health and Human Services
Office of Women’s Health – Violence Against Women Projects

Other Agencies – Additional Battered Shelters and Homeless Projects

White House Council for Women and GirlsSome reports sent to the White House.FTC DoDDHSEPADOLDOE
Made it through the entire list? Good for you, now here is a some comedy.
[Picture of book called 51% minority - how women are still not equal]
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2020.03.18 22:53 badpauly Significant Activist Hedge Fund Activity (Last 7 Days)

These are the latest Schedule 13D forms filed by activist investors in the last 7 days. Activist investors are investors that make an investment with the intention of influencing management in some way. There is evidence that following activist investors into investments can generate excess returns. Schedule 13G forms, in contrast, are filed by significant investors with no intention of influencing management (such as Index funds).
There is always a lot of interest in insider trades, but what a lot of people probably don't realize is that hedge fund activity is probably more predictive of future returns than insider activity. The reason is that hedge funds (a) have large research budgets, and (b) have a choice where to put their money. In contract, insiders have no choice where to put their money, but only when to time their transactions.

New Filings

This table lists new 13D filings in the last week. A new filing does not necessarily indicate a new position, as investors frequently accumulate in advance before reaching the filing threshold.
Date Form Company Investor Shares Ownership Change
03‑18 13D RNGR / Ranger Energy Sevices, Inc. PRICE T ROWE ASSOCIATES INC /MD/ 1,363,569 15.7% 1.95
03‑17 13D ZAGG / ZAGG Inc Roumell Asset Management, LLC 1,335,307 4.5%
03‑17 13D TPUB / Tribune Publishing Company SLAINE MASON P 2,494,740 6.9%
03‑17 13D EQXFF / Equinox Gold Corp NEW Beaty Ross J 20,743,340 14.0% 12.00
03‑17 13D CTAC / ChaSerg Technology Acquisition Corp. GDD International Holding Co 19,490,295 35.3%
03‑17 13D YRCW / YRC Worldwide, Inc. Barna Capital Group Ltd. 1,750,000 5.2%
03‑16 13D KEG / Key Energy Services, Inc. GOLDMAN SACHS GROUP INC 4,731,758 34.3%
03‑16 13D KEGX / Key Energy Services, Inc. BlackRock Inc. 2,245,994 16.3%
03‑16 13D DRAD / Digirad Corp. Eberwein Jeffrey E. 304,340 14.8%
03‑16 13D FTK / Flotek Industries Inc. Nierenberg Investment Management Company, Inc. 3,514,062 5.6%
03‑16 13D SGBX / SG Blocks, Inc. SWETS LARRY G JR 143,157 12.36%
03‑13 13D WPX / WPX Energy, Inc. EnCap Energy Capital Fund X, L.P. 151,529,637 26.6%
03‑13 13D KEG / Key Energy Services, Inc. BlueMountain Capital Management, LLC 4,135,114 30.0%
03‑13 13D SCOR / comScore, Inc. Tenzing Global Management, LLC 3,950,000 5.6%
03‑13 13D TVMD / 24/7 Kid Doc, Inc. Zheng Huihe 71,000,000 42.6%
03‑13 13D RBBN / Ribbon Communications Inc. ECI Holding (Hungary) Kft. 25,796,395 17.9%
03‑13 13D PASG / Passage Bio, Inc. Versant Venture Capital Vi, L.p. 4,026,417 9.2%
03‑13 13D WEYL / Weyland Tech Inc. ConversionPoint Technologies Inc. 27,857,142 18.2%
03‑13 13D EQXFF / Equinox Gold Corp NEW Mdc Industry Holding Co Llc 41,428,572 16.1%
03‑13 13D LMB / Limbach Holdings, Inc. TALANTA Investment Group, LLC 7.6%
03‑13 13D NOVN / Novan, Inc. Moglia Joseph H 8.2%
03‑12 13D ICMB / Investcorp Credit Management BDC, Inc. CYRUS CAPITAL PARTNERS, L.P. 3,818,186 27.7% -0.36
03‑12 13D TESS / Tessco Technologies, Inc. Lakeview Investment Group & Trading Co LLC 494,499 5.8%
03‑12 13D OSGB / Overseas Shipholding Group, Inc. Saltchuck Resources, Inc. 13.3%
03‑12 13D OXY / Occidental Petroleum Corp. ICAHN CARL C 88,627,271 9.9%
03‑12 13D MCHX / Marchex, Inc. HARBERT MICROCAP PARTNERS FUND, LP 2,235,065 5.8% 41.46
03‑12 13D JMU / Wowo Limited Hu Kaiming 761,789,601 26.54%
03‑11 13D DCTH / Delcath Systems, Inc. Rosalind Advisors, Inc. 853,950 9.9% 0.00
03‑11 13D EAGLU / Double Eagle Acquisition Corp. MOBILE MINI INC 49,067,354 44.48%
03‑11 13D SSI / Stage Stores, Inc. AXAR CAPITAL MANAGEMENT L.P. 4,300,000 14.9% 0.00
03‑11 13D LQDT / Liquidity Services, Inc. Roumell Asset Management, LLC 1,137,761 3.3%

