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A Competitive Multiplayer Game Is Looking For Several Positions To Be Filled

2019.04.19 19:59 Kpagec A Competitive Multiplayer Game Is Looking For Several Positions To Be Filled

Dear reader,

First of all, thank you for expressing interest in this project.

The Game

Dominions at War is a 1v1/2v2/3v3 competitive-style RTS game, inspired by a Warcraft 3 custom mod.
More information about what the game will be provided upon a decision to collaborate, whereas a limited but sufficient information will be provided in direct messages just enough to hook you up.

Current Progress & Backstory

Currently, the game has been developed to roughly 60%, meaning that is not a game project just on paper. I worked on the game for a year but then I took a break since I had some major things happening. However, I am back and ready to kickstart the development and highly determined and motivated to finish it.


Login Screen
Server List
Race Selection Upon Start of Game
In-Game #1
In-Game #2
In-Game #3
In-Game #4


Map Preview

Open Positions

Type of Mutual Contracts

The quick answer is revenue-share.
Reason for this is that I am not dedicating full-time to the project, but still highly motivated to finish it in a reasonable timeframe and I am still at the beginning of my professional career, thus the money I receive is enough to take care of myself and a little bit is left every month. Until now, I have invested some money into the project, and still will invest more.

Should you find yourself interested in the project, please send me a direct message with your portfolio or projects you took part in. If you require more information about the project itself, please do not hesitate to ask.
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