Amended Filings

This table lists amended filings in the last week, and is useful for monitoring changes in existing investments or when a fund closes a position. I have eliminated all filings with less than a 5% change in ownership.
Date Form Company Investor Shares Ownership Change
03‑18 13D/A MX / Methanex Corp M&G INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT LTD 14,308,782 18.78% 7.01
03‑18 13D/A TLRD / Tailored Brands, Inc. Scion Asset Management, LLC 3,502,900 7.2% 12.50
03‑18 13D/A HBM / Hudbay Minerals Inc. Waterton Mining Parallel Fund Offshore Master, Lp 40,354,002 15.4% 7.69
03‑18 13D/A VEDL / Vedanta Limited Vedanta Resources Plc 1,863,458,132 50.1% -19.84
03‑18 13D/A MYOV / Myovant Sciences Ltd. Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd. 45,396,404 50.56%
03‑18 13D/A MTL / Mechel OAO Zyuzina Ksenia I. 112,276,020 26.97% 8.36
03‑18 13D/A TALO / TALOS ENERGY INC. Riverstone Talos Energy Equityco Llc 25,926,683 39.8% 44.20
03‑18 13D/A HWCC / Houston Wire & Cable Co. Nierenberg Investment Management Company, Inc. 2,043,358 12.3% 23.00
03‑18 13D/A ALRN / Aileron Therapeutics Inc. Novartis Bioventures Ltd 1,882,119 6.77% -12.98
03‑18 13D/A ERI / Eldorado Resorts, Inc. Recreational Enterprises, Inc. 8,775,867 11.28% -21.50
03‑17 13D/A 03676C100 / Anterix Inc Owl Creek Asset Management, L.P. 5,017,362 29.2%
03‑17 13D/A null / Altisource Portfolio Solutions SA Deer Park Road Management Company, LP 3,371,137 21.7% 9.60
03‑17 13D/A 433535101 / HIREQUEST INC Hermanns Richard 5,801,690 42.9%
03‑17 13D/A GNUS / Genius Brands International, Inc. A-Squared Holdings, LLC 10,652,310 29.4% -15.52
03‑17 13D/A TNET / TriNet Group, Inc. Atairos Group, Inc. 21,467,090 31.2% 12.23
03‑17 13D/A NFG / National Fuel Gas Co. GAMCO INVESTORS, INC. ET AL 3,189,500 3.68%
03‑17 13D/A INAP / Internap Corporation GAMCO INVESTORS, INC. ET AL 1,997,350 7.5% -12.89
03‑17 13D/A INLX / Intellinetics, Inc. TAGLICH ROBERT 15,666,201 11.0% -49.04
03‑17 13D/A INLX / Intellinetics, Inc. TAGLICH MICHAEL N 23,128,399 16.0% -26.30
03‑16 13D/A BRPM / B. Riley Principal Merger Corp. B. Riley Principal Sponsor Co., Llc 7,247,737 23.45% 5.63
03‑16 13D/A CERC / Cerecor Inc. ARMISTICE CAPITAL, LLC 37,582,543 55.4% -7.36
03‑16 13D/A ALJJ / ALJ Regional Holdings, Inc. Ravich Jess M 18,164,256 43.1% 6.95
03‑16 13D/A LIND / Lindblad Expeditions Holdings Inc. VA Partners I, LLC 4,873,247 9.8% 32.43
03‑16 13D/A SRG / Seritage Growth Properties ESL PARTNERS, L.P. 2,530,637 6.6% 17.86
03‑16 13D/A NOG / Northern Oil and Gas, Inc. TRT Holdings Inc 92,008,342 22.7% 5.09
03‑16 13D/A TWIN / Twin Disc, Incorporated GAMCO INVESTORS, INC. ET AL 1,646,533 12.28% 15.31
03‑16 13D/A FLR / Fluor Corp. Isico-a, Llc 9,512,298 6.79% 32.88
03‑16 13D/A NCT / Newcastle Investment Corp. EDENS WESLEY R 8,579,760 12.8% 26.73
03‑14 13D/A FTSV / Forty Seven, Inc. Lightspeed Venture Partners X, L.p. 1,138,617 2.7% -78.57
03‑13 13D/A EXTN / Exterran Corp. CHAI TRUST CO LLC 7,157,415 21.66% 17.21
03‑13 13D/A KALA / Kala Pharmaceuticals, Inc. RA Capital Management, LLC 10,874,613 19.9% 41.13
03‑13 13D/A RRGB / Red Robin Gourmet Burgers, Inc. VIEX Capital Advisors, LLC 635,562 4.9% -40.24
03‑13 13D/A AYTU / Aytu BioScience, Inc. ARMISTICE CAPITAL, LLC 5,000,001 9.1% -77.25
03‑13 13D/A ALRM / Holdings, Inc. TCV VII LP 6,163,621 12.6% -29.61
03‑13 13D/A PEO / Adams Natural Resources Fund, Inc. Ancora Advisors, LLC 2,009,535 6.81% 30.21
03‑13 13D/A EIM / Eaton Vance Municipal Bond Fund Karpus Management, Inc. 8,602,702 11.36% 10.51
03‑13 13D/A AGN / Allergan plc Cf Partners Capital Management Llp 4,457,151 5.2% -42.73
03‑13 13D/A PIH / 1347 Property Insurance Holdings, Inc. Hale Partnership Capital Management, LLC 514,116 8.5% 16.44
03‑13 13D/A OIBR.C / Oi S.A. GOLDENTREE ASSET MANAGEMENT LP 398,881,176 6.88% -29.72
03‑13 13D/A XELA / Exela Technologies, Inc. Apollo Management Holdings GP, LLC 0 0.0%
03‑13 13D/A SVOND / Eloxx Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Lsp V Cooperatieve U.a. 2,953,673 7.4% -23.00
03‑13 13D/A TVTY / Tivity Health, Inc. Hudson Executive Capital LP 8,755,310 18.1% 98.90
03‑13 13D/A JMU / Wowo Limited Xu Haohan 896,477,774 31.23% -34.87
03‑13 13D/A NOVN / Novan, Inc. Reedy Creek Investments Llc 7,902,936 16.9% -35.98
03‑13 13D/A SYK / Stryker Corp. STRYKER RONDA E 23,302,033 6.2% -55.71
03‑13 13D/A HWCC / Houston Wire & Cable Co. Nierenberg David 1,643,558 10.0%
03‑13 13D/A ALSK / Alaska Communications Systems Group, Inc. SINGER KAREN 4,445,964 8.4% 20.00
03‑12 13D/A AMH / American Homes 4 Rent HUGHES B WAYNE ET AL 20,254,237 %
03‑12 13D/A HTZ / Hertz Global Holdings, Inc. ICAHN CARL C 55,342,109 38.94% 25.94
03‑12 13D/A ENPH / Enphase Energy, Inc. Sunpower Corp 5,500,000 4.5% -15.57
03‑12 13D/A YGYI / Youngevity International, Inc. Wallach Stephan 14,627,811 48.3% -12.88
03‑12 13D/A IFF / International Flavors & Fragrances, Inc Winder Investment Pte Ltd 23,757,515 22.1% 5.24
03‑12 13D/A GLPW / Global Power Equipment Group, Inc. WYNNEFIELD PARTNERS SMALL CAP VALUE LP 5,768,581 23.6% 22.92
03‑12 13D/A BLMN / Bloomin' Brands, Inc. JANA PARTNERS LLC 7,985,439 %
03‑12 13D/A MIST / Milestone Pharmaceuticals Inc. Novo A/S 2,080,885 8.47% -14.44
03‑12 13D/A ETM / Entercom Communications Corp. FIELD JOSEPH M 16,007,184 11.5% 13.86
03‑12 13D/A CTIC / CTI BioPharma Corp. Growth Equity Opportunities V, LLC 7,384,816 9.99% 53.69
03‑11 13D/A NWL / Newell Brands Inc. ICAHN CARL C 45,122,220 10.65% 7.68
03‑11 13D/A MCX / Medley Capital Corporation Amster Howard 4,028,821 7.4% 15.44
03‑11 13D/A PEO / Adams Natural Resources Fund, Inc. Ancora Advisors, LLC 1,545,932 5.23% -19.29
03‑11 13D/A QTM / Quantum Corp. VIEX Capital Advisors, LLC 1,957,275 4.9% -43.68
03‑11 13D/A BRN / Barnwell Industries, Inc. KINZLER ALEXANDER C 930,000 11.2% -41.76
03‑11 13D/A DOOR / Masonite International Corp Praesidium Investment Management Company, LLC 2,163,242 8.7% 16.00
03‑11 13D/A BATRA / Liberty Media Corporation GAMCO INVESTORS, INC. ET AL 1,636,206 15.87% 7.01
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2020.03.05 18:45 Navin_le_Majestique HOT SHINGLES IN YOUR AREA !

Title - (1) Introspection and Intelectual Masturbation
6 months, yes 6 months have gone by since i have turned 18,but the only things thats changed is that half my browser history has become legal.I find no new adventure, no new wonder, just the same dreary drudge of human existance. Still no girlfreind, havent checked that box since age 9, still forget to flush every now and then and lose my stationary every second day but hey ,means i get a voters ID.Now i can chose who can take my money which is all fair and lovely. Plus I can drive ! Not that i know how to, but i still have the "im 18 bitch ,i can drive " tag.
Or maybe the dullness, its because im still a student, preoccupied with student things in a student world. Or maybe its exam time. Yes im sure thats it, exam time. That moment where you're surrounded by all the books you should've read before hand, that moment when you say " I will be super dooper productive" and start day dreaming of hitting it big abd marrying Kate Winslet with the only bit of productivity being that half arsed Doodle which you feel is rather decent, but your freinds(mind you, as productive as you are, yet scorring much higher than you are) say "dunno Jim, looks kinda like a dick" to which you daftly reply "but me mum likes it" only to realise the minefield you have just stepped into.
And then sometimes i close my eyes only to be met by images of Nerst's Equation, Or Meyers Formula or The Carbylamine test, not that i know these things, its just that these names come as a persistant mental reminder that i need to do these soon. Ofcourse i click, remind me later. Come on , the darn government, isn't efficient, what do you expect me to be !
Im gonna go now and practice some stuff, by which i mean stare blankly at the wall thinking of this cute shorthaired woman with a chest flatter that a pancake only to realise too late that they're probably lesbian. On the bright side, i like girls, She like girls, which proves she and I have so much in common, which is reason enough for date a guy like me.
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2019.09.22 22:07 Yu-Yu-Hakusho-is-Lit The Cowboys have scored 97 points through the first three weeks of the season. In 2018, they didn't eclipse 97 points until their 40-7 win over Jacksonville in Week 6.

Their 2018 schedule:
Scor Scor
Week Day Date OT Rec Opp Tm Opp
1 Sun September 9 4:25PM ET boxscore L 0-1 Carolina Panthers 8 16
2 Sun September 16 8:20PM ET boxscore W 1-1 New York Giants 20 13
3 Sun September 23 4:25PM ET boxscore L 1-2 Seattle Seahawks 13 24
4 Sun September 30 1:00PM ET boxscore W 2-2 Detroit Lions 26 24
5 Sun October 7 8:20PM ET boxscore L OT 2-3 Houston Texans 16 19
6 Sun October 14 4:25PM ET boxscore W 3-3 Jacksonville Jaguars 40 7
Provided by View Original Table Generated 9/22/2019.
Another 31 points today and their first two games of 2019:
Scor Scor Offe
Week Day Date OT Rec Opp Tm Opp 1stD
1 Sun September 8 4:25PM ET boxscore W 1-0 New York Giants 35 17 23
2 Sun September 15 1:00PM ET boxscore W 2-0 Washington Redskins 31 21 25
Provided by View Original Table Generated 9/22/2019.
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2019.08.09 03:31 stroke_bot unrebukeable callo sociodrama miscategorized simulize potamophobia chyak

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2019.07.03 04:41 TequillaShotz TIL that the traditional horoscope dates are wrong - over thousands of years the true dates have changed by about a month: Capr: Jan. 20, Aqu: Feb. 16, Pisc: March 11, Aries: Apr 18; Taur: May 13; Gem, June 21; Cancer: July 20; Leo, Aug. 10; Vir: Sept. 16; Lib, Oct. 30; Scor: Nov. 23; Sag: Dec. 17.

TIL that the traditional horoscope dates are wrong - over thousands of years the true dates have changed by about a month: Capr: Jan. 20, Aqu: Feb. 16, Pisc: March 11, Aries: Apr 18; Taur: May 13; Gem, June 21; Cancer: July 20; Leo, Aug. 10; Vir: Sept. 16; Lib, Oct. 30; Scor: Nov. 23; Sag: Dec. 17. submitted by TequillaShotz to todayilearned [link] [comments]

2019.06.16 10:10 stroke_bot laudanin fidgeters laciniolate bucolical hydrically diplospondylic procello

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2019.02.09 16:39 Tall_Rassman Episode 28: Raptors REDDIT Podcast - Arrival of the BIG BURRITO

Hey everyone,
We have completed yet another episode and we have now completed 28 total episodes. For those of you unfamiliar with us, this past July we started our podcast from the ground up and had some great guests on during the last seven months like Jonathan Tjarks of the Ringer!, Blake Murphy of the Athletic, William Lou of the Scor and Jacob Goldstein of Basketball Index. We appreciate the interest in the podcast from our amazing community and appreciate your ongoing support.
Thank you to those of you that participated in our RAPTOR TICKET GIVEAWAY. Please subscribe and download the podcast weekly and follow us on our TWITTER PAGE to stay up to date with future giveaways.
For those of you that have never heard of us, the podcast is for our community with hosts/guests from our subreddit and questions/comments from you. We will have one episode a week moving forward and have plans to bring on guests from the Raptors Media in the coming months. This is our 28th episode and we are always looking for feedback. Please know that is a growing process as the hosts are just getting to know one another and we will continue to work through what is the best format for podcast.
Please give it a listen and your support is so very much appreciated. If you are interested in coming on the podcast, please make a comment below with any feedback you have.
The trade deadline has come and gone; we know have the Marc "La Tanqueta, Big Marc, Big Spain, Big Burrito" Gasol on the Raptors. Toronto fans wave goodbye to JV and Delon and thank them for their years of service. We discuss the impact Gasol will have on the team, potential buyout candidates and the Raptors easiest schedule in the NBA to end the season. We also discuss the meet up date for the podcast and why DeRozan's return to Toronto is the perfect opportunity. All that and more on this trade deadline recap episode!
We are always looking for topics and questions you want to see addressed on the podcast. Please share those comments and questions below. We are going to bring you more great guests in the coming months. Enjoy!
Google Play Music Link! Apple iTunes link! Spotify Link! Stitcher Link! iHeartRADIO Link!
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2019.01.29 18:47 Tall_Rassman Episode 27: Raptors REDDIT Podcast - I would do anything for ANTHONY DAVIS!

Hey everyone,
We have completed yet another episode and we have now completed 27 total episodes. For those of you unfamiliar with us, this past July we started our podcast from the ground up and had some great guests on during the last six months like Jonathan Tjarks of the Ringer!, Blake Murphy of the Athletic, William Lou of the Scor and Jacob Goldstein of Basketball Index. We appreciate the interest in the podcast from our amazing community and appreciate your ongoing support.
Thank you to those of you that participated in our RAPTOR TICKET GIVEAWAY. Please subscribe and download the podcast weekly and follow us on our TWITTER PAGE to stay up to date with future giveaways.
For those of you that have never heard of us, the podcast is for our community with hosts/guests from our subreddit and questions/comments from you. We will have one episode a week moving forward and have plans to bring on guests from the Raptors Media in the coming months. This is our 26th episode and we are always looking for feedback. Please know that is a growing process as the hosts are just getting to know one another and we will continue to work through what is the best format for podcast.
Please give it a listen and your support is so very much appreciated. If you are interested in coming on the podcast, please make a comment below with any feedback you have.
The news is out and Anthony Davis wants out of New Orleans. What can the Raptors offer to satisfy the desires of the Pelicans? Would you go all in on Davis no matter the cost? We explore different trade options and examine every possible scenario of what the Raps future could look like after a trade. Lastly we discuss expectations heading into the trade deadline and the challenges of growing a great beard!
We are always looking for topics and questions you want to see addressed on the podcast. Please share those comments and questions below. We are going to bring you more great guests in the coming months. Enjoy!
Google Play Music Link! Apple iTunes link! Spotify Link! Stitcher Link! iHeartRADIO Link!
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2018.09.05 14:33 QuantalyticsResearch Global Stocks Red Across the Board with Worries about Trade Conflict and Emerging Markets Contagion slamming investor sentiment

US Stocks

Stocks Trending in the News

Click name for Q-Factor score and financial data.

European Stocks

Asian Stocks

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2018.05.24 04:59 hockeynewfoundland Steven Stamkos' Career When Facing Elimination: 2 Goals, 1 Assists, 3 Points in 10 Games Played (No Points in Last 9 Games When Facing Elimination)

Scor Scor Scor
Date Tm Opp G A PTS
2011-04-23 TBL PIT W 2 1 3
2011-04-25 TBL PIT W 0 0 0
2011-04-27 TBL PIT W 0 0 0
2011-05-27 TBL BOS L 0 0 0
2014-04-22 TBL MTL L 0 0 0
2015-04-29 TBL DET W 0 0 0
2015-05-29 TBL NYR W 0 0 0
2015-06-15 TBL CHI L 0 0 0
2016-05-26 TBL PIT L 0 0 0
2018-05-23 TBL WSH L 0 0 0
Credit to viikatemies for the stat.
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2018.04.16 13:05 jeepdave Starco: The good, the bad, and the boring.

Hello friends. I'm combat ready! Just kidding but I was inspired by a certain user to reflect on Starco a little bit. Now I'm not gonna sit here and count hugs and glances, that's what Starconians do. I'm going to go through and look at what I like, what I don't like and take it out on the road and see how it drives. Then at the end I'll give it a Doug Scor......wait. Wrong shtick. Let's get started.
The first "real" Starco episode I recall is Blood Moon Ball. The one where Star tells Marco she doesn't need a hero, just a friend. We all remember that one right? Star goes out with her ex Tom (the one who Marco attacked with no provocationn the moment he met him) after he told her he was working on his anger and invited her. While we can likely both agree Tom made mistakes let's not gloss over Marco and Stars, well mostly Marcos. (Just wanna add Marco at this time was so far off Stars radar she had no qualms about changing clothes while he was still in the room, but don't worry. We know she takes notice eventually) Despite Marco asking her not to go she still went. Tom was obviously trying too hard, to the extent he was pissing off all his friends to make the rare event more fitting for her. Marco shows up in mask to try once again to get Star to come back to the boring reality that is home and dances with her. She enjoys the dance! Starco launch! Well, not quite. Once she realizes it's Marco she is less than thrilled. And Tom looses his shit (bad Tom). Yet Star doesn't hurt him, just basically puts him in demon time out. They go back up to earth and Star tells him what she needs in her life. Notice I didn't mention the Blood Moon? Yeah because for the sake of shipping it doesn't matter.
Now some people like to point at the season 1 finale as a Starco episode. It isn't but I'll touch on it here. Toffee took Marco because not only did he know she would come for him (he could take virtually anyone she knew and the end results would be the same) but because he was a easy target that would be quickly noticed as absent. Now here is where I'm going to admit to something Starco. Ready? After this episode is when I think Star started to have a small crush on Marco. Because she came close to loosing him and by this time she was attached to him. Happy? I am too. Because for a 14 yo girl this makes perfect sense.
Next arguably Starci episode that stands out is Bon Bon. Both a Jarco and Starco filled episode. But only one of these relationships is portrayed as healthy. Interesting no? I don't need to say much but Stars jealously is obvious, to the point even Janna is trying to help Star move in a healthier direction. The Starco hug at the end was sweet, but she had been through a great loss. The rest of Starco till Starcrushed was just showing more of her inability to deal with her crush being in a relationship. Which is hard on her because the girl he is with is actually not only her friend but a good person as well. She doesn't have a easy target.
Now we can talk about Starcrushed! And why it was not good for Starco and could have helped push it back, or killed it. Star didn't get the chance to properly work through and dismiss her crush as a normal teen girl could. She was trying. She really was. After the awkwardness that was SongDay bringing everything to light Marco actually confronts her. She says no because at the moment she gets that Marco is with Jackie. But once her mom shows up Star does the worst thinf she ever did, publically and embarrassingly confessed infront of everyone. But to be fair she was put into a impossible situation. She thought she wouldn't ever see him again. The proper move would be to take that confession either with her or do it privately. But I forgive her. Lots of shit going down.
Lets go to battle for Mewni. If Starco ever had a chance to blossom it was during war. The time for heat of the moment declarations of feelings was now. And we got......a heartfelt hug. And a smelly hoodie afterwards. Once seperated again Star moved on. She finally did the healthy thing. And with Marco not there everyday she actually was happy as well! This isn't a pro tomstar rant so I'm not going to go down that rabbit hole just yet. Marco comes back! Starco can be! Remember how a lot of you even at that point did not believe Tom and Star were dating? I do. Infact until they were on screen kissing some still denied it. So from that point on after Tad(for fucks sake why did it have to be Tad) helped Marco understand he might be crushing on Star everyone is just biding their time for the begining of Starco .......which still hasn't happened. Then Booth Buddies! They kissed! And it was..........underwhelming. A quick peck on the lips followed by instant regret from both of them. Which brings us to the finale. The end of season. The beginning.....record scratch. No. Still not a thing. Star and Tom will need to talk. But so will Star and Marco. And possibly Marco and Kelly as Kelly told Tad off in no u certain terms she is done coddling him.
So there we have it. Please forgive formatting and errors as this is all done on a shitty phone while at work. Downvotes to the left. Stay noncliche my friends.
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2018.01.21 04:03 Ceremony64 MIUI infected by a Virus for Windows

Today, I discovered a virus intended for Microsoft Windows inside the MIUI of my Xiaomi Mi5. The infected version is V7.3.8.0.MAACNDB with built date of 2016-03-01 00:18:07 CST. It is the ROM the phone came with. The phone was ordered at Gearbest on 2016-10-24
The infected files are HTML files in multiple languages, containing a VBScript as a payload. The script tries to place a file in the temporary folder of that users account (presumably "C:\Users\UserA\AppData\Local\Temp") and running it afterwards. What the actual binary data does, I do not know. The payloads are within /system/framework/framework-res.apk, under /res/ in basically all the language HTML files (e.g. /res/raw-floaderror.html)
My guess is, that some PCs at Xiaomi were infected at the time this version was created and the virus spread by infecting HTML files that got included in the OS.
Links to the infected files:
These files contain viruses. Only download if you know what you are doing! Files will expire in 90 days
P.S. I discovered it in my old backup of the original ROM the phone came with. I am not running MIUI and switched to a custom ROM on basically day one :-)
EDIT: According to this post is MAACNDB not an official build by Xiaomi but modified/build(?) by a third party, such as the reseller. So it might never have been Xiaomi's fault, but Gearbest or whoever is inbetween.
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2017.12.28 15:22 upbstock Top Morning Movers

Pre-market Movers HIGHER: Helios and Matheson Analytics (HMNY), up 5.2% after the New York Times reported that MoviePass, which Helios and Matheson Analytics holds a majority stake in, signed up over one million subscribers in just four months... AEGON (AEG), up 1.8% after announcing it will divest a block of life reinsurance business to SCOR and to dissolve a related captive insurance company. LOWER: Revolution Lighting (RVLT), down 9.4% after cutting its fourth quarter revenue outlook... J.B. Hunt (JBHT), down 1.7% after giving Q4 guidance... Ekso Bionics (EKSO), down 7% after disclosing the effectiveness of the company's internal control over financial reporting as of December 31, 2016 should no longer be relied upon and that a material weakness in the company's internal control over financial reporting existed as of such date as well as announcing it filed to increase the authorized number of its common share
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2017.11.24 18:46 flakAttack510 The Chargers tied the NFL record for most missed extra points and are the first team to miss 3 extra points in a game since the 1993 Eagles

Here's a list of all teams that have missed 3 extra points:
Scor Scor
Tm Year Date Opp Result XPA XPM
LAC 2017 2017-11-23 DAL W 28-6 4 1
PHI 1993 1993-12-26 NOR W 37-26 5 2
WAS 1986 1986-11-02 MIN W 44-38 5 2
SDG 1985 1985-09-15 SEA L 35-49 5 2
PIT 1981 1981-11-22 CLE W 32-10 5 2
PHI 1968 1968-09-22 NYG L 25-34 4 1
BUF 1960 1960-11-20 LAC W 32-3 5 2
Provided by View Original Table Generated 11/24/2017.
The most interesting things here is that teams that miss 3 extra points are 5-2 overall, (presumably because of the need to score at least 3 TDs). Also, no team has ever attempted 3+ extra points and missed all of them.
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2017.10.13 07:54 kaktarua1 NHL#TV> Capitals vs Devils Live Stream Ice Hockey Free Online Now hd

New Jersey Devils Washington Capitals live score, video stream and New Jersey Devils Washington Capitals live score (and video online live stream*) starts on 13.10.2017. ... Here on SofaScore livescore you can find all New Jersey Devils vs Washington Capitals previous results sorted by their H2H matches. ... Install SofaScore app on and follow New Jersey ... Watch Capitals vs Devils Live Streaming free - Watch Washington Capitals vs New Jersey Devils NHL Live Streaming - Date & Time: 13 Oct 2017 - Free Sports Live Streaming - Channel 1. Washington Capitals VS New Jersey Devils (Live Stream) - YouTube Video for Capitals vs Devils live 2 hours ago - Uploaded by Live Stream 25 Hockey NHL Washington Capitals VS New Jersey Devils ... [STREAM Live] Toronto Maple Leafs vs. New Jersey Devils Live ... 1 day ago - Toronto Maple Leafs New Jersey Devils live score video stream and ... Watch Capitals vs Devils Live Streaming free NHLStreamcom Washington Capitals vs New Jersey Devils Live Streaming - Cricfree Washington Capitals vs New Jersey Devils Live Streaming, Watch Washington Capitals vs New Jersey Devils Live Streaming, Watch Online Washington ... Washington Capitals live scores, results, fixtures, New Jersey Devils v ... Washington Capitals page on offers livescore, results, standings and match details. New Jersey Devils vs. Washington Capitals: RECAP, score, stats, chat ...new_jersey_devils_vs_washington_capitals_live_scor_5.html 27 Sep 2017 - Gallery: Devils vs. Capitals ... Join's live chat during the game in the comments section below. ... What: New Jersey Devils (4-1-1) vs. New Jersey Devils live scores, results, fixtures, Toronto Maple Leafs v ... Upcoming matches: 12.10. Toronto Maple Leafs v New Jersey Devils, 14.10. New Jersey Devils v Washington Capitals, 15.10. New York Rangers v New Jersey ... Washington Capitals Schedule Washington Capitals - The official calendar schedule of the Washington Capitals including ticket information, stats, rosters, and more.
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